How Is Life After Marriage, When You Have Kids?

Tips On How To Survive: Life After Marriage?

Life after marriage is very overwhelming especially if you have kids. You would have to fight for custody and if you win, you would bear the burden of raising the children. Yes, there might be some financial support coming from your ex-husband but that would never replace the emotional benefits of having a father around. Plus, the emotional strain that the divorce will bring your children will only make it doubly difficult for you to bear the separation. So how do you get through a divorce with kids? Is there life after marriage?

Pull yourself together.

If you are not yourself, you will not be able to give your whole to support your kids emotionally as they begin a new life as an incomplete family. So you need to convince yourself that this is not the end of life. Remove all catastrophic thoughts from your mind because they are not real. Your life is not over and you haven’t lost everything.

How do you get through a divorce by convincing yourself of this? Because your outlook in life will hold a positive impact on how you deal with the divorce and how you will react to it. You never know for sure. You might be able to stop your divorce.

Never regret.

Sure, you may have done your part as to why the relationship failed but remember that you also did your part as to why it started. Never show any signs of regret because for the kids, that would feel like you regret their existence too. Besides, you can never do what has already been done so just accept the fact that your marriage didn’t work out and move on. It’s the best that you can do for your children at the moment.

Talk to your kids.

And this does not mean just talking to them – communicate. Tell them what’s going on, ask them what they’re feeling and explain to them how things will get better soon. Listen to their answers too because it is from there that you will get to understand the things that you need to do on how do you get through a divorce.

Build a new relationship with your ex.

Every child born out of your union is one-half you and one-half your ex. By completely removing your ex-husband from the picture, you are also removing half of your child’s personality. So don’t do that. Instead, try to define a new relationship with your ex for your children’s sake. If you cannot be friends yet, then at least be common allies of your kids. Life after marriage doesn’t have to hurt your kids.

Create a support group.

Really, how do you get through a divorce on your own? The truth is, no matter how strong you think you are, you cannot get through a divorce alone. So create a support group that you can rely on. Your closest friends and family members could becomes your group and don’t worry, they love being asked for help. So go ahead and ask.