How relationship advice chat will save your marriage.

People often speak with me about their relationships and marital problems, looking for advice as to how to fix their relationship. The topic of money often gets brought up and it appears as a common factor that leads to disaster. The logic is, the more money you make, the less of a relationship problem there will be. Acclaimed websites such as Forbes, talk about financial mistakes that ruin marriage, but there’s more to this story.

The biggest mistakes people make in their relationship is not having enough fun. I know, you’re thinking, “really, fun?” We all have this perception that if we can make more money, we will have more time. That’s true, but will we have more fun? For almost all whom I chat with, the answer is no. The reason, the more money you make the money you spend buying the things you feel will make your life more fun. In other words, the money cycle becomes a self-consuming life sucking vampire that hates fun. What do we spend most of our lives sadly doing? You guessed it, making money and not having fun.

I realize that we can’t just quit our jobs and start having fun. Right? What about bills and the kids and saving for x, y, and z? Like with most things in the world, balance is key. If you could conveniently and discreetly ask a relationship therapist questions about your situation would that help? They know time is already scarce and taking the time to schedule an appointment to walk to see a therapist is just not an option for you. However, if you could chat with a relationship therapist from your smartphone bouncing some ideas off of them, wouldn’t that be nice? This is what Clarapy is all about. It’s a smartphone app where we put a relationship therapist in your pocket who is there to help you when you need them most. They are your sidekick, your cut buddy who knows your situation and helps you get back to a place where your relationship is fun again.