relationship advice for men

Alpha’s Only! Relationship Advice for Men

Columnists will have you think that as a man, you don’t have any interest in anything besides sex. That’s simply isn’t true. Men do have emotions but we live in a world that denies us of them. How many times have heard that boys don’t cry? How about that we should take is like a man?  Looking further into this idea of men having no emotions, it’s clear that we are often ill equipped to deal with our emotions let alone the emotions of women.

Emotional peace is feeling with understanding.

As a result of our emotional handicappedness we tend to process our emotions differently. Some of us express ourselves in anger while some of us go to that spot in our minds where we don’t think about anything.  We know that 9 times out of 10 things will blow over, the drama will subside as long as you refrain from feeding the emotional troll.  This approach works for men. We think mission accomplished and a job well done. Unfortunately, this approach doesn’t make us the best lovers, because we numb ourselves emotionally in the process. Sadly we aren’t even conscious of the numbing process, because we have been conditioned to do so since the beginning. In the end, our wives / girlfriends think we don’t care and that we cannot connect with them.

For men, it’s important that we feel the emotions only so that we can analyze the problem (what men do best) and handle it with the right amount of emotional awareness. If we do this right, women respond favorable because they feel we are connected on that level. And how can we not be connected?  We are understanding how our ladies are feeling and we didn’t have to cry to understand. All we needed to do was to handle the situation with emotional awareness. This is the best relationship advice for men I have received.