Is A Muscular Woman A Better Choice?

Muscular Woman

A muscular woman is certainly not every man’s dream. But a muscle woman does have some advantages. Is a muscular woman a better choice?

She could be, depending on who’s looking.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. This means that your personal likes and dislikes, your personal taste, determines what is of value to you.

If you desire a hard working woman with resilience and tenacity, you may find that a muscle woman is just the ideal woman for you.

However, if you have eyes for a trim woman, a woman with the looks, height, and shape of a model, no woman will please you except the one with the features you desire.
So, is a muscular woman a better choice?

Yes, if the muscle woman and the characteristics that go with having her are just what you’re searching for.

Now for the advantages of a muscle woman.

    • She has stamina
    • She has a commanding presence
    • She can move mountains
    • She can defend you
    • She may even be beautiful

But if she is a muscle woman with a temper, you may become a battered husband. Here’s a real life story.

Margaret was a tall muscular woman married to George, a slim man of average height. George was a cool-headed man who didn’t like being embarrassed and had a strong aversion for trouble.

Margaret was not only a muscular woman, she was also an aggressive woman with a temper. She enjoyed quarreling and fighting to a fault. Many times she would get into a needless quarrel with her husband and sometimes beat him up.

Her attitude became a real nuisance to George.

One day, pushed to the edge, he sent for Margaret’s elder brother. Victor, Margaret’s elder brother, came promptly in view of the urgency of the call.

After he heard the sad story his sister’s husband had to tell, he queried his sister on her unruly behavior. The sister wasn’t anywhere near remorseful.

This angered Victor.

Pissed off, he told the husband the wife was taking advantage of him because he was too quiet. He said the sister won’t dare a thing like that if he were in the husband’s shoes.

Margaret warned her brother to keep his distance or else he’ll regret getting involved in her family’s business.

“You think you can beat me up like your husband?” Victor asked angrily. “Don’t mess with me. I’m not a lazy man like your husband”.

There was angry exchange between the two. And before Victor knew it, he was flat on his back. Margaret’s move was swift. She picked him up in one sweep movement and slammed him on his back.

Victor got up, dusted his clothes, and left without saying a word. His bragging about not been lazy like Margaret’s husband was just empty mouthing.

Perhaps you too have seen a muscular woman battering her unequally matched husband.

Note that this does not mean every muscular woman is a husband batterer. Many muscle women . . . a cultured muscle woman . . . are very respectful and considerate of their husband.

The truth is . . . what makes a woman respectful of her husband is not whether she is a muscular woman or not. In fact, some aggressive women are thin and small in stature.

A woman’s behavior towards her husband is dependent on how she grew up . . . the values she was taught as a child. Remember that charity begins at home. So a well brought up woman will of necessity keep her place in the family as a respectful and committed wife.

How do you avoid becoming a battered husband . . . the victim of a muscle woman?

Well, it all starts during the courtship years.

What kind of woman are you dating?

    • Is she cool-headed, level-headed muscle girl?
    • Is she respectful, loving, and kind?
    • Is she mild-tempered?
    • Is she a lover of peace?
    • Is she reasonable?
    • Is she considerate of others?

A family where fighting between husband and wife is a common feature is not the kind of family you want to have. A marriage where there is peace and love is what every sane man desires.Consequently, evaluate your mate careful before committing to marriage.

This is not about whether the woman is a muscular woman or muscle woman. It’s about her personality. It’s about her attitude toward you.

Make your choice. But do it right so you don’t live through the pain of a joyless relationship.


Sexual Satisfaction – Let’s Do It Right

When We Make Love

When we make love we tend to focus more on our own sexual satisfaction. This is wrong the wrong approach. We must consider our partner’s feelings when we make love. Mutual enjoyment is key. I said it before, love making is one of those special bonuses that crown a happy marriage. It is not for teenagers. It is not for single people either.

However, even married people need to exercise consideration and balance in love making. None of the parties involved should expect to have his/her way all the time.

