5 Benefits Of Confidence

So why is confidence important to you?

Well the answer is found by examining the benefits of gaining Confidence:

BENEFIT #1: Emotional Maturity

You really do not want to be one those men who live for the social acceptance of women.


Because social acceptance will become your source of confidence; the result being that you become dependent on social acceptance from women (needy).

Men as supposed to be emotionally mature enough to not be needy. The #1 thing that women hate is a needy man. Ask all your friends and they will all tell you this as well.

So here is the secret to this emotional maturity… CONFIDENCE!

Emotional maturity of this sort comes from having the confidence in yourself not to seek the acceptance of others and therefore not becoming needy to women.

BENEFIT #2: Charm

Men who are successful with women have a raw charm about them that women just seem to love.

Now that charm cannot exist if you are fearful, timid and lacking in confidence. And that’s a simple fact… with no two ways about it!

Being charm has little to do with what you say, but instead the confident way that you say it. I.e. The way you confidently carry yourself and react in social interactions.

BENEFIT #3: Courage To Fail

When you gain your new found confidence, only then will you be able to attempt the many social techniques that you will learn here… and attempt them boldly.

Confidence will be the difference between success and failure when approaching and talking to women.

And even when you fail along the way, confidence will allow you to brush the dust of your shoulders and try again boldly until you get it right.

BENEFIT #4: Cocky Humor

You cannot attempt corky humor if you are not confident. You’ll only end up either being cocky
and not very humorous (making you look like a pompous ass) or just funny like a clown; neither of which you want.

Cocky humor is an important element to the charm of a great conversationalist and it can never be performed properly without Confidence!

Why is that?

Well simply because it requires you to be a bit of a playful ass and yet be unapologetic about what you say; even though it may sometimes be “Bold & Outrageous.”

Trust me, sometimes you may say the wrong thing at the wrong time or just say something that is straight up “corny” but the fact that you have a genuine pleasant and playful confidence, you will “magically” appear humorous and charming in the eyes of a girl.

Corky humor works like a charm!

BENEFIT #5: Love

First learn to love yourself, so you can learn how to truly love others.

Even the Bible says: “Love Your Neighbor as You Love Yourself”

Now Read that again and notice the last part of that sentence… as you love yourself.

Confidence and Self Respect equate to Self Love.

And once you truly love yourself, you will be able to truly love and respect others, as you will treat others as you treat yourself and also as you expect to be treated.

So I hope you are beginning to see the importance of confidence to your everyday social life… Confidence easily equates to being the foundation to social and intimate success with women.