Not In Love With Husband Anymore – What happened?

Options Explored – Not In Love With Husband Anymore

“I’m not in love with husband anymore”, the terse remark came from a young woman I chatted with, her tongue yoked firmly in cheek. Here was a woman facing a meltdown in her marriage and was remarkably upfront about it. But contrary to popular perception, it takes more than just in-your-face guts and gumption to tide over this hugely overwhelming situation.

For those of us that have grown up on a surfeit of apocryphal stories of fairytale romances, it’s hard to perceive marriage without those sepia-tinged glasses. It takes us a while to come to terms with the fact that a relationship is like a roller coaster that has ups and downs. While the good times envelope us in euphoria, we need to face the bad times with a lot of grit and fortitude. And separation is definitely not a plausible solution. not in love with husband anymore

If you are down in the dumps because there is no intimacy, communication or trust between you and your partner, you should not view these as the harbinger of gloom. During these turbulent times, it’s pretty natural for the wife’s imagination to go into overdrive, especially if there’s a yawning gap between their husband’s words and actions.

So do you press the panic button or should you chat with a therapist? Well, maybe it’s just your imagination that needs to be curbed.

Celebrate Everlasting Love

It’s not hard to find women that are constantly kvetching about the complete drought of love and passion in their lives. In the inflammatory times that we are living in, the insidious pressures of hectic lifestyles take a toll on everything, including love that we feel for our partners.

In discharging his duties as a son and father, may be his love for you has taken a backseat, but that does not mean that there’s no love at all. To add to your woes, all those amorous glances and gestures seem to have become a thing of the past.

But don’t be depressed; causing a complete reversal of fortunes is not well-neigh impossible. First, it’s important that you rework your entire attitude towards this marriage. If you expect him to shower you with compliments, shouldn’t you reciprocate? If the lack of intimacy is a huge issue with you, you can rest assured that he feels the same way too.

Once you set the ball rolling with your expansive exchanges and warm gestures, you are sure to feel loved and valued yourself. When the sizzling chemistry is back, you can work on setting aside all your misunderstandings and fears.

It’s important to act right now. Because tomorrow never comes and you can stop an imminent divorce.