Granted, different people have different levels of sexual activity. You may be more sexually active or more sexually inclined than your husband. Consequently, you may tend to want to make love more.

Your husband, on the other hand, may be less quickly aroused sexually. So he may not be in the mood a lot of the times when you are. Then there is conflict.

This is not a matter to be taken lightly. Some marriages actually end their lack-lustre run . . . caused by lack of active sexual attraction . . . with an unhappy breakup. This is sad.

Consenting to make love when one party is ready and the other is not quite in the mood is one thing. Actually getting fulfillment anticipated is another when we make love.

The reality is . . . you cannot always have your desire when you desire it.

With regard to when we make love . . . you cannot satisfy your sexual desires all the time because your mate may not always be in the mood. Therefore, it should be a give and take thing.

Couples should be considerate. Work hard to satisfy your partner.

You wives . . . let your husband have it his way sometimes.

You husbands . . . let your wife have it her way sometimes, most times if you can. She will love you for it.

And this applies not only to love making but also to what love making positions to adopt. Whatever the case, empathy and consideration should be the driving force.

Making love is an exciting way to explore each other. Enjoy the thrill. Give and take. But give more than you take.

When we make love, let’s do it right. Give yourselves complete fulfillment. Satisfy each other.


Overcoming Jealousy in Marriage

Overcoming Jealousy in Marriage

Overcoming jealousy in marriage can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be if you know what to do. If you’re a drama king or queen you most likely have fits of jealousy because you thrive on drama. The whole jealousy mindset is about drama and insecurity.

There is such a thing as healthy jealousy where you see someone really is flirting with your spouse or vice versa. Or you have found REAL evidence of cheating not something you made up in your mind. Many times jealousy is imagined and not a reality.

In the later case we call this paranoia. Paranoid people don’t stick to the facts they imagine all sorts of sordid details. There are a few reasons for this and they are insecurity, trust issues, low self esteem, resentment, bitterness, and anger. If a person unresolved issues from their past they may act out with jealousy fits.

Overcoming jealousy may not be easy, but it can be done. If you’re having problems with a jealous spouse or you are one and are acting out by getting passwords to cell phones and computers, accusing, losing sleep and have thoughts racing day and night about what your spouse is doing and where they are, you need help.

Below is list of things you can do to overcome jealousy until you get the help needed

1. Stick to the FACTS! Don’t jump to conclusions and panic

2. Don’t compare yourself with other men/women we all have our strong/weak points

3. Have a talk with your spouse when you’re calm about what is/is not acceptable

4. Jealousy stems from insecurity, look inward, read self help books and take action

5. Strengthen the relationship by spending quality time together

6. Stay positive, paranoid jealousy is negative and hurts both parties

7. This goes without saying- Get counseling asap – therapist, counselor, pastor

Overcoming jealousy is possible, however, you need to acknowledge it and be willing to do whatever it takes to get it out of your relationship forever.


The Things Men Do To Get Women

The Art of Seduction

The art of seduction is a game many men have perfected. They play it so well that they can get just about any girl to fall into their waiting arms.

Seduction is a term that carries a negative connotation. It often implies “tuning” a person, usually of the opposite sex, to accept you using trickery or pretense.

The art of seduction is really art because it takes skill, discernment, forethought, and a bit of ingenuity to anticipate the prey’s next move and counter it with a winning strategy.

Seduction is about strategy – it is the things men do to get women. I want to share the art of seduction, the things men do to get you, with you so you know when you’re being staged for seduction by a man.

The Things Men Do To Get You

Many men are just playboys. They want just one thing . . . to get you to bed.

These playboys will do anything and promise anything to be with you. They look genuine. But they’re either in for the money (if you’re rich) or in for the bed action.

It usually starts like this.

You meet for the first time and he says, “Hi. Your face looks kind of familiar”.

You look at him and can’t remember meeting him. So you say, “Really?”

And he says, “Yeah.” And proceeds to ask some questions to determine where you met before.

He says, “Were you at Harvard last session?”

You reply, “No”.

“Did you live anywhere around New York city?”

