Signs That You Should Break Up

Signs That You Should Break Up; Be prepared

Knowing the signs of when a break up is your best option can be difficult to accept. However, there are telltale instances that you should be able to pick up on and act on confidently. No one should give up on a relationship too easily, and it is often best to think deeply about if the trigger should be pulled on the relationship. If you an already convinced that your relationship is over, learn the ways to leave it.

That said, there is no need to stay in a relationship that has within it obvious signs that there is no way the partnership can work. Nobody benefits form a relationship that has no future. In fact, staying it in hinders both you and your current partner from growing as individuals in positive relationships elsewhere. With that in mind, let’s being with some obvious signs of a dead relationship.

Physical Abuse

A relationship that consists of either partner being physically harmed is reason for an immediate end to this relationship. While some people cannot phantom the idea of allowing someone to abuse them, countless individuals around the world allow themselves to be subject to abuse.

Sometimes the person feels the abuse is their fault or that they have no other options. If you are one of these individuals, speaking with an agency or professional in relationship counseling can give you the sympathetic ear and resources to make your way out of the relationship with the least amount of trouble. Physical abuse is one of the definite signs that you should break up. For more information go here.

Emotional/Psychological Abuse

Though it is often a much more subtle form of abuse, emotional and psychological abuse should never be tolerated by an individual. Sometimes these types of abuse are very subtle and might just need to be talked over. However, if there is obvious and consistent direct verbal abuse or threats of abuse, then you should again direct yourself to a professional or agency that can give you the help you need.

Just because someone does not strike you, or claims that they do not mean it when they put you down, threaten you, or are consistently condescending, does not mean it does not constitute abuse. Your mental and emotional wellbeing is as important as your physical wellbeing and so avoiding relationships that damage them is your right.

With those most obvious reasons out of the way, we can now move on to reasons that are less detrimental to your health, but are also clear reasons to call it quits in a relationship. Really any form of abuse is one of the definite signs that you should break up.

You Are Incompatible

While many cultures love the concept of “opposites attract” it is often not the case that people who are fundamentally different can sustain a long-lasting relationship. This could be one of the signs that you should break up. Often the differences in lifestyle and life’s goals cause a rift between the two couples that cannot be overcome. While initial passion may come from finding someone very different, not having anything in common with a person will deteriorate a relationship over time.

He/She Is Holding You Back

If you are unable to peruse your goals and wants in life, there are compromises that can be made in order to sustain a relationship. However, a point where one must come to terms with a partner who simply is holding them back from achieving their goals.

If you have a promising school or job opportunities and your partner is quite literally the only thing holding you back, it may be time to consider ending the relationship. Being willing to sacrifice for a relationship is important but it must be a two-way street. Letting someone constantly be the barrier to your successes is not a healthy cornerstone to a relationship.

When He/She Is Not Available

A relationship should not subsist of two wholly independent persons. While both must have their own lives, there must be a common life, goal, and aspirations by both persons. If your partner isn’t there for you either by physically being absent too often, or by not being a sympathetic ear and shoulder to cry on, the partner is not fulfilling her/her duties.

Again, communication can help smaller instances of this, but a systematic lack of caring is likely a sign the relationship is going nowhere.

When The Relationship Doesn’t Progress

Relationships, just like people, should grow. When we mature as individuals and as couples, the relationship should reach new stages also. If your partner is unable to reach new levels of maturity with you, or is unable to express basic abilities to grow, then the relationship is likely to not succeed.

Examples are when someone is unwilling to change absolutely anything about their lifestyle or personality, or when your partner is unable to say “I love you” after months or years of a relationship. Commitment issues aside, the general inability to express a progress in the level of caring should give you an indication the person is unwilling or unable to grow. As we evolve as persons, so too must our partners and the relationship we partake with them.

The Same Problems Persist

Certain things about our partners will never change. Many older couples still have some of the same arguments again and again (see dating over 40 for help with this). However, if there are larger problems that continue to occur throughout a relationship, you should find a way out as soon as you notice.

