Marriage Fights – Who wins?

Marriage Fights – Round 1

Marriage fights are inevitable nobody is going to get along all the time. Some fights will be full of drama and others just petty little arguments. How you handle both is crucial if you want your marriage to last. You can’t expect to win every fight!

That’s right, sometimes you will be the loser and you need to be okay with that. If not, you may have a pride problem. People with pride issues have to be right all the time.

Pride can be a relationship killer and is the enemy and not a friend. Not being able to admit to being wrong in a marriage can result in unresolved conflict. This can escalate into resentment, which is an underlying anger that simmers and never gets put to rest.

To resolve marriage fights you need to keep an open mind to solutions and see things from the other person’s point of view. It’s a matter of having respect for their thoughts and feelings. In other words, it can’t be all about you. Their opinion matters too!

Both people involved in a marriage fight or conflict need to be honest about their role in the argument. Throwing blame and being in denial will not resolve anything.

Good old fashioned honest communication is what will resolve marital fights no matter how mad both of you are. Both of you must analyze your motive, behavior and actions.

If need be get a third party who can be objective such as a pastor, counselor or therapist. Sometimes well meaning family members only make matters worse.

Keep in mind that serious marriage fights can be a wake up call to get both of you to resolve issues that have been brewing for months or years.

Lastly, stay positive and believe for the best. Negativity needs to be avoided like pride and resentment. Those three are a recipe for divorce!