Practical Long Distance Relationship Advice Tips & Suggestions

Long distance relationships can be a touchy subject for some. Deep down there’s always a fear of things just not working out. Family and friends chime in which doesn’t improve the equation either. Are all long distance relationships destined for failure? Do our insecurities and family doubts always ring true in the case of long distance relationships?

The best long distance relationship advice you can get is to follow your heart period. However every heart needs as many tips to make long distance relationships work .

1. Honesty is the best policy.
Stay honest with yourself and each other. It might seem like a good idea to obscure your feelings of insecurity behind veils of silence or questions directed at your your partner but it’s not. It will only work to create more distance in your relationship. Instead, be open and honest – be and adult.

2. Know each other’s schedules.
Know each other’s schedules isn’t about control. It’s about managing your interactions effectively. You don’t want to disturb your partner when they are busy and you certainly don’t want to ignore them when they are free. This balancing act is easily manage with simply knowing their schedule.

3. Mementos
Giving each other tokens of your affection and appreciation crucial. Whether it’s a teddy bear, your favorite perfume, or something else it’s symbolic of you and your connection. It serves as a pleasant reminder of you and the good times you shared.

4. Keeping a positive attitude.
Attitude is just about everything especially when you’re in a long distance relationship. It can mean the difference between love and despair. Focus on the experience of creating intimacy between you are your partner. Remember there is an end in site and when you and your partner arrive there, all of your intimacy will be realized physically. Never forget that. That passion will keep your relationship moving in the right direction.

Never forget long distance relationships can work. If you understand and listen to your heart, be me you cannot go wrong.

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Is My Relationship Worth Saving? The Million Dollar Answer.

To be or not to be. To save or not to save. Expressions aside, you have found yourself here because you are trying to answer the question is your relationship worth saving. It would be too easy to give a yes or no answer here. The question you should be asking yourself instead is, “Can I grow as a person in the direction I desire growth in”? If you can answer that question without filtering it through the myriad of emotions that often cloud our judgement, then your answer is most likely your answer.

So, Is My Relationship Worth Saving?

It’s almost impossible to be able to answer the question above with any reliability. Many factors, feelings and logistics are involved. Most center around yourself and who you are as a person. If you want to skip this read and speak directly with an expert, you can download Clarapy for iOS and for Android.

For everyone else, those of the introspecting variety please read on The Truth About How to Save a Relationship. It will give you basic thought process behind assessing yourself. If you are more inclined to know the steps and how to implement them check out: How to Fix a Broken Relationship. All of this information is designed to give you the knowledge and fire power you need to make a self-informed decision.

Lastly, for those of you that want concrete two plus two equals four answers, I would say speaking with a professional can help you arrive at that solution. You can speak with our Clarapy experts for free by downloading the Clarapy for iOS or the Clarapy for Android. They are available for you to bounce ideas off of and are available 24 / 7. If you want a more personalized session you can make an appointment with them over Skype or Face-time, etc.


5 Spectacular Ways to Bond Over a Long Distance Relationship

So, you’re  found that special someone. The only problem is in order for things to work, you have to be in separate places. This is an all too familiar scenario presents a challenge grappled with uncertainty. If you haven’t already, but your uncertainties to bed by checking out the Super Easy! Long Distance Relationship Advice in 2-step! It will give the foundation for being secure in your decision to be in a long distance relationship.

Creativity: The Key to a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are never easy. But being creative while in a long distance relationship can drive passion and understanding. There are all sorts of creative things you can do from afar with modern tech.


You can plan a movie night over Netflix and video Skype. Being able to see your partner while sharing in a movie experience can be exactly what you need to avoid lonely Friday evenings. You can snuggle with your special partner and though not the same as being there in person, they are right by your side.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sit down with your partner and dine over take out? You can, just pick up the phone and order surprise your partner with their favorite take out. Go out of your way to make it special. Ordering flowers lighting candles, you get the idea.

Plan your next rendezvous together

Keeping things alive requires that you keep your dreams alive. Speak to one another about taking a trip together or doing something to mark the end of your distance apart. Maybe it’s bungee jumping (for the more adventurous) or maybe it’s being held up in a hotel room for a weekend. Whatever you come up with, make sure you do it together!