A partner who continually lies, steals, cheats, or is unreliable should not be tolerated after a certain period of time. It is up to each of us to decide when enough is enough. It is often best to allow your partner to know that at some point the consistent lying, cheating, stealing, and so on, will no longer be tolerated. Hopefully, this will spur them into action. If it does not, then you know you did what you could to make it work.

Last Note

No matter the reasons, there can sometimes come a point where a relationship may need to end. Being communicative and honest about the problems that may lead to this end are important. It allows both parties to be heard and gives you and your partner an opportunity to perhaps find a way around a break up. It may also avoid weeks, months, or years of a broken relationship being dragged on. And it if must end, at least you both will know that you took the necessary steps and can avoid an ill-fated second attempt in the future. If you need relationship advice, download our app to speak with our therapists.


Success at Dating Over 40 – For Women Only!

Success at Dating Over 40

You are thoroughly past your crazy 20’s and all the indecision and life path shifts that accompany that stage. You’ve made it through the early career building years of your 30’s where you had to put your nose to the grindstone to get ahead. And, if you already have children, you are done with the majority of sleepless nights and exhaustion that come in the first two years of childrearing. Add to this that you likely already have a good house, a few good friends, and a nice collection of material things. Most importantly, you have likely been developing a pretty good idea of what you are looking for this time around. In other words, the 40’s are a place where you can get into a stride and move into your groove. To me, this is a superb time of life to re-enter the dating world.
Now, you might be saying, “Hey, is this dating over 40 thing means that there are a lot less good guys to choose from.”

Okay. So? This still doesn’t mean that you can’t find someone great for you (especially if you are serious and want a relationship you should check out this for building a strong relationship).

Did You Know? The statistics on singles indicate that there are about 25 million single women over 40, and over 19 million single men in the same age group. That’s only 22% less men than women. Again, call me the optimist, but these numbers look pretty great for the dating over 40 group.
Now, you might add, “Well, because we are all so well-established in our lives at this point, isn’t it more difficult to accommodate and thrive with a new companion.”

That’s entirely up to you. Sure, we all get a lot more set in our ways. Sure, there are more areas where some flexibility and accommodation (his kids, her profession) are required. Like dating at any stage of life, dating over 40 comes with its easy sides and its not-so-easy sides.

Then you say, “But, it all just seems so overwhelming. I don’t know if I have the energy to do this dating over 40 thing.” Here’s something you should know. As we get older, we experience an increasing tendency to nest, to coast, and to have things be simpler. Your feelings are completely natural, AND they are the exact reason to get out there now.

If you’ve been resisting jumping into the dating over 40 effort, now is the time to bust through that inertia. Apply the old Nike slogan: “Just Do It!” I promise it will feel easier with time.

If your dating over 40 objectives include getting married, here are a handful of research tips on on over 40 dating:

  • Keep yourself in shape – you don’t have to be a tri-athlete, just maintain some level of physical fitness. Men are looking for this.
  • Stay active socially. John says you should be going out 2 to 3 times per week (with friends, on dates, or both)
  • Look great. Grooming plays a key role in your attractiveness factor.
  • Demonstrating acts of kindness toward others. Have you volunteered or done something nice for someone, lately?
  • Applying social graces. These things seem to garner more notice as we get older.
  • Maintain good financial health. No man wants to rescue you from your looming debt.

If you are following the above, you are increasing your likelihood of snagging a great single man (over 40, or younger if you prefer!).

Our therapist often frequently chat with clients who are over 40 and dating. Once they begin applying some of the thought processes and tips that come out of the coaching, they are claiming they are having the time of their lives and don’t want to to settle down just yet!

And, I say, “Hurrah!” For more preparation for your soon to be relationship check out our relationship tips section or you can install our app and speak with our coaches.


