Conflict Resolution For Your Relationship

Conflict Resolution

To much heat when trying to handle conflicts?

conflict resolution skills
conflict resolution skills

Effective conflict resolution is a primary part of successful relationships.  Techniques taught in various courses or programs about conflict resolution really boil down to one issue: respecting others.

Here’s a quick test to see how well you handle conflicts.

Print it out, take a pencil and place the a “1,2,3 or 4” in the boxes before each question.  Score it yourself.  (Hint:  Be honest, or it won’t be worth a hill of beans.)


How do you typically react to the situations below?  Use the scale below:

1=Never 2=Once in Awhile 3=More Often Than Not 4=Frequently

When I find myself in a disagreement, I…

  1. say it’s ok to discuss the problem, when I really don’t feel like getting into it.
  2. assume that the other person understands what’s so obvious to me.
  3. tell the other person my problem, and then let them come up with a solution.
  4. tell the other person that I know WHY they acted the way they did.
  5. try to help the other person see just how illogical or absurd their ideas are.
  6. share several other problems that I have had with them so that they can see just how much I’ve had to put up with.
  7. don’t feel that I should have to apologize (especially if I know I’m in the right).
  8. find it hard to compromise (especially if I know I’m in the right).

Now add-em up!

If your total score is between 8-12, chances are you’re pretty “dog-gone” good at resolving conflicts respectfully.

A score between 13-24 means that you have some problems in respectfully resolving conflicts.  Carefully look at which items were your highest.  These are the areas you need to be careful with.

If you have a score over 24, winning arguments is probably more important to you than solving problems. Respecting others who disagree with what you feel is right is very difficult for you to do.  May I RESPECTFULLY encourage you to consider checking out some material on conflict resolution or hop on over to your friendly (reputable) counseling professional.

Conflict Resolution & Humble POWER

Being able to resolve conflicts in the most respectful way possible helps to keep a person in what I call the “Humble Zone.”  Being in the Humble Zone consistently can bring about powerful interpersonal change not only in ourselves but in those around us.  May I humbly submit that you consider looking at our other self assessment tests to learn more about yourself.