Marriage Difficulties Or Divorce Difficulties?

Marriage Difficulties

If  you’ve been married any length of time then you know that there are difficulties in marriage. Marriage isn’t for wimps and requires preparation! It’s for couples who are willing to commit to making a relationship work no matter what. Couples who don’t get divorced just because they’re so called incompatible. As far as being incompatible everyone is incompatible in a way.

Really now, are you expecting to be with someone that you’re compatible with in every facet of life? If so, then you have unrealistic expectations. There will be marriage difficulties and they will usually come from having a difference of opinion.

The main problem is emotions when emotions are involved then it’s hard to get past how you feel. That’s why counseling is so important, a therapist is impartial and has no feelings tied up in the issue at hand. Therefore, they can see what’s really going on and determine what can be done to correct the situation.

This is also why family and or friends should not be involved in marriage difficulties since they too are emotionally involved with one or both parties and aren’t impartial.

When there is a fight in a marriage or relationship both parties need to wait until anger has subsided to try and resolve the conflict. Angry people are not logical or rational.

Then once the subject is approached in a rational manner after emotions are on an even keel you can decide if it’s worth debating, or it’s not worth fighting over. In other words, don’t be petty let it go if it’s not important.

Don’t allow pride to keep it alive! Pride is a big issue when it comes to resolving marriage difficulties. A prideful mindset just cares about winning and nobody wins when the marriage ends just because someone wants to win each and every disagreement.

There will always be difficulties in marriage which need to be resolved, so don’t assume you’re incompatible simply because you don’t agree on everything.