Rebound Relationships & Said Cliché

Rebound Relationships. Is This Basketball?

What are rebound relationships? What does being on the rebound mean? It means that you are fresh out of a relationship that just ended and that you may be desperate to have another one to replace the one you just lost. When it comes to marriage it means you just got separated and are possibly thinking of divorce.

Whether married or divorced rebound relationships are to be avoided! There is no way that anyone is ready for another relationship when they just got out of one.

For one thing you will bring baggage with you. This does not work for any length of time. You may be able to fake it for a little while, but it will resurface in the next relationship if not dealt with and this pattern will continue forever if you allow it.

Another problem is that you can transfer feelings for one person to another. Then you feel as though you love a person you just met and this isn’t possible,  at least not in reality.

The best thing to do is not get into rebound relationships at all. You do this by focusing on what you need to do to make yourself available for a healthy relationship. Focus on YOU! Not the ex or a new love interest.

You may need to chat with a counselor or join a 12 step group like Codependents Anonymous that will help you to stop old behaviors and patterns that are not healthy.

It’s also a good idea to stay busy with career, hobbies, friends, health or anything that is productive and prepares you for a better future.

If you’re married, but separated the last thing you need is a rebound relationship. Do what is mentioned above then maybe after you have gotten your life in order you will be an asset to the marriage and can work things out with your spouse.

Most people want a marriage to work out. After all, no matter who you marry there will be differences, maybe not the same ones, but you will have to deal with something.

Therefore, since you’ve committed time and effort into the one you’re in why not work on it? In other words, work on the one you have instead of starting all over again.

To summarize, forget rebound relationships they are a huge mistake and a waste of time if you are actually trying to salvage your relationship or marriage.