Again your answer is “No”.

He may ask several other questions and of course, your answer will be “No” because you have never really met before. The art of seduction master is simply at work.

Then he says, “I can’t quite place my finger on it. But I’m sure we’ve met before. In any case, it’s a pleasure meeting you. My name is Franklin. What is yours?”

I understand that the above approach is now old-school. The “sharp guys” have polished the system and now have a more piercing approach.

The result?

The art of seduction guys really get to you.

They get you smiling . . . and falling . . . before you realize it. Next thing, you’re exchanging phone numbers and addresses.

This is the art of seduction. You see it played out in movies quite often. But that’s exactly what happens in real life day in day out.

Right at this very moment . . . as you read this line . . . thousands of girls the world over are falling in love. The smart guys are capturing their heart and starting a love relationship with the art of seduction.

Let me outline the steps.

1. You meet and exchange addresses or phone numbers

2. He invites you to lunch

3. He invites you to a movie or a famous game

4. He visits you at home

5. He invites you to a party

6. He invites you to his home

7. He buys you a present

8. He starts with a hug and you hold hands longer than necessary

9. Next, he gives you a peck on your cheek

10. Next, you start kissing

11. Then he gives you an engagement ring so you get the feeling it’s going to be a permanent love relationship

12. He begins to pet you. His hands begin to touch your private places. (He’s testing your willingness to go further.)

13. If you display some resistance, he works further on convincing you of the genuineness of his love

14. He penetrates further into you, digging deep.

(The art of seduction is at work!)

15. You succumb fully in the belief that he’s in love with you and he’s 100 percent yours

16. Sooner or later he begins to play games with you.

    • He misses his appointment with you
    • He’s working late so he stands you up
    • He complains about your looks
    • He won’t pick your calls

17. He’s seeing someone else. He has found a new catch who needs all his attention. He has gone to bed with you several times. Now you don’t excite him anymore. There’s nothing more to see.

18. You’re broken hearted. The art of seduction playboy just broke your heart.

The fine gentleman who is a playboy is not ready to settle down yet. So when a love relationship begins to get serious, he steps back to start afresh with someone else.

He wants the excitement and thrill of a love relationship. But he does not want the responsibilities.

Men who are serious about settling down also follow the same steps outlined in the art of seduction menu above except that the disciplined and cultured ones won’t rush you to bed.

Obviously, you want a serious love relationship with a man who loves you and who will stick with you forever. (Not with some art of seduction playboy.)

So, how do you tell the difference between a player and a genuine guy when they all look alike?

Start by removing romance and sex from the equation. Those two are the primary objective of men who have perfected the art of seduction.

Second, always bring up practical issues . . . issues that married people talk about. Plan for the things married people deal with everyday.

  • How many kids are you going to have?
  • What home are you going to live?
  • Will you have to work?
  • When will you meet his parents?
  • When will you meet his siblings?
  • When will your wedding be?
  • Does he have morals? Believe in God? Does he love God?
  • Does he love children?
  • Does he love people? What has he done for someone lately?
  • Does he love you?
  • How has his plans for the future changed since he met you?
  • Where do you come into the picture?. . . and stuff like that.

Playboys who just want a fling will consider you old-fashioned and damn too serious. They just want a fling not something serious.Naturally, they will take their leave.

Don’t fall for a playboy. It will break your heart when he abandons you for another woman.

Use the tips above to determine if a man who have started a love relationship with is worth keeping.


Astrology And Relationships – Get A Leg Up

Astrology And Relationships

We have all had disappointing relationships that have many times ended very painfully. While we may not want to give up on dating altogether, most of us wouldn’t say no to anything that may give us a leg up on our existing or next relationship. That may well be why so many people try to find out the correlation between Astrology and Relationships.

There is a lot of material available that ties Astrology and Relationships together. For the most part each person has characteristics based on their unique astrological sign. Finding out what their traits are and what your traits are and then seeing if the two of you will be compatible is the basis for this whole idea.

