how to get your ex back

How To Get Your Ex Back In 4 Secret Steps

How To Get Your Ex Back In 4 Secret Steps

Transform Your Ex Emotions – Step 2

Text Your Ex Back – Step 3

Are you feeling lost, depressed and hurt from a break up?
“It is all over now!”
“Move on with your life”
“You can always find another one who loves you even more!”.

Does that sound familiar?

What if I tell you there is a way to not only save your current relationship but perfects it with no more fights, argument, disagreement, jealousy, lies and even cheats?

Does that sound too good to be true?

I know this might sound crazy or even insane, but I am not B.S you here. It has been shown that the success rate of getting back your ex can be as high as 85.6%

The success rate for how to get your ex back.
The success rate for how to get your ex back.

So do you want to save your relationship today and start getting back the kind of love, passion and enthusiastic commitment that you have always been dreaming of? Then, you need to be calm, focused and have a concrete plan.

how to get your ex back
how to get your ex back

Make sure you read through the 4 key important steps before you decide what to do next to get back your ex!

Before I move on further, I like to introduce myself, my name is John.

5 years ago, my life came to a sudden standstill. My girlfriend and I had some heated discussions and we decided to part our ways. Well, we didn’t exactly make a decision – it just happened. At that time, the only thing that occurred to me was to run away from her as fast as possible (to a bar or a lonely hiding). Later, I came to know that she’d felt almost the same way! It took me 8 long months to realize that I wanted her back in my life. This feeling of emptiness was very strong and I was slowly drifting into an ocean of grief. It was affecting my work, behavior and social relationships to an extent that I thought my life would never be the same again.

I even went on to meet a psychiatrist to possibly know whether the idea of wanting my ex back was an insane one! (It was useless, as I figured out later).  I talked to people, read tonnes of blogs on the internet, went out in search of a possible ‘replacement’ for her that could soothe my heart and finally turned to my own self for answers – yes, I wanted her back!!

Today, my girlfriend and I share what I call a ‘perfect relationship’ with each other. About 4 years ago, I set out to make our relationship work all over again in a new and better avatar, and succeeded. By the time I made it happen, I had unraveled some of the most amazing secrets of getting an old and rugged relationship back on track all over again. That’s when I began to correct my mindset and work towards in getting my loved back again to my life.’

I know you must be getting bored but hang on there as I am now going to discuss the 3 main steps on how to get your ex back today. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman looking to have a positive and fulfilling relationship with your ex. This guide will definitely work great as long as you honestly follow the step by step approach that I have planned for you.

how to get your ex back damage control
how to get your ex back damage control

Ok, you might be thinking, John, I know this stuff, it is just going to be same old things that I have read in other blogs.

But I can assure you this is something that you have not heard about and by applying these 4 little known secrets, you are not only going to get back the relationship that you have always wanted to be but also the passion and enthusiastic commitment by your partner.

Step #1
Step #1 Your Past Relationship is Dead
Brand new start to get your ex back
Brand New Start to Get Your Ex Back

First of all, you should come face to face with what happened in the past. You don’t want your relationship to get back to same old state of dilemma all over again, do you? I’m not asking you to leave the dead past behind so that you can just move ahead. That’s not easy, I know. Had it been so, you wouldn’t be longing to have him or her back in your life all over again in the first place! You just need to accept the fact that the past is over. Period.

Now you just need to take home useful lessons from this ‘past’ (no matter how painful) and use them to your advantage – use these lessons to create a better and more fulfilling relationship with your ex now.

Next, you need to outline your future goals. These goals will direct all your efforts (I will tell you how) to have him or her back in your life. Before you move on to the part where you ‘do something,’ you need to know and fully understand 5 core elements (It’s easy – and the key here is to stay honest to yourself). A clear understanding of these core elements will set your mindset right (literally)! It’s not easy for everyone to digest these concepts without few hiccups because many of them are way different from what psychologists, relationship experts and others tell people.

How To Get Your Ex Back Core Element 1: 

You have to create a NEW and MORE FULFILLING relationship. 

A man trying to get his ex back
A man trying to get his ex back

Do not let yourself believe that you want to get back your ‘old relationship’ once again. Okay you came here looking for ways to get your ex back but that relationship ended few hours (or months) ago, remember? So you should really accept (and celebrate) the fact that your old relationship does not really exist anymore (that’s the truth, really)! It may sound painful (I felt that once) and brutal on my part to say so but this is actually the way forward to your goalpost (Getting your ex back). Only when you get over your ‘old relationship’ by mourning, partying or sobbing in your balcony, you can finally begin to do everything it takes to CREATE a newer and more awesome relationship with your ex!

