get your ex girlfriend back

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Tips To Live By

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

So you’ve just received the dreaded ‘Dear John’ text from your girlfriend telling you it’s all over.  You can hardly believe what you are reading, even though you’ve read it for the umpteenth time.  Your first instinctive action would be to call her and plead with her to come back.  Your friends tell you to get down on your knees and tell her you’re sorry and promise that you will change.  But some other friends tell you to let her go and start anew.  You’re all confused, your heart’s beating as fast as a freight train, you’re nervous and don’t know what to do.  You start to panic. How do you get your ex girlfriend back?

Stop, before you do something you’ll really regret later.  As difficult to believe as it may seem, both sets of your friends have got it wrong. The thing to do is not rush over and talk to her, beg her to come back or confess your love for her. Neither should you forget about her and start anew immediately.  You might find yourself in another relationship on the rebound and lose any chance of getting back your ex-girlfriend.

The first thing you should do is to agree with your ex-girlfriend about the breakup.  Whatever differences you two may have, the best thing to do now is to either come to some compromise or if that is not possible, at least agree to disagree and remain friends while you take a break from each other.  You may be full of regret and want to patch things up so that you can get back together immediately, but if you act on impulse, you’ll most probably drive your ex-girlfriend even further away.  So take some time now to pull yourself together, take a step back and evaluate things.

When you are apart from each other, take steps to put in some necessary changes in yourself.  At the same time, don’t wallow in self pity.  Use this freedom you now have to make some new friends, but don’t start any serious relationship with anyone else as it will only be out of a rebound.  Give yourself at least a few weeks apart from your ex-girlfriend before contacting her again.  In the meantime, think through what went wrong and what you did to contribute to it.  Do not focus on her wrongs, just on your own.  The first step in getting back your ex-girlfriend is to change yourself.

When the time is right, you can take steps to meet up with your ex-girlfriend again.  If she’s not up to it, don’t force her.  You can try again at a more opportune time.  If she’s hesitant about meeting up, just assure her you only want to talk as friends. Make the occasion casual and fun.  Remember when you first started dating?  Be that man again, only better.  Give your ex-girlfriend what every woman wants – security.  Show her that you’re willing to make whatever adjustments in yourself so that she’ll always feel secure.  When you can convince her that you will provide this fundamental thing, you have taken a giant step towards getting your ex back.