Is A Muscular Woman A Better Choice?

Muscular Woman

A muscular woman is certainly not every man’s dream. But a muscle woman does have some advantages. Is a muscular woman a better choice?

She could be, depending on who’s looking.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This means that your personal likes and dislikes, your personal taste, determines what is of value to you.

If you desire a hard working woman with resilience and tenacity, you may find that a muscle woman is just the ideal woman for you.

However, if you have eyes for a trim woman, a woman with the looks, height, and shape of a model, no woman will please you except the one with the features you desire.
So, is a muscular woman a better choice?

Yes, if the muscle woman and the characteristics that go with having her are just what you’re searching for.

Now for the advantages of a muscle woman.

    • She has stamina
    • She has a commanding presence
    • She can move mountains
    • She can defend you
    • She may even be beautiful

But if she is a muscle woman with a temper, you may become a battered husband. Here’s a real life story.

Margaret was a tall muscular woman married to George, a slim man of average height. George was a cool-headed man who didn’t like being embarrassed and had a strong aversion for trouble.

Margaret was not only a muscular woman, she was also an aggressive woman with a temper. She enjoyed quarreling and fighting to a fault. Many times she would get into a needless quarrel with her husband and sometimes beat him up.

Her attitude became a real nuisance to George.

One day, pushed to the edge, he sent for Margaret’s elder brother. Victor, Margaret’s elder brother, came promptly in view of the urgency of the call.

After he heard the sad story his sister’s husband had to tell, he queried his sister on her unruly behavior. The sister wasn’t anywhere near remorseful.

This angered Victor.

Pissed off, he told the husband the wife was taking advantage of him because he was too quiet. He said the sister won’t dare a thing like that if he were in the husband’s shoes.

Margaret warned her brother to keep his distance or else he’ll regret getting involved in her family’s business.

“You think you can beat me up like your husband?” Victor asked angrily. “Don’t mess with me. I’m not a lazy man like your husband”.

There was angry exchange between the two. And before Victor knew it, he was flat on his back. Margaret’s move was swift. She picked him up in one sweep movement and slammed him on his back.

Victor got up, dusted his clothes, and left without saying a word. His bragging about not been lazy like Margaret’s husband was just empty mouthing.

Perhaps you too have seen a muscular woman battering her unequally matched husband.

Note that this does not mean every muscular woman is a husband batterer. Many muscle women . . . a cultured muscle woman . . . are very respectful and considerate of their husband.

The truth is . . . what makes a woman respectful of her husband is not whether she is a muscular woman or not. In fact, some aggressive women are thin and small in stature.

A woman’s behavior towards her husband is dependent on how she grew up . . . the values she was taught as a child. Remember that charity begins at home. So a well brought up woman will of necessity keep her place in the family as a respectful and committed wife.

How do you avoid becoming a battered husband . . . the victim of a muscle woman?

Well, it all starts during the courtship years.

What kind of woman are you dating?

    • Is she cool-headed, level-headed muscle girl?
    • Is she respectful, loving, and kind?
    • Is she mild-tempered?
    • Is she a lover of peace?
    • Is she reasonable?
    • Is she considerate of others?

A family where fighting between husband and wife is a common feature is not the kind of family you want to have. A marriage where there is peace and love is what every sane man desires.Consequently, evaluate your mate careful before committing to marriage.

This is not about whether the woman is a muscular woman or muscle woman. It’s about her personality. It’s about her attitude toward you.

Make your choice. But do it right so you don’t live through the pain of a joyless relationship.