Truthfully, I think the idea has merit, at least as far as the compatibility idea goes. I’m not sure it has a lot to do with your individual astrological signs, but we do see couples all the time who seem to have it all and get along wonderfully.

In my opinion, whether you believe in astrology or not, the best way to ensure that a relationship will be a healthy one and will make both of you happy for the long term, is to make sure you are both compatible.

To get more into the astrological side of things, all you need to do is take some time to learn more about your astrological sign and see what traits you are likely to have. Compare what traits you are supposed to have with what traits you really do have.

Once you know “who you are” you can then find out what sign your honey is and find out what traits they have based on their sign. Again, it’s a good idea to compare the traits that they are “supposed” to have with the traits you know they have.

After that point all you need to do is to determine the likelihood that the two of you have enough in common to get a long and have a healthy relationship.

If you and your would be partner don’t have a lot of common or overlapping traits you have two choices: you can either forget about the relationship and move on, or you can find out if the two of you might be able, and willing, to compromise and meet in the middle.

If you are both willing to do that you may have the foundation for a fantastic relationship. But, make sure that each of you will really do what they say they will and meet in the middle. It won’t work well if both of you say you are willing to do this but only one of you actually does.

That scenario can lead to resentment and frustration on the part of the one who is doing the compromising. Also, if you each only have to move a little bit to make things work and you are both willing to work on it, you may be able to make things work. But if it will require a lot of compromise it may just end up being more work than you are willing to put in over the long term.

There is a lot more written about Astrology and Relationships if you want to learn more. Having this inside information may make it possible for you to have a wonderful and fulfilling relationship.


Being Gay and Adopting

Being Gay and Adopting

Among the many big issues facing gay couples today is that of adoption. Many gay couples also want to expand their families by adding a child to it. They have lots of love to share with a child and there seems to be no solid reason why they shouldn’t have the privilege of enjoying children. Years ago, adoption for gay couples was next to impossible. However, now it has become much easier for them to bring a child into their families.

With the laws easing up on gays adopting, it isn’t as difficult now to even get an infant. It still seems to be a bit faster to adopt an older child than an infant since everyone wants a newborn. There are also other ways that gay couples can go about obtaining a child to add to their families. Some of these routes may even be simpler and faster than going through adoption agencies.

Lesbian couples have a bit of an advantage in that they both have the necessary female reproductive organs. These couples can find a suitable sperm donor and go from there. They can also go to fertility clinics and be artificially inseminated. In this way, they can carry their own children. Sometimes the sperm donor will be a relative of the partner not carrying the baby. In that way, the baby shares blood from both families, just as it would if it were conceived between heterosexual couples.

Obviously, it’s a bit more difficult for gay men to come up with alternative methods for adding a child to their families. After all, they don’t have the “equipment” needed to conceive and carry a child. However, a route that many gay men take to get a child is through the use of a surrogate. The surrogate is usually a good friend of the couple. Sperm can even be donated from one of the men so that there is a blood tie involved.

Gay couples tend to make exceptional parents. It could be due to the fact that they had to work so hard to get a child or it just may be that their parental instincts are coming out. For whatever reason, children raised by gay parents are just as well adjusted as kids that come from heterosexual homes. Sometimes, they’re even more adjusted.

Once it became apparent that children weren’t going to be “damaged” by having gay parents and weren’t guaranteed to turn out gay themselves, more adoption agencies were willing to work with gay couples to help them become parents. Something else positive to come out of this is that there are even more children that will be able to have a home with parents that love them and will take care of them because, many times, gay couples are happy to get children of any age. It’s a known fact that as children get older, their chances for being adopted decrease drastically. So, gay couples offer these children much better odds for finally getting a home of their own.


Bipolar Marriage – The Ride Of Your Life

Bipolar Marriage

A bipolar marriage can be a wild ride, especially if you don’t even know that your spouse is bipolar. All you know is that things have been sort of crazy and that you’re on an emotional roller coaster ride that’s on full speed ahead and about to crash.

