For Love Or Money – Beware of Money Crazy Men

Beware of Money Crazy Men

Are you in for love or money?
Relationships are meant to last. But money crazy lovers are in for the short run. They are in for the money. They want cold hard cash and nothing more.

Once these money crazy lovers lay their hands on your money, they are out the front door. So, be wary of them.

I can’t say that enough.

But how do you know if the man you are courting right now is in for love or money? Well, you can be sure he won’t tell you he’s in love with your money and not you. However, people who love money are not difficult to identify unless, of course, you choose to play blind.

Lovers of money tend to . . .

  • Always talk about money or material things. They can’t hide for long what their real motives are.
  • Ask questions relating to how you make your money and keep popping up the question every now and then.
  • Live expensively
  • Have lofty eyes. They always want the latest model or newest version of something No matter how rich you are, it pays you to keep a low profile when courting a man.
  • Eat in modest restaurants constantly
  • Let him pay when you eat out
  • Do not give him money. Make it appear you have less money than the public think you have.
  • Establish a policy of “no lose cash to pick here. We work for what we have”.
  • Keep it simple. Establish that you want things simple and unassuming. Men trying to cash in on your money cannot keep a modest life with you for too long. Soon they will begin to wonder if you really have the money they expect to inherit when they marry you.

Pushed to the wall, your money crazy man who is in for the money will be forced to ask about your financial status . . . about your money. He may ask the question casually, but his tone will usually give him away.

For love or money . . . no need for you to ask him that question. His sin will find him out. Here’s why you should be concerned whether your man is in for love or money.

Men who are money crazy will do anything to lay their hands on your money. You have heard stories of men who kill their wives to lay hold on their money or some insurance claims.

Men who are money lovers, men who are money crazy, are usually cold hearted and deadly.

Don’t mind the smiles and sweet romantic talk. It’s all part of the big act to win your trust and confidence. They strike like deadly serpent once they lay hold of your money.

So you should really be concerned about the status of the man you are in love with.

Is he in for love or money?

If he is a lover of money, have nothing to do with him.

Fire him and go in search of true love.

Honestly, love is the greatest. Don’t settle for anything less.