Bipolar Marriage – The Ride Of Your Life

Bipolar Marriage

A bipolar marriage can be a wild ride, especially if you don’t even know that your spouse is bipolar. All you know is that things have been sort of crazy and that you’re on an emotional roller coaster ride that’s on full speed ahead and about to crash.

Many people who are in a bipolar marriage or relationship have no idea that the problem is bipolar personality disorder. They do know that the relationship is emotionally charged and that each day seems to be more challenging than the last.

People with bipolar tend to be Jekyll and Hyde personalities. Literally changing in minutes! You never know what or who you will encounter at any given moment.

If you suspect that your spouse is bipolar then I advise you to do extensive research on the subject, so that you can be informed. Once you’re pretty sure then you need to get them the help they need. This means setting an appointment with a therapist.

In the meantime while researching there are some things that can help you to cope better. Number one, don’t take anything that your spouse says or does personally. They will do this with everybody, so let it go and don’t give it thought. Second, don’t argue, but agree instead, if not you will start another war that you cannot win!

Third,try to stay positive, so that they will follow your lead. Bipolar people are usually up or down and not balanced. Many times they will pick up on your vibes and do as you do.

Fourth, a bipolar person is usually a taker not a giver, so don’t have unrealistic expectations or you may get hurt often. They’re self-centered by nature and they are what’s most important not you.  FYI, they can also be manipulative and controlling.

As you can see a bipolar marriage can be a serious challenge. However, if they’re diagnosed and receive proper medication then the relationship can be near normal.

So, if you love your spouse, hang in there, and get them the help they need to balance their unbalanced chemical imbalance. Lastly, make sure they take their medication as directed. Otherwise, things can go downhill at lightning fast speed.