Many people who are in a bipolar marriage or relationship have no idea that the problem is bipolar personality disorder. They do know that the relationship is emotionally charged and that each day seems to be more challenging than the last.

People with bipolar tend to be Jekyll and Hyde personalities. Literally changing in minutes! You never know what or who you will encounter at any given moment.

If you suspect that your spouse is bipolar then I advise you to do extensive research on the subject, so that you can be informed. Once you’re pretty sure then you need to get them the help they need. This means setting an appointment with a therapist.

In the meantime while researching there are some things that can help you to cope better. Number one, don’t take anything that your spouse says or does personally. They will do this with everybody, so let it go and don’t give it thought. Second, don’t argue, but agree instead, if not you will start another war that you cannot win!

Third,try to stay positive, so that they will follow your lead. Bipolar people are usually up or down and not balanced. Many times they will pick up on your vibes and do as you do.

Fourth, a bipolar person is usually a taker not a giver, so don’t have unrealistic expectations or you may get hurt often. They’re self-centered by nature and they are what’s most important not you.  FYI, they can also be manipulative and controlling.

As you can see a bipolar marriage can be a serious challenge. However, if they’re diagnosed and receive proper medication then the relationship can be near normal.

So, if you love your spouse, hang in there, and get them the help they need to balance their unbalanced chemical imbalance. Lastly, make sure they take their medication as directed. Otherwise, things can go downhill at lightning fast speed.


For Love Or Money – Beware of Money Crazy Men

Beware of Money Crazy Men

Are you in for love or money?
Relationships are meant to last. But money crazy lovers are in for the short run. They are in for the money. They want cold hard cash and nothing more.

Once these money crazy lovers lay their hands on your money, they are out the front door. So, be wary of them.

I can’t say that enough.

But how do you know if the man you are courting right now is in for love or money? Well, you can be sure he won’t tell you he’s in love with your money and not you. However, people who love money are not difficult to identify unless, of course, you choose to play blind.

Lovers of money tend to . . .

  • Always talk about money or material things. They can’t hide for long what their real motives are.
  • Ask questions relating to how you make your money and keep popping up the question every now and then.
  • Live expensively
  • Have lofty eyes. They always want the latest model or newest version of something No matter how rich you are, it pays you to keep a low profile when courting a man.
  • Eat in modest restaurants constantly
  • Let him pay when you eat out
  • Do not give him money. Make it appear you have less money than the public think you have.
  • Establish a policy of “no lose cash to pick here. We work for what we have”.
  • Keep it simple. Establish that you want things simple and unassuming. Men trying to cash in on your money cannot keep a modest life with you for too long. Soon they will begin to wonder if you really have the money they expect to inherit when they marry you.

Pushed to the wall, your money crazy man who is in for the money will be forced to ask about your financial status . . . about your money. He may ask the question casually, but his tone will usually give him away.

For love or money . . . no need for you to ask him that question. His sin will find him out. Here’s why you should be concerned whether your man is in for love or money.

Men who are money crazy will do anything to lay their hands on your money. You have heard stories of men who kill their wives to lay hold on their money or some insurance claims.

Men who are money lovers, men who are money crazy, are usually cold hearted and deadly.

Don’t mind the smiles and sweet romantic talk. It’s all part of the big act to win your trust and confidence. They strike like deadly serpent once they lay hold of your money.

So you should really be concerned about the status of the man you are in love with.

Is he in for love or money?

If he is a lover of money, have nothing to do with him.

Fire him and go in search of true love.

Honestly, love is the greatest. Don’t settle for anything less.


Free Sex – Is Sexual Intercourse Really Free?

Free Sex – Is Sexual Intercourse Really Free?

Free sex is widely advertised. Sex promoters invite you for all night parties where sexual intercourse is declared free. Even the internet promotes free sex. But is sex really free?

The answer is a bold NO.
Few things on earth come free. Sex is not one of them. Contrary to what sex promoters say, sexual relationship between a man and a woman comes at a price. There is a heavy responsibility associated with sexual intercourse.

