Punished Husband – The Dilemma of Husband Discipline By Wife

A Punished Husband

A punished husband is a man with a wife who believes in husband discipline. She grew up believing that the breadwinner should be the boss. And since she has become the breadwinner because the man lost his job, she believes she should dictate the pace in the home. Alternatively, it may be a hereditary thing.

She may have inherited the habit from her mom who was always at loggerhead with her father. She may have witnessed her mother bully her father to submission. So much so that her mother always got what she wanted from her father.

The result?

A woman who grew up believing in husband discipline and determined to make her husband a punished husband.
There is a third possibility.

She may have been taught good manners in relation to love relationship. You may be the product of a stable marriage but who got her head brainwashed by bad company.

Yes, she may actually come from a family where love flourished but then got her mind messed up by women freedom organizations who believe that men’s domination of women is enough.

Their solution?

To retaliate and dominate men by making their husbands a punished husband.

“Yes to husband discipline!” they scream.

There is even a fourth possibility . . . internet sites that preach female domination of males as sport or as entertainment – a pleasurable release.

These sites are sponsored by sexually depraved individuals who have found the net as an uninhibited medium to express evil thoughts and inclinations.
The concept of punished husband and husband discipline may appeal to a small part of you that believe that this has been a man’s world for far too long and it’s about time women took over.

Yes, it may appeal to that subconscious part of you. But is it right?

So this powerful woman dominates her husband. She’s the boss. She bullies her husband. He does her every bidding. After that, what?
Again I ask, is she right?

Obviously the answer is . . . NO.

Why No?

Simple answer . . . it’s unnatural, it’s against the nature of men.

So, she has succeeded at husband discipline. Her husband is now a punished husband. But is she happy?

Absolute Not!


Simple answer . . . she can’t believe in him anymore. He becomes like dirt. She seeks a stronger man outside.


Simple answer . . . she wasn’t divinely created to boss her husband. So she does not feel fulfilled when she does.

My advice?

Love your husband. Respect him and work with him.

If deep down in your heart you know you cannot respect a man enough to allow him lead the way, don’t get into a love relationship with him because you will find it disgusting to take orders from him. And that will ruin your happiness and his.

Want to live happily ever after?

Reject the concept of punished husband and husband discipline.

Love your husband. Respect him.