how to get through a divorce

How To Get Through A Divorce In The First 30 Days

Learn How To Get Through A Divorce

It is never a nice feeling to realize that something that you’ve invested time, money and emotions in will only end up a failure. What may be a relief for some could be a time of depression or feels of rejection for you especially if you have hoped for things to be better. So how do you get through a divorce? Who can you talk to? What can you do?

The first 30 days after your divorce are expected to be the most difficult. During this period, you will all the good times you’ve shared and the memories that you’ve had. Chances are you will go through the scenarios leading to your divorce, wishing that everything is just a bad dream. Tears will be your constant companion and you might even get to a point wherein you would start blaming yourself, even if it was the other party who cheated or decided to call it quits.

With that, how do you get through a divorce with yourself still complete?

First, you have to convince yourself that it’s okay to feel what you are feeling right now. Shock, fear, anger, denial and resentment are normal feelings that would express your current predicament. Go ahead and let it all out. Your friends will understand and so will your kids and family. Studies show that emotions that are hidden will only find other ways to reveal themselves. You could get very irritable, stressed and even go into mild to major depression. Some women would go back to eating their comfort foods like ice cream. Others would go shopping, leave town or spend time with their loved ones. Different people would deal with the aftermath of a divorce differently so don’t be afraid about how to get through a divorce.

Second, do not shun others away. It is during the most difficult that your true friends will come out. Accept their sympathy and learn to appreciate the support that they are giving you. You need people around you to feel secured and to somehow fill that void that your ex-husband may have left.

Third, take care of yourself. Yes, a man may have let you go but don’t ruin your chances of finding true love again just because you do not take care of yourself. If it pleases you, get a makeover and accept fewer workload. Simply sit back, relax and de-stress. Just be sure that you’re doing that for yourself and not because you want to take a revenge on your ex.

And of course, don’t forget to carry with you the lessons that you have learned from your breakup. It will be rather useless to know the answer to the question “how to get through a divorce?” if you do not pick up important lessons in the process. So step back and look at the big picture. Try to understand what happened. What did you do wrong? What did you do right? Acknowledge the part you’ve played so that you will learn to accept your mistakes when you were still in the relationship.

Because of the numerous cases of divorce filed, the issue has become rather habitual for some. But if this is your first time, remember that it’s not the end of the world yet. So how do you get through a divorce? Continue being strong. If you need a therapist to speak to, please download and install our app. They can help you with questions you may have that are specific to you situation.