My Boyfriend Cheated On Me

My Boyfriend Cheated on Me


I never thought it would happen to me, but my boyfriend cheated on me! My boyfriend of two years whom I have two children with recently told me that he had banged two other women. He wants me to give him another chance to prove to me that he can be trusted. My question is: Should I give him that chance? I cannot get over the fact that my boyfriend cheated on me.


I am so sorry that this has happened to you. Unfortunately, infidelity to a relationship causes problems on so many levels. One of these is the heartache and confusion it causes to its victims (in this case you). Remember that trust is not something that is simply given away, it has to be earned. In your case, he has broken that trust. Is it worth giving him another chance to earn that trust back? Only you will be able to make that call, but there are several things you should consider as you do so.

First and foremost, do not let your romantic-love feelings for him, your own desire for intimate companionship, nor your intense anger or hurt, stop you from being as objective as you possibly can regarding your decision here. Being humble is ultimately the best good for both you and him. Sometimes that requires that we try to work even harder with another to overcome challenges to a relationship. On the other hand, sometimes that requires that we take steps that in fact may end certain types of relationships, for the greater good of all. Your decision is not easy…

What is the likelihood of him repeating the act? Although this is impossible to know for sure, there are some things you can look at to get a sense of this. Consider these questions:

1. What led to his disclosure to you?

If he was “caught” and forced to confess as a result, this is not a good sign (higher likelihood of repeating). On the other hand, if he came voluntarily to you without any prompting from you, this is a positive sign because it means he has a strong conscience (less likelihood of repeating). This is true even if he confesses to an action that occurred months or years in the past, although the closer in time the confession occurs, the stronger a conscience he probably has.

2. Does he currently have access to the same partners?

If he still sees or has contact for some reason (such as work or school) with the same partners he engaged with, then his opportunity for repeating the act increases.

3. Is he willing to sacrifice for the relationship by sharing his relationship concerns with someone else who may be able to help?

If he is willing to sacrifice his pride by sharing his relationship concerns with some third party (coach, minister, counselor, therapist), to discuss how to improve your relationship, this is a positive sign. Ask him and see what he says. You may not feel that you need to seek out help from someone else, but that doesn’t matter here. His WILLINGNESS to do so is a good sign. Any willingness means that he is willing to put this relationship above his own pride.

4. What was the quality of the relationship (as far as you knew) BEFORE you discovered his infidelity?

If you were totally blown away by the revelation, not knowing why he would have done such a thing because you thought the two of you were doing so well, this does not bode well for your future. Why? Because the majority of all infidelity is caused by an underlying resentment and problems in the relationship. Not having an awareness of relationship problems means either a) the communication you had together was already extremely poor, or b) he was NOT acting out of resentment, but instead is emotionally immature when it comes to commitment. What I mean by that is that he is simply allowing his own sexual attractions to other women lead him along, without even thinking about how it could damage the relationship. IF this is the case (and that’s a big IF), then he’s got some serious growing up to do, and until that happens, working on the relationship will NOT guarantee that he will not do something like this again!

If, on the other hand, you two were having problems (yes, even BIG problems) in your relationship before you discovered the infidelity, it means that there is a real connection between his emotional life and his sexual life – if you both work on one, it will help the other. So, with professional help (using a coach, minister, counselor on Clarapy), you can explore your problems together and make positive changes! (assuming he’s willing of course…)

Besides the above, you will need to consider how your decisions would impact the two children you speak of. It sounds like they are under the age of 3 years. That means that more than likely they will not be severely “emotionally scarred” if you should decide to end the relationship. However, you should also consider what risk you place them in (if any) if you decide to continue in the relationship. As they mature, they will become more aware of their emotional surroundings. If your partner should break your trust again…depending on how old they are…this will make a difference to them. On the other hand, the potential joy of having a stable father in their lives is so very, very important, that it may outweigh any other risk in giving him another chance (assuming you consider him to be a good, stable, example of fatherhood to your children).

