Love Quiz – Expose the secret man within

Love quiz to dig out the real man in your lover.

This relationship quiz is designed to expose the secret man within. Get the ideal man . . . the man just perfect for you with this love quiz.

Here’s why you need a relationship quiz.

Men have secrets . . . sometimes really dirty secrets. Many love relationships pack up when women find out what sort of man they got themselves hooked to. This often happens after marriage when vows of forever in love have been taken.

Even women have secrets . . . really dirty secrets. When either party finds out about the others secrets from external sources, the innocent party feel cheated. There is usually a feeling of distrust even though the incident happened way before they met.

Bottom line. You need to know more about your man before you rush to the altar with him.

The issue here is not that your man has secrets. Nor is the focus the fact that he did some really bad things in the past. What he has done in the past is in the past. But you need to know. He needs to come clean with you.

Why is that necessary?

It establishes a feeling of trust. You know you can trust him. He knows he can trust you. The sooner you hear about his past and his plans for the future, the better for you.

One of two things can happen after you learn of his grievous crimes.

1. You may terminate the relationship if you think you cannot live with the shame of being married to a criminal or…

2. You may carry on the relationship and love him even more for trusting you enough to talk about the skeleton in his cupboard.

Either way, you are happier.

Love quiz exposes the ugly secrets

The truth is . . . most people don’t feel comfortable talking about their bad side. Bad actions, crimes, misdemeanor, bad habits . . . and anything that portrays someone is less than civilized are often not natural subjects for discussion.

But you need to know your man in and out. You need to be sure he’s the right man for you. How do you accomplish this?

Use this love quiz.

This relationship quiz essentially deals with issues relating to your personal everyday relationship with your man. It covers . . .

  • Your one on one interaction
  • Domestic values
  • His relationship with outsiders
  • Work and money
  • Family
  • Destructive attitudes and tendencies

When you get married to a man, you will be living with him and dealing with real issues. All the euphoria and fantasy will be gone. You will be face to face with his person – his attitude, his likes and dislikes, his temper.Therefore, take this love quiz seriously. It could save your life.Now let’s get started.

Love quiz #1 – Personal relationship with your man

  1. Does he respect you?
  2. Well, there are several ways to find out.
  3. Does he embarrass you in public?
  4. Does he bring you down before his friends?
  5. Does he come late for your meetings with him using flimsy excuses?
  6. Does he respect women in general?
  7. Does he respect your opinion or is he bossy and domineering?
  8. His he considerate? Does he sometimes give up his like for yours?

Love quiz #2 – The trust question.

  1. Does he trust you? Is he suspicious of you?
  2. Is he trustworthy? Does he say one thing and do another?
  3. Has he ever betrayed anyone? Are you his first lover? What happened to the woman before you? Betrayal of trust?

Love quiz #3 – Domestic values. The home front has its challenges. Consider this.

  1. Does he know how to cook? Tell him you want a home made food from your special man. Let him cook for you!
  2. Does he know how to do laundry? Sometimes you could do with some help. Tease him.
  3. Can he babysit? Has he done it before? Listen to his story.
  4. Does he like children?
  5. How many kids will he like to have? Does it matter to him if the kids are all girls or all boys?
  6. Does he think a woman should work? Does he want his wife to work? If not, why not?

Love quiz #4 – His attitudes. Your attitude determines your altitude.

  1. What are his ambitions? How high to he want to climb?
  2. Is he lazy? Is he hardworking and industrious?
  3. Is he thrifty?
  4. Is he stingy?
  5. Is he disillusioned?
  6. Is he pessimistic or optimistic?
  7. Does he have passion, drive, resilience?
  8. Does he have a simple eye? Or does he have a lofty eye?
  9. Is he self content?

Love quiz #5 – Health matters.Health they say is wealth. So . . .

  1. Is he battling with a disease?
  2. Does he have terminal illness?
  3. Has he done a major operation before?
  4. Has he ever been admitted in a hospital?
  5. Does he have an unpleasant medical history?
  6. Is he on special medication?

