The Best Tips On Making A Long-Distance Relationship Work

Couples find themselves in long-distance relationships for many different reasons, but they are not always easy to maintain. No matter how good your intentions may be, it’s difficult to stay intimate and romantic when you live in separate time zones.

The good news is, there are many things you and your partner can do to keep the romance alive no matter how far apart you may be. The key is to commit yourselves to the plan and keep communication open no matter what. Here are some of the best tips for keeping your bond strong.

Get physical

One of the easiest ways to retain intimacy when you and your loved one are apart is to exchange physical items that can be touched, tasted, or smelled. A favorite soft t-shirt sprayed with perfume or cologne, a box of chocolates from the last city you were both in together; these things work to keep the senses involved and may help when you miss your significant other more so than photographs will.

Get technology involved

Nowadays, there’s no excuse for going days or weeks without seeing your loved one in some form. With Skype, you can video chat with one another at the end of a long day and “share” a glass of wine. Chrome extensions like Showgoers will let you both watch the same show in real time and interact, so you can talk about what you’re watching. Pick a show you think you’ll both like and choose a date night when you can watch together.

Don’t play games

Understand that both of you are putting in the work to make the relationship as strong as possible; don’t keep count of how many times one of you calls the other or drives for a visit. As long as both of you keep communication open, those little disagreements can be averted.

Take vacations together…

It’s important to find ways to relax together when you’re face to face; your relationship is most likely under some strain already, so talk about places you’d both like to visit and start saving for a trip. Making those memories together will certainly strengthen your bond.

…But do everyday things, too

When you are able to visit one another, do mundane things together like grocery shopping or dog walking. It’s important that you both understand how the other lives their everyday life so you can work on being an everyday couple.

Take the pressure off

Sometimes it may seem like friends and family who don’t understand the long-distance relationship are just waiting for you to fail. There can be quite a bit of pressure to measure up to a preconceived notion of what a relationship is, so it’s important to break free of those constraints once in awhile. Check your seriousness at the door and invite your loved one to play a video game online with you, or use Snapchat filters to send silly messages to one another.

Keeping things open and honest is, of course, essential to maintaining a long-distance relationship going. Avoid temptation and build up the trust, because without it, your foundation will crumble.

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Practical Long Distance Relationship Advice Tips & Suggestions

Long distance relationships can be a touchy subject for some. Deep down there’s always a fear of things just not working out. Family and friends chime in which doesn’t improve the equation either. Are all long distance relationships destined for failure? Do our insecurities and family doubts always ring true in the case of long distance relationships?

The best long distance relationship advice you can get is to follow your heart period. However every heart needs as many tips to make long distance relationships work .

1. Honesty is the best policy.
Stay honest with yourself and each other. It might seem like a good idea to obscure your feelings of insecurity behind veils of silence or questions directed at your your partner but it’s not. It will only work to create more distance in your relationship. Instead, be open and honest – be and adult.

2. Know each other’s schedules.
Know each other’s schedules isn’t about control. It’s about managing your interactions effectively. You don’t want to disturb your partner when they are busy and you certainly don’t want to ignore them when they are free. This balancing act is easily manage with simply knowing their schedule.

3. Mementos
Giving each other tokens of your affection and appreciation crucial. Whether it’s a teddy bear, your favorite perfume, or something else it’s symbolic of you and your connection. It serves as a pleasant reminder of you and the good times you shared.

4. Keeping a positive attitude.
Attitude is just about everything especially when you’re in a long distance relationship. It can mean the difference between love and despair. Focus on the experience of creating intimacy between you are your partner. Remember there is an end in site and when you and your partner arrive there, all of your intimacy will be realized physically. Never forget that. That passion will keep your relationship moving in the right direction.

Never forget long distance relationships can work. If you understand and listen to your heart, be me you cannot go wrong.

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5 Spectacular Ways to Bond Over a Long Distance Relationship

So, you’re  found that special someone. The only problem is in order for things to work, you have to be in separate places. This is an all too familiar scenario presents a challenge grappled with uncertainty. If you haven’t already, but your uncertainties to bed by checking out the Super Easy! Long Distance Relationship Advice in 2-step! It will give the foundation for being secure in your decision to be in a long distance relationship.

Creativity: The Key to a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are never easy. But being creative while in a long distance relationship can drive passion and understanding. There are all sorts of creative things you can do from afar with modern tech.


You can plan a movie night over Netflix and video Skype. Being able to see your partner while sharing in a movie experience can be exactly what you need to avoid lonely Friday evenings. You can snuggle with your special partner and though not the same as being there in person, they are right by your side.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sit down with your partner and dine over take out? You can, just pick up the phone and order surprise your partner with their favorite take out. Go out of your way to make it special. Ordering flowers lighting candles, you get the idea.

Plan your next rendezvous together

Keeping things alive requires that you keep your dreams alive. Speak to one another about taking a trip together or doing something to mark the end of your distance apart. Maybe it’s bungee jumping (for the more adventurous) or maybe it’s being held up in a hotel room for a weekend. Whatever you come up with, make sure you do it together!


With today’s privacy concerns, this might not be easy or comfortable for some of you. However, sexting can get your juices flowing and keep things alive. Sext all the sweet nothing you would like to share with one another.  It’s always nice to know someone wants you even though your partner is not there with you in the flesh.

Ask our Relationship Experts for advice

If your creative energies are running low, you can always bounce different ideas of off them. During that time, you can also check in with them to make sure things are on track for your long distance relationship. You can download Clarapy for iOS or for Android.