Free Sex – Is Sexual Intercourse Really Free?

Free Sex – Is Sexual Intercourse Really Free?

Free sex is widely advertised. Sex promoters invite you for all night parties where sexual intercourse is declared free. Even the internet promotes free sex. But is sex really free?

The answer is a bold NO.
Few things on earth come free. Sex is not one of them. Contrary to what sex promoters say, sexual relationship between a man and a woman comes at a price. There is a heavy responsibility associated with sexual intercourse.

For example, a man who engages in a sexual relationship with a woman is taking a risk. The risks include . . .

1. Possible pregnancy resulting from the union

2. Sexually transmitted diseases if the girl has slept with several partners

3. A close shave with AIDS

4. Risk of blackmail if you’re married. The girl involved in the illicit affair may threaten to tell your wife if you don’t accede to her demands

5. Risk of losing your job. Some men have sexual intercourse with their workers, secretaries and personal assistants being the most culprit.

Thereafter the worker will expect impossible favors from you. When you don’t give her what she wants, she will set you up and ruin your career.

6. Risk of going to jail. If the girl you had sexual intercourse with is under age, whether you knew it or not before the act, you could go to jail for child abuse.

The risks mentioned above are a few of the many you face when you have a sexual relationship with a woman who is not your wife. Is there such thing as free sex?

Definitely, no.

What about sex workers and free-for-all girls? Aren’t they free?

Simply put . . . No.

It is true that sex workers freely give of themselves for the money. It’s like a paid job. They offer a service. You pay for the service. You get the service. The contract is over and you both go your separate ways.

Both parties got what they wanted from the relationship, right? It’s over between both of you, right? No strings attached, right?

Well, wrong.

You’re dead wrong if you think it’s all over when you pay off a sex worker. The ease with which you got instant sexual gratification will compel you to do it again.

Soon it becomes a habit. Sooner or later you will run into one that will discover your true identity. Then you become a candidate for cheap blackmail.

When you pay her off with a lump sum to forestall the blackmail, she will disappear from your life but only for a while. When she is broke again she will remember you. She will come and blackmail you again. However, this time she will be asking for more.

When the threat becomes constant nuisance, you would wish she were dead and out of your life. But she isn’t going to die soon.

So, something sinister begins to form in your head.

Suppose she dies . . .

You will be a lot safer if she’s dead.

So, suppose she dies . . . now.

You’re on your way to committing murder.

The more you think about it, the more the thought appeals to you. Before you know it, you’re planning the perfect murder.

It all starts with the desire for a fling. Then it degenerates to something deadly.

This brings us back to the real issue.

Free sex is a joke on you. There is no such thing as free sex.

Sexual intercourse comes with responsibility. Those responsibilities are joyful to bear when the sexual relationship is between you and your wife.

Don’t be fooled by advocates of free sex. You will reap what you sow.

Sow righteousness and loyalty to your mate. And reap joy, fulfillment, and inner peace.

Simplify your life.

stick to your wife alone. That is the only way to have a successful relationship.

You will be happier . . . guaranteed.