Love quiz #6 – Bad habits.Bad habits can ruin everything you’ve worked hard to build. So . . .

  1. Does he smoke? If so, what does he smoke? Cigarette, cocaine, heroine?
  2. Is he addicted to alcohol?
  3. Is he addicted to gambling?
  4. Is he addicted to flirting?
  5. Does he have a violent temper? Does he destroy things when he is angry?

Love quiz #7 – Money Matters. The love of money is the root of all evil. So . . .

  1. Does your man love money?
  2. How far is he prepared to go to get money?
  3. Is he likely to sacrifice you or your love on the altar of money?
  4. Is he covetous?
  5. Has he stolen before?
  6. Has he been convicted of a related offense before?

This list is by no means endless. It is just a guide. Add as many things to this list as you should. Everyone has some peculiar need. Customize this list to suit your own peculiar situation or requirement.

The important thing is this. You need to know as much as possible about the man you are engaged to. You need to objectively assess the potential for success of the love relationship.

If you honestly believe you cannot live with his attitude or poor standard of morality, do not pretend you can. Eventually you will still have to pack it up even if you succeed in getting married to him. At that time, a breakup will be even more painful.

So be wary.

When a man tells you, “I love and I will always love you” . . . don’t take it hook line and sinker. Evaluate the love. Analyze his person.

Use the relationship quiz . . . the love quiz above to analyze your man. If your intuition says the relationship won’t work, then it probably won’t work.


Dealing With Controlling Relationships

Controlling Relationships And How To Handle Them

The worse thing in the world is to feel controlled and manipulated. Each waking day, our minds are challenged by forces that try to identify and dictates to us what we need to do. Whether we know it or not, the forces of manipulation and control are always at work even before we get out of bed in the morning.

As soon as we turn on the morning show to watch a little T.V. before we go to work, we are always dealing with control. There will always be influences that try to get you to give up a piece if your mental sovereignty. It’s like the famous saying… “A mind is a terrible thing to waste!” The issue and elements of control and domination is an element of life that people battle with on a daily basis.

Nothing is more challenging than putting up with people who have power and control issues. This is one of the mysteries of life, which is, how does this kind of behavior exist in human beings and how can this behavior be corrected to advance the world into better relationships between countries, families, friends and strangers. The answer is not an easy one.

Controlling behavior and people kill relationships and can actually cause angst and anxiety. Here in America, it can also be linked to status and social problems.

People who are controlling are actually fearful and scared. To them, it’s easier to go the route of controlling people instead of dealing with people from a level of self respect and dignity. To them, having a controlling attitude saves energy and time. These people have visions of acting like an all powerful God with an overruling dominance over the lives of others. Life, to them is no sweat when giving the commands rather than receiving them.

“People who are controlling are actually fearful and scared.”

Gangs such as the Crips and the Bloods use the art of psychological control to intimidate weaker members of the gang and enemies of the gang. Controlling people violates the moral code of others without any respect to their human nature yet people allow them to continue to control.

Most of us are controlled on a subliminal level. There are mechanisms that were created to separate you from your money (loud television ads), national gossip magazines and journals (junk food for the mind) and other things that invade your peace of being. The result is a reaction to being controlled with trying to become controlling in our own lives. The result is negative.

All emotional and verbal abuse is looking for an element to control. It’s like a negative energy attaching itself to a positive energy only in a controlling atmosphere; it drains the life out of you. All people want the edge in life and they will use control and manipulation to get what they want. We’ve been taught materialism and capitalism promotes status. How wrong we are!

Behavior that attempts to control you – regardless of the intensity – breaches your emotional borders and becomes abuse.

Being used or using others in this level of abuse is more than the obvious problems. Bullying takes effect when someone is called a name or made fun of. It also is part of things such as temper tantrums. On more obvious levels, this abuse can be seen in forms of physical violence that is used to intimidate others. Intimidation and bullying can even take place at higher levels, where individuals will use their status to place themselves above others. Despite what many have come to believe, control and abuse have become a part of culture on several levels.