How To Get Your Ex Back Core Element 2:

Forgive your ex and forgive yourself.

Forgiveness is the way to get your ex back.
Forgiveness is the way to get your ex back.

Holding grudges is not going to help you at all. Whether it was your ex who came pouncing upon you for a petty reason or it was you who hurt him or her in the past, you need to understand that forgiveness is a great power that can help you perform magic. We make mistakes due to misunderstandings, emotional outbursts and dozens of other reasons in our day to life. If someone made a mistake in the past (you or your ex), it does not mean the same trend would go on forever! Also, it doesn’t mean that you should hold on to that garbage (that’s what grudges really are) and miss all opportunities to make everything great, wonderful and worth-living. You need to recognize the fact that it is in human nature to make mistakes and subsequently learn to improvise. Forgive yourself and forgive your ex to bring yourself to a real high energy level.

Next, you need to work on your self-esteem. Trust me, a break-up (even if it happened 10 years ago) or a failed relationship can sometimes make a person’s self-image hit the rock bottom and stay there for a very long time. This is usually the case when you are filled with regret, self-loathing and lack self-esteem. When miniscule amounts of essential personality traits like self-esteem are left, you cannot expect to make your ex fall in love with you all over again. Or can you? So, you need to work on your own self-image for a while. Be vocal about all your positives, write them down like a creative writer, take a print out and paste them in front of your study table! (Yes, that will help) The point is to focus on everything good and great about oneself. Don’t worry; it won’t turn you into an egoist or an arrogant person. You just need to start liking yourself. The best way to do that is to feed your subconscious mind with dozens of positives about yourself that were long forgotten due to relationship problems. Only when you mentally like and appreciate yourself, you can expect your ex to like, appreciate and love you as well.

How To Get Your Ex Back Core Element 3:

Work on your ‘game while you are ‘single.’ 

Have a strategy to get your ex back
Have a strategy to get your ex back

This may sound a little insane (I know, it does) but you must go out, meet other singles and date when you have a chance. This is in fact one of the best techniques to have your ex notice you. And mind you, I don’t mean you sleep with dozens or get yourself into something serious. Keep it light, and fun.

In the process, you’ll not only raise your all-time-low self-esteem to a new level but also learn to appreciate all good things that happened between you and your ex. You’ll also present yourself as an interesting and attractive person to the world by doing so. When people around you begin to notice you, there is no reason why your ex wouldn’t do that. Being confident and happy is the important part of the ‘how to get your ex back’ approach.

How To Get your Ex Back Core Element 4: 

Don’t be needy!

Don't be needy!
Don’t be needy!

Alright, this may sound a little tricky as all you were looking for was just to get back your ex. This is especially hard when pain waves are gushing down your spinal cord every few minutes as you regret the last heated discussion you had, the differences you two didn’t try to fix on time and so on. Like we talked in the previous paragraphs, get over the past because you are now going to create a brand new, wonderful relationship with your ex. It is now time to raise your self-esteem, forgive anyone (including yourself). Do not let yourself believe that you NEED your ex! This can only bring your confidence level down when your rejects you because they generally dislike needy actions.

How To Get Your Ex Back Core Element 5:

Wait; don’t rush in! 

Don't rush to get your ex back.
Don’t rush to get your ex back.

If you are serious to patch up with your ex, then you need to wait before you start approaching your ex. But how long is that going to be? It really depends on the situation of your relationship but generally you should wait at least for a month for them to calm down their anger, frustrations and emotions. And during this “cool-down” period, please do not send any messages, emails, cards or anything else! Yes, I know it’s hard when all you can think of is the face of the man or woman you love. But you need to understand that going close before letting the smoke settle down is plain stupid. It can only make things worse. Instead, you need to start working on things that can help you get your ex back after one month.

Don’t worry if you’ve already made some of the core mistakes. These are very common mistakes that I made too when my ex left me. All I need you to do is to start working on the core elements that I have mentioned and don’t repeat it any more mistakes. If required, just jot down some of the core elements points that I have discussed.  If need be; print this page out and keep it with you all the time so you don’t do any of these mistake again.

Now that we have covered the core elements of how to get your ex back, we can now move forward to the next step: Transform Your Ex Emotions – Step 2”.