Preparing For Marriage; More than love

Preparing For Marriage

What is marriage preparation? Marriage preparation is education for understanding and accepting the challenges that govern a successful marriage. Preparing for marriage often focuses on developing skills such as communication, conflict resolution and solving problems.

This is something that is clearly needed in the America and it’s western counterparts since our divorce rate is at an all time high.

When couples have marriage preparation courses it cuts down the likelihood of divorce. You can think of it as premarital education. This way the couples are prepared ahead of time for problems that may come their way and how to handle them when they do.

One of the major problems of young couples considering marriage is that they believe that love is enough to get them through hard times. It would be great if this were true, but love isn’t enough if they don’t have the right attitudes and skills to handle tough situations and circumstances.

Some of the top challenges faced within the first 5 years of marriage:

* Finances – Who’s in or out of control
* Debt – Too much spending
* Sex – or lack of it
* Communication
* Expectations on chores
* Constant arguing
* Balancing career and family
* In-laws problems
* Not enough time together

These can be some tough issues to resolve, so as you can see marriage preparation would most definitely benefit couples no matter what their age or background is.

You don’t have to commit to a long course or spend a lot of money for marriage preparation you can do some simple things that will help like reading books on marriage, listening to audio tapes, doing relationship questionnaires and most churches have premarital counsel available with the pastor and or leaders of the church. If you prefer the secular approach, you can join our community of therapists and advice seekers.