how to rekindle a relationship-with-passion

How To Rekindle A Relationship Like A Boss

How to Rekindle A Relationship With Oh-So-Passionate Intimacy With Your Partner

Relationships are cornerstones of human experiences. They can bring great pleasure to one’s life. But they are also quite challenging and difficult at times. The intimacy of a loving relationship can sometimes fade over time. This can happen for a multitude of reasons. So, it’s time to learn how to rekindle a relationship.

Knowing how to revive that lost or waning intimacy is important to ensure that a person and his or her loved one can continue life together in happiness. The marriage vows of “For richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health…” are not just words for those who are married to be honest. They are words that one should take to heart when they care for someone deeply. The thought of that commitment should push one to regain that intimacy that have lost along the road of a long relationship.

Be Honest About the Problem

How To Rekindle A Relationship Like A Boss
How To Rekindle A Relationship Like A Boss

If there is a lack of intimacy, it should be noted as soon as possible. There is no shame in being honest about the fact that a component of the relationship is missing. Being able to talk about problems of any type is an important part of a functioning relationship.

There is no worse sign for a relationship than the inability to be upfront and honest with one another. It is important that both can bring up the problem to the spouse. It is also important that they can bring up the problem to you. Perhaps he or she will be the one to notice that there is something lacking in the relationship. In that case, you must be equally as open to him/her feeling that something is lacking.

Do Not Make It Personal

When you decide to bring up the lack of intimacy, it is important not to act like it is your partners fault. Most people will naturally become defensive when you bring up that there is a lack of intimacy. That is because one often feels like a finger is being pointed at them as the root cause.

Make sure that you explain the feeling of a lack of intimacy, with love and with an understanding that part of the problem lies with you. A lack of intimacy often means a lack of connectivity. This is rarely a single person’s fault. Instead, it is the effect of busy schedules or loss of like-interests weighing on the relationship.


Whether or not you decide to have the direct conversational approach, you must plan to find ways to reconnect with your partner. Most couples who lack intimacy do so because they have lost the sort of connection they had at the start of their relationship.

This can slowly happen over time as two people become too comfortable with one another. It can be almost as if you become more friends than intimate partners do. To counteract that progression, it may be best that you plan vacations, excursions, or adventures together. These do not have to be large events every time. A romantic dinner prepared by you, or a day-trip to your partner’s favorite type of music can be all it takes.

Think of What Makes Your Partner Swoon

how to rekindle a relationship
How to rekindle a relationship the right way.

Sure, you have been feeling the lack of intimacy just as much as your partner has. However, you are the person who has decided to be proactive about it. Someone has to make the first move, and this time it is you. So take the time to figure out what it is that will make your partner swoon. Remember what it is that you did to gain his or her affection in the first place.

By extending the courtesy to your partner, it shows that you care. Showing that you care can often lead to them reciprocating the affection. It really can be as simple as showing that you have not forgotten about your partner, to make them recharge their affection for you. So whether it is a trip they have always wanted to take, a music gala they adore, or a type of activity they have always tried to get you to do, give them what they want. You will be surprised how often that turns to a surge of intimacy later.

Push the Boundaries of the Comfort Zone

By comfort zone, what is meant is the day-to-day norm of how you and your partner interact. We can sometimes fall into a routine with our partners. When this occurs, there is almost an inevitable drop in intimacy. It is nobody’s fault, as life demands a particular routine from time to time. However, we must be willing to break out of the routine when intimacy is being sacrificed for too long. Find an activity or event that you and your partner have always talked about doing, but never did.

Look for ways you can invoke even a small amount of danger, fear, or adrenaline. Couples who enjoy these types of activities often have more vibrant relationships. You do not have to start by skydiving on the first day, nor do the activities have to literally scare you. All you are looking for is to increase the heart rate of the relationship. When the adrenaline flows, so too, can the passion. These should get the wheels a grinding for how to rekindle a relationship.