Commitment Relationship Advice

Commitment Relationship Advice

What is one of the major secrets in having a wonderful relationship? Discover some free commitment relationship advice that will help any marriage or partnership.

Energy drains in most relationships is through a lack of commitment to each other. This is the issue of one foot in the door and one out the back door. One partner is always more committed to the relationship compared to the other partner. This results in the low commitment partner being in control of the level of commitment in the relationship. This dynamic can create a lot of conflict in any relationship.

Often the low commitment partner is showing unconscious commitment issues that are from childhood patterns. For example a man might need his mum’s approval more than his wife. He has never grown up as a man with a solid sense of self. He still needs his mum’s approval. He puts his mum ahead of his wife.

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Breakdowns in relationships can lead to a lot of personal growth. They feel like hell when you are in the middle of a crisis. However, if a couple is courageous enough to look at their issues the problems can be a springboard for a deeper level of intimacy and joy in the relationship.

Whatever we are committed deep down is what we manifest. For example, an overweight person might tell you that they want to lose weight. However, they are manifesting a lifestyle of eating too much and not doing any exercise.

Really, this person is committed to being overweight. I suggest to her to make the following statement. There could be a lot of resistance to making this statement.

I am committed to being overweight.

Now ask her to make a new commitment.

I am committed to changing my lifestyle and good habits to lose weight.

Being honest with yourself is the first step to changing your bad habits and unconscious habits.

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So we first acknowledge our unconscious commitment issue. I suggest saying this commitment out aloud and at the same time to breathe deeply.

Now make a new commitment based on what you really want in life. It is good to start with “I commit…”

I hope you put into practice this free commitment relationship advice.