How To Get Over A Broken Heart

How To Get Over A Broken Heart – Not Easy Yet Not Difficult Either

Pining away for your lost love? Don’t. There are better things to do in life than cribbing and whining. Don’t worry. As a popular saying goes “You don’t die from broken heart; you only wish you did.”

Here are ways of getting over a broken heart. During the first stage you will definitely experience gnawing pain and desperation.

You will feel bitter and angry towards the world and there will be sleepless nights too.

There will also be a phase where you will miss the person terribly. You will overanalyze, blame yourself and start drinking or withdrawing yourself from the world.

But don’t worry. This too will pass. Just as two hands are required for clapping, for a relationship to succeed or fail both are equally responsible.

So stop blaming yourself and just take a break. Head out to some hill or take a vacation. Remember you are a free bird now and so just enjoy yourself.

Stop over analyzing things and do remind yourself that there will always be unanswered questions. Take lessons from this bitter experience and just move on.

Remind yourself that things will never be the same again and accept it.

If you still worry or criticize yourself then write down your problems or better still share your feelings with a friend. When you have a friend’s shoulder to cry on life looks a bit better.

Next get engaged proactively in activities. In other words keep yourself busy. When your mind is engaged in activities you will stop brooding over it.

Take care of yourself. It’s NOT easy to stop eating and be depressed. But this takes a heavy toll on your health. So eat a healthy diet and sleep well if you can. Also, there are therapists and counselors you can speak with here.

Whenever you start blaming yourself and brood over your negative traits call up your friend. Ask him or her to remind you of your good qualities. Last but not the least time is the greatest healer.

So let time do its healing on you. Who knows love may come again in your life. Till then just let go and face life as it comes.

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