With today’s privacy concerns, this might not be easy or comfortable for some of you. However, sexting can get your juices flowing and keep things alive. Sext all the sweet nothing you would like to share with one another.  It’s always nice to know someone wants you even though your partner is not there with you in the flesh.

Ask our Relationship Experts for advice

If your creative energies are running low, you can always bounce different ideas of off them. During that time, you can also check in with them to make sure things are on track for your long distance relationship. You can download Clarapy for iOS or for Android.


Experts Reveal How to Fix a Broken Relationship

It’s time to say good-bye. Pain and heartache dominate our psyche as we begrudgingly concluded that our relationship is now over. Friend’s and family tell us, it just wasn’t meant to be and you deserve much better. But is it really over? Should you be looking for information on how to get your ex back instead? Understanding why your relationship is in question is the biggest part of fixing it. Was it because of the late night arguments about absolutely nothing? Or how about that time your partner said something incredibly hurtful? You will soon learn that how to fix a broken relationship has more to do with you than the other person. If you don’t want to read, but want to ask others like you how they fixed their broken relationship chat with them now.

Our relationship worked when we didn’t fight…

At some point, it became painfully clear that you were unable to stand some of the things your partner did, said or implied. Men exclaim, “How can she be so crazy!” whereas women remark,”How can he be such a jerk face not understanding my emotions?” Stereotypes aside, at some point those ideas popped into your mind. This is actually the process of  self-discovery. This sounds strange right? Well, when you’re in these situations, you quickly realize something inside of you just won’t let the comment or behavior go. You heave with resentment and you let your partner have it. Somewhere deep inside, there’s a person who felt offended, rejected, threatened or embarrassed. This is what I’m calling a moment of self-discovery.

Caution:  The Road to Recovery is Fraught with “potholes”

Depending on what was said or what was done during your process of self-discovery; it may or may not have been a deal breaker for you. That part is up to you to determine and being aware of your self-discovery is the first step. Assuming you have answered that question for yourself, it’s time to reflect and self-discover a little bit more. It’s time to think like a kid (please read that section on new relationship advice) and critically analyze your partner’s behavior and your reaction. Take your time in the analysis process, because if you decide to continue, it can mean the difference between success or more heartache and grief. Potholes lie ahead and this will only have a chance to work if you can see them coming.

How to fix a broken relationship when it’s no longer broken?

Depending on how broken your relationship is will govern your success in mending it and moving forward.  Are you still communicating?  Are you separated or still living together? These things will slightly change your approach, but in the end the approach to repair is the same. Stop seeing your relationship or situation as an obstacle, but instead as an opportunity for self-improvement regardless of the outcome. In the situation lie just below the surface a chance to build something better or perhaps build something different. There is no guarantee for success in getting back with someone, but looking at the situation from a higher perspective will prime you for success either way. Viewing things from this point of view, will minimize your need to be “right” when you decide to engage in fixing your situation.

Step 1  Schedule a meeting: Things are better done in person. Psychology tells us that most 60% – 70% of communication is nonverbal in nature. Expressions and body language are tell-tale sign of sensing someone’s genuinity.

Step 2 – During your meeting listen: When you are meeting with your partner or ex-partner, remember this meeting is more about self-discovery first. Next it’s about fixing your broken relationship. Meet with the mindset that you are curious, want understanding/closure on the situation and peace. Curiosity leads to discovery and it demands that you listen 80% of the time and speak 20% of the time. During your conversation, you will encounter potholes which will be painful to run over. Just steer clear as best you can and quietly navigate around them and continue to listen. This is the only way you can attain the self-discovery and insight into how to fix a broken relationship. Be sure to ask how your partner feels and what they need as a person in their life. Focus on their perspective so they feel heard and understood.

Step 3 – Conclude the conversation: It’s important that when you conclude the conversation you leave thinking like a kid.  No matter what was said or how hurt you feel inside. You have extending the olive branch and if they smack it out of your hand, you know you’ve dodged a bullet. Conversely, maybe you walk away together with a new appreciation of yourself and your partner.  Nevertheless, this is the answer you need to discover if your relationship is really worth saving.

