Reasons to Leave a Marriage

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

There are many reasons to leave a marriage. Some are legitimate some aren’t. If you have been thinking about leaving your marriage you need to make sure your reasons are good reasons. No matter who you’re in a relationship with you will have issues to work out on a regular basis. Marriage isn’t easy, whoever says it is probably isn’t married.

When you ask people why they want to leave a marriage they usually hesitate a bit, they don’t come right out with it. Maybe they think it’s too personal, perhaps they’re ashamed or maybe they know they’re reason isn’t a legitimate one.

Anyway, there aren’t many legitimate reasons to leave a marriage. If you want to save a marriage you can usually do it if both parties are willing to work it out.

Here’s my short list of legitimate reasons to leave a marriage:

1. Adultery – If someone is cheating this is a legitimate reason to leave a marriage.

2. Abuse – Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional no one should have to deal with it.

3. Addictions – Any addiction including porn, drugs, alcohol, gambling etc.

4. Religious – If one or the other doesn’t allow freedom of religion.

5. Irretrievable marriage – Both parties don’t want to work on the marriage anymore.

That’s it and even these can be worked out if you both are committed to making it work. It usually takes joint marital counseling and one on one therapy to do it, but it’s possible.

If you’re in turmoil over whether to leave a marriage or stay the decision is too important to not get another perspective and wise counsel. You can also get help online and chat with our community of advice givers and seekers. The best selling ebook Magic of Making Up is a great resource that can help save your marriage.