In this regard, I am a little concerned about a man who is willing to have children with you and yet not commit to you in public (marriage). I must confess that I believe marriage is more than just a piece of paper. It’s a public and legal commitment to a relationship. While I realize that the decision to have children may stem more from a woman than a man, I am a firm believer that the three most important emotional components for a child’s self-esteem are STABILITY, a SENSE OF BELONGING, and POSITIVE SAME-SEX ROLE MODELS (girls with mothers, boys with fathers). As long as he was willing to continue in the relationship with you when you had the children, then he was allowing children to come into the world with the expectation that HE WOULD ALWAYS BE THERE. Now tell me, if this is true…why wouldn’t he marry you? I find this disturbing…(Of course, you may disagree…And please, I hope that your answer would NOT be that you are “sticking it out” with the HOPE for marriage…You’re better than that!)

Finally, you will need to assess your own ability to continue in the relationship without your anger getting in the way. Now don’t get me wrong here, you have every right to be furious (who wouldn’t be?). But if you are to have any continued future together you must not let any anger you have toward him mess up your relationship. If you simply cannot let it go…if you let the grudge constantly put you in a position where you are questioning his every move or belittling his every action….then to try to continue in the relationship would be a waste of time for you.

I know that this is a lot to think about Like I said, infidelity places tremendous burdens on its victims. You will have to weigh how important each of the areas above are to you. I would suggest that you take out a sheet of paper and write down your feelings about each of the issues I have presented here. Try to be fair, but honest. You may find it helpful to ask someone who knows you and your partner (and whose opinion you trust) for their ideas regarding some of these areas…just for your own information. Try to be as logical and non-emotional about it as possible (I realize that this is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT).

I hope you have found something here to help you. I wish you the very best and I hope this answers your questions regarding your boyfriend cheating on you. Also, you may want to consider taking our self-esteem self assessment test. I’m not suggesting you have low self esteem because your boyfriend cheated on you. Infidelity has more to do with the self-esteem of the other person. However, the more you understand about yourself, the less difficult it will be to see the answers that are best for you.


My Husband Has Anger Issues, It Harms Our Relationship

My Husband Has Anger Issues


My husband has anger issues to say the least. He is set off by the least little thing when he is tired or angry. He drives recklessly, throws a cussing stomping fit, or uses force to make something fit or to move an object. If he can’t figure it out with his brain then he will break it to control the situation.

Do I walk away? Ignore the problem? What should I do about my husband’s anger issues?



Keep in mind that my response assumes that your husband is NOT physically hurting or abusing you in any way. (If he is physically hurting you, my answer would be different, and I would advise you to immediately seek assistance from someone you trust!)

First, let me share some thoughts about your husband. Then I’ll share some thoughts about your response to him.

Has your husband been overwhelmed with stress? Have things changed for him in the past weeks or months that have put tremendous pressure on him? Was there a time in your relationship when he WASN’T so explosive? Answers to these questions may lead to some ideas for him to try which may help him reduce the stress in his life (and hence reduce this typical “burn-out” response of explosive anger).

There is another possibility….

The idea of “guilt energy.” It only takes one big episode or experience of guilt to create a kind of energy. It sits inside of the person, waiting for ways to get out (so to speak). So whenever he encounters a normal guilt producing experience, instead of feeling guilt like the rest of us, he gets “guilt PLUS.” The PLUS is the guilt energy from his past guilt experience that gets attached to whatever it can find (kind of like having extra guilt that’s trying to ooze it’s way out).

It’s the same with anger (have your husband check out our anger self assessment test) that appears to be too overblown to a situation. Your husband doesn’t just get bothered, frustrated, or a little upset. It sounds like he gets “anger PLUS.” IF that is the case, then it would suggest that he has had at least one experience (possibly more) where he has been so frustrated, so hurt, so angered, that he has never gotten over it (He should read the post about finding your inner peace and our alpha male post on relationship advice for men). To get a handle on this you could: (1) see a professional counselor to have him explore ways to discover this anger, or (2) try a self-help approach manual for dealing with anger management. The only problem with all of this is that HE MUST WANT TO CHANGE. Have you talked with him about it? Does he see it as a problem? Or does he see your complaining about it as a problem? If you feel that this might help (and he is willing), you can contact myself or another professional and we could direct you to the best resources available to you.