I understand that this advice might not have been what you were thinking or it might not work for you. This is a non-traditional approach to resolving conflict and your mileage may vary. It’s designed to get to the heart of the matter while you benefiting from the outcome regardless. If you are looking for a different approach, please reach out to us by downloading Clarapy on Android or iOS. It’s free and you can get expert advice from any of one on our team. If that approach doesn’t work, check out our relationship tips section for me info.


The Truth About How to Save a Relationship

Relationships are a source of enjoyment and or a source of pain. Being involved in one requires a deep understanding of your partner and an even deeper understanding of yourself.  Whether you need advice for a new relationship, a long distance relationship or you just want to know how to save a relationship in general we will show how. We cannot just give effective advice about how to save a relationship without incorporating the nuances that give it special meaning to your situation. I mean, we aren’t just talking about any relationship, we are speaking about yours. Yours being different from all others with complexities beyond the telling of it. If you’re looking for 5 easy steps to save your relationship you will be sadden. However if you looking for the truth about how to save a relationship (yours included), you come to the right place.

There are two “I’s” in Relationship & It’s For A Reason

To better understand how to save a relationship you need to understand why you want to save your relationship. We all have enumerable reasons for wanting to preserve our relationship no matter how tumultuous it may be. Whether it’s because we feel as though we cannot live without our partner, or because of children, finances, etc., first and foremost we must strive for a clearer picture as to why we want to save it.  You (the “I“) have to be the first reason for saving your relationship. What do you want, what do you need?  This idea may strike you as selfish, but it’s not. No one selflessly pursues a relationship and therefore we cannot selflessly remain in one.

Thinking Caps Not Feeling Caps!

Now that you understand that you must consider yourself first in a your relationship, we need to ascertain if your relationship is worth saving. Only you can determine if it’s worth saving, but here is a technique that Clarapy experts suggest employing to help you. Write down the pro’s and cons of remaining in your relationship! It’s worth the effort, and is absolutely crucial for figuring out how to save a relationship. By writing it down, you engage the thinking cap and not the feeling cap. You may discover as you are writing things down, that there is nothing in your pro’s list or vice-versa. That’s okay and there is no reason to feel guilty about it.  There is an “I” in relationship and once again your are considering yourself (the “I” component) because you cannot remain selfless in a relationship no more than you can live without oxygen. If you have a thought, write it down no matter how crazy it might sound. We suggest that you take at least two days to muse over your thoughts and your list. Over the course of two days you will have the opportunity to think about it and to not think about under different conditions and mental states which will assure the precision of your pro’s and con’s.

There’s a “P” in relationship too

Once you have exhausted your list of pro’s and con’s you’re finished with the “I” in relationship. Now, it’s time to move onto the “P” in relationship or your “Partner“. By focusing on what your partner wants, needs, etc. you have to look once again at yourself. But in order to do this you need to have an objective third person to speak with. Clarapy provides that third person whom is qualified in giving relationship advice for this step. You can choose with whom you want to speak with and it’s free. By downloading our app for either Android or iOS Chatting with them can give you insight as to where your behaviors may be negatively affecting your partner and thus your relationship. Wait a minute! you’re probably asking why did you need to create a list of pro’s and con’s then?  If you created the list and are open to the “P” in your relationship, it’s worth saving. Feel free to discuss your list with a relationship expert for they will give you a better understand of what you want and how that can work with your partner. Now, that is how you save a relationship.


Get the Best New Relationship Advice Ever!

The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Ah what it’s like when we meet that special someone and begin a new relationship. It’s pure unadulterated bliss, but should we be prepared for the cloudy days that will come?  The answer is a resounding yes! However, being prepared doesn’t diminish your elation, anymore than does bringing an umbrella in case of rain. Here you will learn how to prepare yourself for the unexpected forecast of heavy showers by receiving the best new relationship advice ever!

Think Like a Kid!

