Angry kid needs to take an Anger Management Test

Anger Management Test For Your Relationship

Anger Management Test For your Relationship

Arrrrrgh! Don’t lose your cool just yet!

Take our simple and quick “Anger Expression Quiz”!

Print it out, take a pencil and place the a “1,2,3 or 4” in the boxes before each question. Score it yourself.


How often do you demonstrate the behaviors listed below? Use the following scale:

1=Never 2=Once in Awhile 3=More Often than Not 4=Frequently

When I get angry at someone, I…

  1. insult them or call them names.
  2. physically threaten them or throw things.
  3. slam doors, punch walls, or kick furniture.
  4. purposefully and conveniently “forget” to do what I promised to do.
  5. go smoke a cigarette, go get myself a drink (alcohol), or scarf down food.
  6. leave the other person alone and (since I’m still mad) pick a fight with someone else (yes, it also includes pets).
  7. think that I’m worthless and stupid so I don’t need to try anymore.
  8. hold it in until it builds up and explode at some later time.

Now add-em up!

If your total score is between 8-12, you have very few (if any) areas of concern.  However, make sure you look for ANY answer that’s higher than a “1.”  Even mild forms of inappropriate anger expression can lead to potentially dangerous situations.

If your score between 13-24, examine which areas are the highest.  These are behaviors that you should seriously focus on and try to change.  You could benefit from a good self help (perhaps even counseling) program on anger management.

Ok, if you have a score over 24, all is not lost, but you COULD be a serious threat to yourself or others. Remember that this quiz cannot give you the final word on whether you need more control in your life, but with a score that high, I would strongly suggest that you check it out and receive a face-to-face assessment by a professional…PLEASE!  You may be amazed at how much happier you’ll be!

Anger Management

Anger comes from thinking that we or someone we care about have been unjustly frustrated, used, hurt, or offended.  While people may sometimes deliberately try to bug us, often we react to others based on our own assumptions about how we feel things “should be.”  We sometimes attack others not because they deserve it, but because we don’t like what’s happening, and we think that using our anger in some way will get us what we want.  The source of all this nonsense is nothing more than pride and selfishness. Pride-based anger is one of the “Pride Poisons.”

If you are interested taking other self assessment tests, please do.