Love Quiz – Expose the secret man within

Love quiz to dig out the real man in your lover.

This relationship quiz is designed to expose the secret man within. Get the ideal man . . . the man just perfect for you with this love quiz.

Here’s why you need a relationship quiz.

Men have secrets . . . sometimes really dirty secrets. Many love relationships pack up when women find out what sort of man they got themselves hooked to. This often happens after marriage when vows of forever in love have been taken.

Even women have secrets . . . really dirty secrets. When either party finds out about the others secrets from external sources, the innocent party feel cheated. There is usually a feeling of distrust even though the incident happened way before they met.

Bottom line. You need to know more about your man before you rush to the altar with him.

The issue here is not that your man has secrets. Nor is the focus the fact that he did some really bad things in the past. What he has done in the past is in the past. But you need to know. He needs to come clean with you.

Why is that necessary?

It establishes a feeling of trust. You know you can trust him. He knows he can trust you. The sooner you hear about his past and his plans for the future, the better for you.

One of two things can happen after you learn of his grievous crimes.

1. You may terminate the relationship if you think you cannot live with the shame of being married to a criminal or…

2. You may carry on the relationship and love him even more for trusting you enough to talk about the skeleton in his cupboard.

Either way, you are happier.

Love quiz exposes the ugly secrets

The truth is . . . most people don’t feel comfortable talking about their bad side. Bad actions, crimes, misdemeanor, bad habits . . . and anything that portrays someone is less than civilized are often not natural subjects for discussion.

But you need to know your man in and out. You need to be sure he’s the right man for you. How do you accomplish this?

Use this love quiz.

This relationship quiz essentially deals with issues relating to your personal everyday relationship with your man. It covers . . .

  • Your one on one interaction
  • Domestic values
  • His relationship with outsiders
  • Work and money
  • Family
  • Destructive attitudes and tendencies

When you get married to a man, you will be living with him and dealing with real issues. All the euphoria and fantasy will be gone. You will be face to face with his person – his attitude, his likes and dislikes, his temper.Therefore, take this love quiz seriously. It could save your life.Now let’s get started.

Love quiz #1 – Personal relationship with your man

  1. Does he respect you?
  2. Well, there are several ways to find out.
  3. Does he embarrass you in public?
  4. Does he bring you down before his friends?
  5. Does he come late for your meetings with him using flimsy excuses?
  6. Does he respect women in general?
  7. Does he respect your opinion or is he bossy and domineering?
  8. His he considerate? Does he sometimes give up his like for yours?

Love quiz #2 – The trust question.

  1. Does he trust you? Is he suspicious of you?
  2. Is he trustworthy? Does he say one thing and do another?
  3. Has he ever betrayed anyone? Are you his first lover? What happened to the woman before you? Betrayal of trust?

Love quiz #3 – Domestic values. The home front has its challenges. Consider this.

  1. Does he know how to cook? Tell him you want a home made food from your special man. Let him cook for you!
  2. Does he know how to do laundry? Sometimes you could do with some help. Tease him.
  3. Can he babysit? Has he done it before? Listen to his story.
  4. Does he like children?
  5. How many kids will he like to have? Does it matter to him if the kids are all girls or all boys?
  6. Does he think a woman should work? Does he want his wife to work? If not, why not?

Love quiz #4 – His attitudes. Your attitude determines your altitude.

  1. What are his ambitions? How high to he want to climb?
  2. Is he lazy? Is he hardworking and industrious?
  3. Is he thrifty?
  4. Is he stingy?
  5. Is he disillusioned?
  6. Is he pessimistic or optimistic?
  7. Does he have passion, drive, resilience?
  8. Does he have a simple eye? Or does he have a lofty eye?
  9. Is he self content?

Love quiz #5 – Health matters.Health they say is wealth. So . . .

  1. Is he battling with a disease?
  2. Does he have terminal illness?
  3. Has he done a major operation before?
  4. Has he ever been admitted in a hospital?
  5. Does he have an unpleasant medical history?
  6. Is he on special medication?

Love quiz #6 – Bad habits.Bad habits can ruin everything you’ve worked hard to build. So . . .

  1. Does he smoke? If so, what does he smoke? Cigarette, cocaine, heroine?
  2. Is he addicted to alcohol?
  3. Is he addicted to gambling?
  4. Is he addicted to flirting?
  5. Does he have a violent temper? Does he destroy things when he is angry?

Love quiz #7 – Money Matters. The love of money is the root of all evil. So . . .

  1. Does your man love money?
  2. How far is he prepared to go to get money?
  3. Is he likely to sacrifice you or your love on the altar of money?
  4. Is he covetous?
  5. Has he stolen before?
  6. Has he been convicted of a related offense before?

This list is by no means endless. It is just a guide. Add as many things to this list as you should. Everyone has some peculiar need. Customize this list to suit your own peculiar situation or requirement.

The important thing is this. You need to know as much as possible about the man you are engaged to. You need to objectively assess the potential for success of the love relationship.

If you honestly believe you cannot live with his attitude or poor standard of morality, do not pretend you can. Eventually you will still have to pack it up even if you succeed in getting married to him. At that time, a breakup will be even more painful.

So be wary.

When a man tells you, “I love and I will always love you” . . . don’t take it hook line and sinker. Evaluate the love. Analyze his person.

Use the relationship quiz . . . the love quiz above to analyze your man. If your intuition says the relationship won’t work, then it probably won’t work.