Communication Skills For Couples – Quiz

There Are Two Types Of Communication Skills For Couples

  1. Techniques for helping us understand others.
  2. Techniques for helping others understand us.

Without good communication there is poor understanding. With poor understanding there is poor awareness. With poor awareness there is an inability to serve, respect, and value others and yourself. When these fail to exist, you have poor communication skills as a couple. Lasting relationship happiness depends on the maintenance of google communication.

Do you practice any of these techniques? Have you ever been trained in communication skills for couples?

See how much you know by taking this little “Communication Skill For Couples Quiz.” When you’re done, see what the correct answers are on the bottom. But don’t peek ’till you’ve answered all the questions!


Answer TRUE or FALSE (T or F): 

T or F 1. Paraphrasing (a communication technique) is simply repeating the other person’s words back to them or putting them another way.
T or F 2. Effective paraphrasing comes from a desire to really know what the other person means.
T or F 3. When you’ve figured out what the other person is feeling, you should simply let them know by telling them without hesitation or tentativeness.
T or F 4. When describing the actions of others, it is important to keep your assumptions about their motives to yourself and just describe their behaviors.
T or F 5. When describing the actions of others it is important to be specific and not use general, vague labels.
T or F 6. The problem with only expressing our feelings non-verbally is that non-verbal expressions are not always clear.
T or F 7. There are two ways to describe our feelings: naming them (“I feel angry”) and the use of similes (“I feel like a tiny frog in a huge pond”).


“The Communication Skill Quiz”

(Don’t peek until you’ve done the test – CLICK HERE)

5. TRUE 6. TRUE 7. FALSE  
If you got more than 4 correct,

you’re well on your way to becoming an expert listener!

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