getting over a relationship

Getting Over A Relationship With Your Dignity Intact

Getting Over A Relationship With Your Dignity Intact

Breaking a meaningful relationship is traumatic, something similar to death. You mourn the loss of a relationship. You miss your soul mate. You feel tremendous grief and also feel let down. You feel anger and resentment towards the world and ask why me? Why is there difficulty in getting over a relationship.

These symptoms mark the mourning period of your relationship and so don’t lose heart.

Here are some helpful guidelines in getting over a relationship.

In life we always make certain choices and we have to live with them. Whether for good or worse we learn from these experiences as experience is the greatest teacher in life.

So during the mourning period it is okay to feel sad. After all the person whom you shared all your moments has left you. So cry as much as you want. Just remember not to take up any new work or project during this phase.

Just concentrate on letting your grief out and take care of yourself. That means eat healthy foods and fill up your fridge with healthy goodies so that your hands do not reach out for the high sugar foods.

The next important thing to do is to write down all your feelings on paper. You could maintain a dairy. If you have a friend, then unburden all your feelings on to him and get a good cry.

Now after you have made a clean abreast of everything now it is time to analyze what went wrong. What were your mistakes and how you could improve? Look at the situation practically and come up with your areas of improvement. Tough to do it, I know. But just remember you need to clean up the past from your mind and heart.

After all this is done, set a date for yourself when you can come out of the mourning phase. On this date just buy yourself something, like a new dress or a bunch of roses. You can even buy the new scent which you have been hankering after.

Believe me you will feel much better. This is a key step in getting over a relationship

Now take up some new activity. It could be a new hobby or read some interesting books or go see a new movie. Get busy and productive. Let the mind not dwell too much in the past.

After everything is said and done and you are finally out of the depression, keep your distance with your ex.

You may have parted as friends but you will definitely require time to adjust. So do not keep calling him or sending messages. Hold on to your dignity is another key aspect of getting over a relationship.

Lastly to summarize the whole love breakup in Plato’s words, Love: a grave mental disease.