It’s hard stop and think (pun intended) when we are having fun, or enjoying moments with our new found someone. It’s even harder to accept new relationship advice from family and friends. Often times, it’s either taken x number of days, months or years to finally find that special someone. However if we stop thinking our emotional sanity is at stake. We’ve all met the person who has gone down with the ship because they didn’t see the iceberg in front of them. Our mind is our biggest asset especially when we need to detect falsehoods, and inconsistencies. Kids are our greatest example of this. At a certain age they begin to question everything.  Why is the sky blue? Where do babies come from and why do reindeers fly?  This sort of innocents associated with asking critical questions is what we should aim for according to experts on Clarapy. It allows us to make discoveries we wouldn’t normally make when developing a new relationship.  We can probe the recesses for their minds and hearts to really get a sense of who they really are.

Minesweeper & New Relationship Advice

Ideally speaking, no one should be hostile or offended if you are asking questions and in line with getting to know someone (even the difficult questions). If someone is offended and you sense there is sensitivity, there might lie a land mine. Mentally mark it with a red flag as you would in minesweeper and proceed on with caution. If you notice the red flags are clustered around a certain topic, situation or feeling, therein lies your answer. If you’re noticing a whole plethora of topics are dotted with red flags, you might want to re-think your new relationship and take a different direction.  Easier said than done right?  Not really, if you’ve been that person who went down with the ship because of that small iceberg in the big sea.

Nevertheless, it’s your call whether to proceed forward. We are here to give you the best new relationship advice in case you need a course correction.  Some red flags might not contain landmines and we can help you figure that out without you having to step on one. We provide our land mine clearing service for free. Tell us your situation whether your need new relationship advice, or long distance relationship advice, we will do our best to give you the best relationship advice we can. You can download Clarapy here for iOS and Android.


Super Easy! Long Distance Relationship Advice in 2-steps!

You might be surprised, but according to long distance relationship advice experts on Clarapy, it actually takes the same amount of effort to be involved in a long distance relationship versus a typical relationship. All relationships require trust and understanding. So, what’s the secret to making one work?

1. Trust

We are told by everyone that trust is an essential ingredient for maintaining a long lasting relationship.  Duh! but how can you build and maintain trust during the course of a long distance relationship?  It might come as a surprise to you, but building trust begins with being committed to and knowing exactly what you really want. It sounds simple, but often people are unclear about what they actually want which leds to second guessing yourself and your relationship. So ask yourself, are you looking for something long-lasting or something thrilling and exciting?  Just going through the motions isn’t enough.

This point cannot be stressed enough because relationships are often undermined by personal doubt and insecurities about what it is you want on the inside. This ultimately leads to the all familiar scenario where your partner doesn’t call you at the scheduled time and you decided they’re probably out with someone else. If you’re clear with yourself from the beginning, you will naturally focus on finding creative ways to overcome the distance as opposed to creating an excuse to end your relationship.

2. Understanding & communication

With trust comes understanding and through understanding we have a greater chance of succeeding at a long distance relationship. In order to cultivate understanding you have to communicate. Whether it’s over email or over Skype, communication needs to be a priority. Without it understanding digresses into misunderstanding and your long distance relationship becomes a long distance nightmare. It has to be a priority because your relationship depends on it. Treat your communication no differently than if it was your anniversary or a first date. Demonstrating to your partner, you are willing to do what it takes to maintain communications and intimacy from afar will garner love, appreciation and confidence in your relationship. It will also reinforce your decision that love no matter how far can still work.  At this point, you may be asking, “what if I’m in a new relationship or I’m in the military, how can I maintain a healthy relationship?” No matter what, these principles still apply.

The thoughts above are designed to give you a basic framework to think about your long distance relationship in the most fundamental way. If you are looking for some tips on how to maintain your relationship, be sure to read 5 spectacular ways to bond over a long distance relationship.

Having said that, things vary from relationship to relationship, person to person. If you want to build upon these foundational principles, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts here on Clarapy. We have thought of all sorts of creative ways to bond with your partner from a far. If you own an iPhone or Android device, you can download our relationship advice app and message us at your convenience. It’s free and they are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.