For example, a man who engages in a sexual relationship with a woman is taking a risk. The risks include . . .

1. Possible pregnancy resulting from the union

2. Sexually transmitted diseases if the girl has slept with several partners

3. A close shave with AIDS

4. Risk of blackmail if you’re married. The girl involved in the illicit affair may threaten to tell your wife if you don’t accede to her demands

5. Risk of losing your job. Some men have sexual intercourse with their workers, secretaries and personal assistants being the most culprit.

Thereafter the worker will expect impossible favors from you. When you don’t give her what she wants, she will set you up and ruin your career.

6. Risk of going to jail. If the girl you had sexual intercourse with is under age, whether you knew it or not before the act, you could go to jail for child abuse.

The risks mentioned above are a few of the many you face when you have a sexual relationship with a woman who is not your wife. Is there such thing as free sex?

Definitely, no.

What about sex workers and free-for-all girls? Aren’t they free?

Simply put . . . No.

It is true that sex workers freely give of themselves for the money. It’s like a paid job. They offer a service. You pay for the service. You get the service. The contract is over and you both go your separate ways.

Both parties got what they wanted from the relationship, right? It’s over between both of you, right? No strings attached, right?

Well, wrong.

You’re dead wrong if you think it’s all over when you pay off a sex worker. The ease with which you got instant sexual gratification will compel you to do it again.

Soon it becomes a habit. Sooner or later you will run into one that will discover your true identity. Then you become a candidate for cheap blackmail.

When you pay her off with a lump sum to forestall the blackmail, she will disappear from your life but only for a while. When she is broke again she will remember you. She will come and blackmail you again. However, this time she will be asking for more.

When the threat becomes constant nuisance, you would wish she were dead and out of your life. But she isn’t going to die soon.

So, something sinister begins to form in your head.

Suppose she dies . . .

You will be a lot safer if she’s dead.

So, suppose she dies . . . now.

You’re on your way to committing murder.

The more you think about it, the more the thought appeals to you. Before you know it, you’re planning the perfect murder.

It all starts with the desire for a fling. Then it degenerates to something deadly.

This brings us back to the real issue.

Free sex is a joke on you. There is no such thing as free sex.

Sexual intercourse comes with responsibility. Those responsibilities are joyful to bear when the sexual relationship is between you and your wife.

Don’t be fooled by advocates of free sex. You will reap what you sow.

Sow righteousness and loyalty to your mate. And reap joy, fulfillment, and inner peace.

Simplify your life.

stick to your wife alone. That is the only way to have a successful relationship.

You will be happier . . . guaranteed.


Love Quiz – Expose the secret man within

Love quiz to dig out the real man in your lover.

This relationship quiz is designed to expose the secret man within. Get the ideal man . . . the man just perfect for you with this love quiz.

Here’s why you need a relationship quiz.

Men have secrets . . . sometimes really dirty secrets. Many love relationships pack up when women find out what sort of man they got themselves hooked to. This often happens after marriage when vows of forever in love have been taken.

Even women have secrets . . . really dirty secrets. When either party finds out about the others secrets from external sources, the innocent party feel cheated. There is usually a feeling of distrust even though the incident happened way before they met.

Bottom line. You need to know more about your man before you rush to the altar with him.

The issue here is not that your man has secrets. Nor is the focus the fact that he did some really bad things in the past. What he has done in the past is in the past. But you need to know. He needs to come clean with you.

Why is that necessary?

It establishes a feeling of trust. You know you can trust him. He knows he can trust you. The sooner you hear about his past and his plans for the future, the better for you.

One of two things can happen after you learn of his grievous crimes.

1. You may terminate the relationship if you think you cannot live with the shame of being married to a criminal or…

2. You may carry on the relationship and love him even more for trusting you enough to talk about the skeleton in his cupboard.

Either way, you are happier.

Love quiz exposes the ugly secrets

The truth is . . . most people don’t feel comfortable talking about their bad side. Bad actions, crimes, misdemeanor, bad habits . . . and anything that portrays someone is less than civilized are often not natural subjects for discussion.

