how to build trust in a relationship

How to Build Trust in a Relationship

Building Positive Relationships – Building Trust

Learning how to build trust in a relationship, means taking the time to learn skills and behaviors that transform your marriage into a strong and fruitful union. One way that couples can do this to cultivate trust. Trust is a crucial part of any relationship. Without it, partners often feel vulnerable and may not be able to open and honest about their feelings.

Developing trust in a relationship is a skill that can be learned. Trusting each other means that you are not afraid to share your thoughts and feelings with your partner, not matter what they might be. Very often men and women talk to friends about their relationship issues, often neglecting to share them with their wives and husbands. Building positive relationships requires creating an environment where trust is important and encouraged.

Couples who have learned to trust their partners with their real feelings are in a better position to build on their relationships and sort out any issue that may be bothering them before they get out of hand. Agreeing to talk to each other first instead of friends or family is a critical step in learning how to build trust in a relationship.

So how do you start trusting your partner? This may be difficult if you feel your trust has been abused in the past. Don’t hide your feelings or try to make the situation sound better than it really is. Be honest and cleat about your needs and feelings. Invite your partner in to your inner world. Building positive relationships does require courage but it is well worth the effort in the long run.

Talking to your partner also avoids falling into the “victim” trap. Many people actually enjoy the attention their friends or family give them when they vent their hurt feelings. You will need to put an end to this kind of behavior if you want to cultivate a trusting relationship. Learning how to talk to your partner is important and helps to improve your connection. Building trust in relationships is all about taking the first step toward a better future.

Talking to friends first often feels safer than talking to your partner. If this is the case accept that you may not feel safe opening up to your partner. Ask your partner to listen to your feelings without trying to “fix the problem“. This may seem scary at first, but it’s all part of building positive relationships in your life. Learn to laugh at the discomfort and mistakes you make along the way.