emotional infidelity

Emotional Infidelity, Yes It’s Cheating

Emotional Infidelity

Emotional infidelity is when a person thinks intimately and desires emotional intimacy with someone other than their spouse. Then they begin to fantasize about sexual or emotional inappropriate behaviors with them on a daily basis.

Many times emotional infidelity begins when you disclose intimate details of your marriage with someone of the opposite sex. Perhaps you are having a hard time in your marriage & feel like you are unable to speak to your spouse, so you end up trying to get validation elsewhere. This is a big mistake!

The next thing you know, you need them to feel special and wanted. In addition, when you talk you disclose more and more of what’s going on in your marriage. Then you begin to crave emotional intimacy with them, this is when emotional infidelity sets in.

Emotional infidelity has become more popular on the internet as well. It happens in chat rooms, forums and discussion groups everyday. This can get even more intimate due to the anonymity factor. You feel like you can discuss your darkest secrets; the ones you won’t share in person. Once again, big mistake!

Some signs of emotional infidelity are:
* You anticipate time with your ‘friend’ more each day
* You withdraw from your spouse
* Giving special gifts to your ‘friend’
* Fantasizing about your ‘friend’
* Your ‘friend’ understands you better than your spouse

If any of these sound familiar you’re having an emotional affair! Time to end it before you lose your marriage over a fantasy.

To avoid emotional infidelity spend more time with your spouse along with honest open communication. Have fun and bring romance back into the marriage.

If you feel like there’s a problem you can’t discuss with your spouse talk to a person of the same sex, your pastor or a trusted family member.

Whatever you do don’t discuss personal issues of your marriage with a person of the opposite sex. This will open the door for emotional infidelity.