But you need to know your man in and out. You need to be sure he’s the right man for you. How do you accomplish this?

Use this love quiz.

This relationship quiz essentially deals with issues relating to your personal everyday relationship with your man. It covers . . .

  • Your one on one interaction
  • Domestic values
  • His relationship with outsiders
  • Work and money
  • Family
  • Destructive attitudes and tendencies

When you get married to a man, you will be living with him and dealing with real issues. All the euphoria and fantasy will be gone. You will be face to face with his person – his attitude, his likes and dislikes, his temper.Therefore, take this love quiz seriously. It could save your life.Now let’s get started.

Love quiz #1 – Personal relationship with your man

  1. Does he respect you?
  2. Well, there are several ways to find out.
  3. Does he embarrass you in public?
  4. Does he bring you down before his friends?
  5. Does he come late for your meetings with him using flimsy excuses?
  6. Does he respect women in general?
  7. Does he respect your opinion or is he bossy and domineering?
  8. His he considerate? Does he sometimes give up his like for yours?

Love quiz #2 – The trust question.

  1. Does he trust you? Is he suspicious of you?
  2. Is he trustworthy? Does he say one thing and do another?
  3. Has he ever betrayed anyone? Are you his first lover? What happened to the woman before you? Betrayal of trust?

Love quiz #3 – Domestic values. The home front has its challenges. Consider this.

  1. Does he know how to cook? Tell him you want a home made food from your special man. Let him cook for you!
  2. Does he know how to do laundry? Sometimes you could do with some help. Tease him.
  3. Can he babysit? Has he done it before? Listen to his story.
  4. Does he like children?
  5. How many kids will he like to have? Does it matter to him if the kids are all girls or all boys?
  6. Does he think a woman should work? Does he want his wife to work? If not, why not?

Love quiz #4 – His attitudes. Your attitude determines your altitude.

  1. What are his ambitions? How high to he want to climb?
  2. Is he lazy? Is he hardworking and industrious?
  3. Is he thrifty?
  4. Is he stingy?
  5. Is he disillusioned?
  6. Is he pessimistic or optimistic?
  7. Does he have passion, drive, resilience?
  8. Does he have a simple eye? Or does he have a lofty eye?
  9. Is he self content?

Love quiz #5 – Health matters.Health they say is wealth. So . . .

  1. Is he battling with a disease?
  2. Does he have terminal illness?
  3. Has he done a major operation before?
  4. Has he ever been admitted in a hospital?
  5. Does he have an unpleasant medical history?
  6. Is he on special medication?

Love quiz #6 – Bad habits.Bad habits can ruin everything you’ve worked hard to build. So . . .

  1. Does he smoke? If so, what does he smoke? Cigarette, cocaine, heroine?
  2. Is he addicted to alcohol?
  3. Is he addicted to gambling?
  4. Is he addicted to flirting?
  5. Does he have a violent temper? Does he destroy things when he is angry?

Love quiz #7 – Money Matters. The love of money is the root of all evil. So . . .

  1. Does your man love money?
  2. How far is he prepared to go to get money?
  3. Is he likely to sacrifice you or your love on the altar of money?
  4. Is he covetous?
  5. Has he stolen before?
  6. Has he been convicted of a related offense before?

This list is by no means endless. It is just a guide. Add as many things to this list as you should. Everyone has some peculiar need. Customize this list to suit your own peculiar situation or requirement.

The important thing is this. You need to know as much as possible about the man you are engaged to. You need to objectively assess the potential for success of the love relationship.

If you honestly believe you cannot live with his attitude or poor standard of morality, do not pretend you can. Eventually you will still have to pack it up even if you succeed in getting married to him. At that time, a breakup will be even more painful.

So be wary.

When a man tells you, “I love and I will always love you” . . . don’t take it hook line and sinker. Evaluate the love. Analyze his person.

Use the relationship quiz . . . the love quiz above to analyze your man. If your intuition says the relationship won’t work, then it probably won’t work.