No matter what his decisions, your life must go on. If and while he’s “getting his act together,” what do you do when he acts so? While you have very little control over how he reacts to others or objects, you can make a difference with how he reacts to you. One principle of being humble is that we train people how to treat us. We do so by how we react to their behaviors. If we are passive in the face of certain behaviors they present, then we reinforce those behaviors and they get stronger and become more frequent. On the other hand, if we are properly assertive in the face of certain behaviors, then we can remove or minimize the reinforcement of those behaviors and they will weaken and eventually disappear – at least when the person is dealing with us. This is an important point to understand. You can influence your husband to be less angry towards you, but you will not have much of an influence in helping your husband be less angry towards everything and everyone else. (That requires him to do things to try to change…like I mentioned above).

How can you train your husband to not treat you with such anger? By practicing simple principles of assertion!

1. No matter how angry your husband gets, he deserves (we all do) to be treated by you with respect. However, at the same time SO DO YOU!

2. Find a time when he is NOT angry and calmly tell him:

“Do you remember when you got angry in front of me and DID (FILL IN THE BLANK)? When you do that it makes me feel (FILL IN THE BLANK).” (Tell him how YOU FEEL – Don’t try to tell him WHY you think he is angry. Instead just point out his behavior.)

Next, say:

“I would really like it if you could just DO (FILL IN THE BLANK) when you get angry like that.” (Suggest to him a realistic alternative BEHAVIOR when he feels angry. Telling him to “not feel angry” is simply not something you can realistically ask him to change. Perhaps you could suggest that he leave the room and yell outside, or that he say something to you so that YOU COULD LEAVE the room until he calms down.)

If he resists and tries to argue with you…DON’T LET YOURSELF GET SUCKED INTO IT. You feel the way you feel. You do not have to justify WHY you feel like you feel. Any attempt on his part to argue with you is to simply divert your attention from explaining what you know you need – PERIOD. No matter how he tries to justify why he does what he does, or why you shouldn’t get so upset – just simply say “I realize you feel that way (about me/it/you…whatever), but when you do this, this is how I feel. I would really like it if you could just do (FILL IN THE BLANK) when you get angry like that.” Just keep repeating it, like a broken record, and he’ll finally realize that it won’t matter what he thinks, you just feel the way you feel, and SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT IT.

Also, say:

“Is there anything I can do to help you do (FILL IN THE BLANK) when you get angry like that?” Now you will need to really listen to him. Make sure you let him know that you’re not trying to say that he shouldn’t feel angry, but you cannot stand there and take how he behaves when he is angry.

Then say:

“Until you can act more calmly, I really will need to stay away from you when you get like that. So I just want you to know that I will be leaving the area (room, etc.), until I feel you are cooled off enough to treat me calmly.” DO NOT PRESENT THIS AS A PUNISHMENT, IT IS SIMPLY A WAY FOR YOU TO GET WHAT YOU NEED…not to snub him, or get back at him. Make sure you say this without anger, resentment or sarcasm. It is simply something YOU NEED to do for YOU.

Finally, thank him for listening. Then, put into action whatever arrangements you both (or perhaps you alone if he was not willing to cooperate) came to. HINT: Reward him for even the SLIGHTEST IMPROVEMENT in his behavior – even if it is not perfect. For example, if he still blows up (badly), but does so without cussing, and cussing was something you wanted him not to do in your presence – FIND SOME TIME AFTER HE’S COOLED OFF to really THANK him for not cussing (yes, even if he threw objects or banged the walls or did everything else that drives you bananas). You must understand that by rewarding him for even the slightest change, it will set up deep inside him a stronger motivation for being more aware of himself next time (and that means he’ll be more likely to do better next time).

