His Secrets Revealed! – Relationship Advice for Ladies

Understanding How your Man Thinks

For a woman, understanding how a man in a relationship thinks, feels and behaves is not always that easy. This would be the holy grail of relationship advice for women. Realistically, it would be would be quite a challenge. Imagine if you could be in your man’s head, how useful it would be to discover how he perceives and processes things. If you could only find out what motivates him and what discourages him! You don’t need to wait until scientists discover what  motivates men. You can understand men in general and your partner in particular by knowing and accepting a few facts.

Whether we like it or not, for a man, the appearance is very important. No, not his, but his woman’s. Is he superficial and unfair? Well, I‘d not judge but rather, acknowledge and accept it. A man in a relationship isn’t completely driven by the looks, but mostly. His woman does not need to be the most beautiful lady, but she needs to be very attractive for him.

You know now the secrets to be attractive, right? If you don’t, visit the relationship tips section where several articles cover it.

More Relationship Advice Tips

  • If you want to be with a guy, you need to work for it, and yes, the look is important. If it is hard for you to accept, get over it! Otherwise you will end up alone or with someone who is not your choice.
  • Keep a little mystery in your relationship that always spice things up. If you are just dating, don’t make him too sure about you and don’t give it all away!
  • Men need to feel good about themselves, proud of their achievements. Be supportive, don’t be competitive with him.
  • Keeping some sense of playfulness is also basic. Be fun. Be flirtatious with him, even if you’ve been together for years, specially in that case!
  • Get rid of those long faces that haven’t got you anywhere. Imagine coming home from the office, where he gets to work with intelligent, nice and attractive ladies, and find his wife untidy and in a bad mood! Sometimes it is not difficult to understand why men leave.
  • Be smart, don’t waste your energy arguing, instead, use your feminine charms and get what you want.
  • Men need to feel important in your life, so let him know you appreciate what he does and how much you need him.
  • With men, arguing and discussing is not as efficient as loving. Try it!

Once you know what triggers him in your relationship it shouldn’t be a mystery or a challenge anymore. Enjoy melting him again and again in a way that only you know.

If you would like more information about understanding your man, read why and when a man in a relationship or marriage may become “feminine”. If you haven’t done so already, please check out more information on relationship advice for women.

And of course some men could use some relationship advice.

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Fiercely affective gay relationship advice counselors give.

Did you know that differing psychological theories play an important role in determining how effective of relationship counseling is? Especially as it comes to gay relationship advice. More importantly, do you know where LGBTQI issues fit into this spectrum? Currently, LGBTQI topic is fiercely debated among academics and counselors. Some tout Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as the tool of choice for intervention whereas others rely on Acceptance and commitment therapy or Cognitive analytic therapy. Regardless of which is used, it’s imperative for you to understand that each approach will affect how a counselor relates to you and your situation.

Augmenting LGBTQI in psychological theory and in gay relationship advice

Theory in its pure form or adapted by a counselor, is used essentially to define the relationship between you and your problem and the counselor. This leads to defining objectives and goals, which in turn produces desirable outcomes. When seeking out lesbian or gay relationship advice it’s essential to make sure your counselor or therapist is knowledgeable and comfortable discussing the subject of gender identity.


Without an adequate understanding or appreciation for this topic, your counselor will be powerless to fully address your relationship concerns. Just because they possess credentials and titles, that doesn’t necessarily mean they possess sensitive acumen to fully address what you and your partner face in the context of your relationship.


If you don’t already know, most therapists want to charge for their time upfront without giving you the opportunity to really feel them out. If you can speak briefly with the a counselor first before committing your time and resources, that’s best. Doing so will improve your odds of success, and will save you time and money down the road. If you have smartphone, you can chat directly with qualified licensed therapists using our relationship app for Android or for iOS. It’s free to chat with licensed counselors who are experienced in giving LGBTQI / gay relationship advice. There are several to choose from and you can get a feel for which one can provide you with the best LGBTI / gay relationship advice.