Love Don’t Cost A Thing – Or Does It?

Love Doesn’t Cost A Thing – Or
Does It?

True love don’t cost a thing. Actually it does cost something. Don’t be fooled. You can’t fall in love and stay in love without paying the price.

So, what price are you prepared to pay for love?
Some women pay with their career.

Many of these women had a passion for their career. They started out well. They went to high school, bagged a degree from an international university, and got themselves a high paying job.

Somewhere along the line, they fell in love. They got married. They had kids.
Thereafter, things got really tough.

The job was taking too much of their time. They had little time for the husband and the kids. And they see a gap opening in the relationship and widening.

It’s the job, their career, or their husband and kids.

The choice was difficult to make. But eventually they gave up their cherished career and settled for love . . . love for their husbands and love for their kids.

Love don’t cost a thing.

Did I hear you say that?
Well, the truth is . . . love does cost something.

It may cost you . . .

  • Your career
  • Your hobby
  • Your independence
  • Your parent or entire family
    Even your life. (A young woman lost her mother and face to the bullets of her fiancee. She was ‘lucky’. Some women are killed by their boyfriends and husbands – terrible).

Are you still of the opinion that love don’t cost a thing?

Obviously, love has a price.

Falling in love can be pretty expensive. It can make you better, happier or sad and depressed. Love can ruin your life.

Put more correctly . . . misdirected love can ruin your life.

The truth is . . .

Even true love cost something. The difference is that true love is overwhelmingly beautiful and fulfilling. True love is enriching and satisfying. True love makes life worth living. True love is forever.

The challenge is how to find true love. And more importantly, how not to confuse false love for true love.
False love ruins their owners. True love builds and makes their owners better.

My advice?

Fall in love with the right person. Marry only the right man. Do not fall in love with the wrong man. Do not pursue a love relationship that is destined to fail. Falling in love with the wrong guy can ruin your life.

Love don’t cost a thing. Yet it does cost something.
Are you prepared to give what it takes to keep a love relationship? If not, fire your man and move on. You deserve better.