Anyway, I hope all this helps. I’m sorry for the long post, but I don’t believe in skimpy platitudes or theoretical psychobabble. People (me included), need practical suggestions that really work. I hope something here will work for you.

I wish the very best for you. Check out relationship advice for women for more information.


Looking For Mr Right In Your Childhood

Looking For Mr Right In Your Childhood

Have you noticed that we tend to pick a partner who is most like the parent from whom we wanted additional love, attention, acceptance and praise as a child?The reason — because we still want to receive what we have not yet felt we yearned to have as a child. When we pick a partner (looking for mr right) similar to one or both of our parents that lacked giving us what we desired, we’re striving to heal our childhood wounds.

Even if our partner is not like a parent, we’ll often recreate the scene so our partner acts or we imagine them to act like our parent, so hopefully we can now have what we never felt we deserved to have as a child. As we begin to recognize that this “same old dance” doesn’t work for us, or our partner, we can then take responsibility for our self.

We can either choose to ask our partner for what we need, desire or hope for, or we can choose to find healthy ways to give it to our self. In this way we can stop expecting our partner to be our “parent” and we can stop being the “child” in the relationship. We can meet our partner on equal territory and both discover healthy ways to meet each other’s needs, desires and wishes.

  •  Make a list of your past significant intimate partners.
  • Then list their quality characteristics and the negative traits of each of them.
  • Star or circle the repeated qualities and negative traits that you have listed from all your partners.
  • Now check the qualities and negative traits that are similar to your parent’s characteristics and traits.
  • Spend some time reflecting upon what you discovered.

Did you discover the “type” of person you have a tendency to pick for relationships? When we know the “type” of partner we tend to attract, then we can take further responsibility for choosing wisely. You may have been surprised how many similar quality characteristics and negative traits are in every one of your chosen partners. One woman stated, “You would have thought I was in numerous relationships with the same person when I assessed their qualities and traits.” For more suggestions, check out our relationship advice for women who take action section

What we have once enjoyed we can never lose. All we love deeply becomes a part of us.  -Helen Keller


How to Make your Husband Fall in Love with you Again!

Most of the married women have a common concern on how to make their husbands fall in love with them all over again. Sometimes for some of us, it was hard the first time! After years of marriage, there is a possibility that the romance can vanish and cause trouble in your married life. When there is a change in feelings, it leads the marriage fill with worries and insecurities. It is definitely not the best feeling when you figure out that your husband may not feel for you like before. Well, you can either kill your marriage or save it by acting immediately. Some of the effective tips given below may work out beneficial for you to make your husband fall for you again.

How to Make your Husband Fall in Love with you

Positive attitude: One of the common mistakes most women commit when they are going through troubled marriage is by figuring out the exact cause that faded the relationship. Rather than worrying about the negatives that have taken place in your life, you should mainly focus on the positives. If you focus on what went wrong then you may end up regretting and feeling low about yourself.
Value your husband: When you start looking at everything with a positive mind, your husband will definitely notice the change in you and your behavior, and may even get inspired by the changes. When you express your love for him and show him that you value his presence as the most special part of your life, you will see certainly see change in his attitude.

I am the best attitude: Try to bring out the best in you. When you see your face in the mirror, try to focus on the best features instead of looking at the acne and rest of the things. Take care of your appearance as it is one of the most essential tricks to keep your marriage alive. Go for a makeover and feel good about yourself.

Chase your dreams: Following your dreams and doing things that you always wanted to do can help you become more confident about yourself. When you have your own set of dreams and interests, you can make a confident and an attractive partner as you will have several aspects to share and talk about.

Bring back the charm and fun in the relationship: Try to be lively again as a couple. Never get too serious about your lives. Don’t let money matters and family issues affect your relationship. There is no denying that these matters are of utmost importance in one’s life, however do not allow it take over your life fully. Have fun moments together by making conscious efforts. Step out together to have a scoop of ice cream or walk into a nightclub to bring back the romance.

Love yourself for others to love you: If you want your husband to love you, it is important that you love yourself. You will have more to offer when you love yourself. By treating yourself very well, you will also make your husband realize how lucky he is to have you in his life. Well, you can try out these tips and notice good changes that can make your husband fall for you all over again. Now that’s how to make your husband fall in love with you again.


His Secrets Revealed! – Relationship Advice for Ladies

Understanding How your Man Thinks

For a woman, understanding how a man in a relationship thinks, feels and behaves is not always that easy. This would be the holy grail of relationship advice for women. Realistically, it would be would be quite a challenge. Imagine if you could be in your man’s head, how useful it would be to discover how he perceives and processes things. If you could only find out what motivates him and what discourages him! You don’t need to wait until scientists discover what  motivates men. You can understand men in general and your partner in particular by knowing and accepting a few facts.

Whether we like it or not, for a man, the appearance is very important. No, not his, but his woman’s. Is he superficial and unfair? Well, I‘d not judge but rather, acknowledge and accept it. A man in a relationship isn’t completely driven by the looks, but mostly. His woman does not need to be the most beautiful lady, but she needs to be very attractive for him.

You know now the secrets to be attractive, right? If you don’t, visit the relationship tips section where several articles cover it.

More Relationship Advice Tips

  • If you want to be with a guy, you need to work for it, and yes, the look is important. If it is hard for you to accept, get over it! Otherwise you will end up alone or with someone who is not your choice.
  • Keep a little mystery in your relationship that always spice things up. If you are just dating, don’t make him too sure about you and don’t give it all away!
  • Men need to feel good about themselves, proud of their achievements. Be supportive, don’t be competitive with him.
  • Keeping some sense of playfulness is also basic. Be fun. Be flirtatious with him, even if you’ve been together for years, specially in that case!
  • Get rid of those long faces that haven’t got you anywhere. Imagine coming home from the office, where he gets to work with intelligent, nice and attractive ladies, and find his wife untidy and in a bad mood! Sometimes it is not difficult to understand why men leave.
  • Be smart, don’t waste your energy arguing, instead, use your feminine charms and get what you want.
  • Men need to feel important in your life, so let him know you appreciate what he does and how much you need him.
  • With men, arguing and discussing is not as efficient as loving. Try it!

Once you know what triggers him in your relationship it shouldn’t be a mystery or a challenge anymore. Enjoy melting him again and again in a way that only you know.

If you would like more information about understanding your man, read why and when a man in a relationship or marriage may become “feminine”. If you haven’t done so already, please check out more information on relationship advice for women.

And of course some men could use some relationship advice.

If you are in a situation in which you lost the love of your life and you just know with all certainty that you two should be together, I’ll really recommend you to follow these you speak with our experts by downloading our smartphone app for Android and iOS.


Relationship Advice For Women; We are Different!

On the Basis of Differences; Relationship Advice For Women

For years we’ve tried to be treated with fairness, to have the same opportunities that men have. But, do we really want to be treated as men? We are not men! Their hairy, hulking strong and suffice it to say not into the things we are into. In this page you will find relationship advice for women, not because I think we ladies are incompetent or something, but because we are the only one’s who have the power to make our relationships work if we really want it to.

One is not better than the other, they are just different!

It is just fair to have the same rights, women are equal to men, but we are not the same! Women and men have the same dignity as human persons, same abilities, intelligence, capacity, etc., but they are two different versions of the human race.
Women and men may have different ways to approach things and different ways to communicate.

In our desire for fairness, we might have lost some perspective. We sometimes try to be like men, do what they do in the way they do it, we often even want to look like them (black striped suits, shoulder pads…, remember?).
Do you really think that to be fulfilled and respected women need to behave and look like men, and do what men do?

Women are better prepared nowadays, and that’s great; we have become more independent and some of us are stronger than women used to be in the past, perhaps women are even stronger than men now :). No not really, but certainly different. It’s these differences that give us strength and we really need to embrace. They are the qualities that men die for and we enjoy. Hence why we need a woman’s touch when it comes to relationship advice for women.