Subtle controllers, subtle manipulators
Emotionally mature people raise children with respect for the lives of others, dignity, self worth while making others around them feel comfortable. These people do not show their children how to hate, intimidate and control others that are different from them or others that they might want to use as a crutch for their emotions.

Subtle controllers can be the worst because they basically don’t talk at all but you can see their disposition in their actions towards people or another person. These are the individuals that you never want to go to help for because they will hold it over you for 100 years or more and they will, in essence, try to control their relationship with you via money and materialism.

These types of people seem to be okay on the outside but on the inside of their heart, they are full of deceit and lying. Their type of behavior comes on display after the light is turned on in your mind and sometimes our minds are sending us messages that we fail to listen to.

A relationship or friendship with a controller is always unhealthy and will take eventually, lead to the person being controlled, seeking counseling for their problem. When you feel off balance and that you don’t have the freedom to be you or feel that something is rotten in Denmark, then it’s time to check and getting rid of situations that are fully of trouble and contempt.

Self Check Analysis – What goes around comes around
Sometimes, we can be controlling and not know it. If you do have that problem, consider these things:

  • Am I sincere in what I’m thinking or doing?
  • Am I trying to hold someone hostage?
  • Am I being prejudiced?
  • Do I hate the person for no reason at all?

You know what goes around, comes around. I am a firm believer in Universal Law and karma. The karma will follow you like a wet blanket until you realize that you have to be baptized into all truth. This truth is the truth about ourselves. Once we are baptized into the higher knowledge of divine knowledge of the soul, then a person has a chance to learn and grow within themselves.

Protecting Yourself from Controlling Behavior

The damage of being controlled even once by someone will persist as long as you remain in the presence is having active communication with the person. Even if the person has perceived to be changed, they could pretty much be the same lame person that they were before and even lamer this time around!

Keep yourself free from these people and you’ll see your environment and health improve.


Stress Management For Your Relationship

Stress Management

Don’t worry!  Don’t fret!  Take our “Stress-Prone Personality Quiz.”  Print it out, take a pencil and place the a “1,2,3 or 4” in the boxes before each question.  Score it yourself.  It’s quick and fun!


How do you typically react to the situations below?  Use the scale below:

1=Never 2=Sometimes 3=Frequently 4=Always
  1. Do you take on too many tasks and responsibilities at one time?
  2. Do you find it difficult to really relax and do nothing during leisure times?
  3. Do you become impatient with delays or interruptions?
  4. Do you always have to win at games to enjoy yourself?
  5. Do you spread yourself “too thin” in terms of your time?
  6. Do you consider yourself to be a hard-driving person?
  7. Do you find yourself speeding up your car in order to beat a red light?
  8. Are you seeking the respect and admiration of others?

Now add-em up!

If your total score is between 8-12, chances are you do not have a stress prone personality.

A score between 13-20 means that while you have some tendencies toward creating more stress for yourself, you appear to have skills that allow you to control potential stressors.

A score somewhere between 21-24 means that you can make yourself excessively tense.

If you have a score over 24, check yourself into a cardiac unit…just kidding!…but you need to examine what you do to yourself to increase your stress.


We all feel the pressures of life, don’t we?  But there is a huge difference between what the world OUT THERE puts on us and what we DO TO OURSELVES. 

The first step in permanently reducing how much stress we feel is to learn to nurture ourselves better. 

Bye for now…and just remember that there are only two stressors that you cannot avoid…death and taxes!

Check out our section on self assessment test for more?


Communication Skills For Couples – Quiz

There Are Two Types Of Communication Skills For Couples

  1. Techniques for helping us understand others.
  2. Techniques for helping others understand us.

Without good communication there is poor understanding. With poor understanding there is poor awareness. With poor awareness there is an inability to serve, respect, and value others and yourself. When these fail to exist, you have poor communication skills as a couple. Lasting relationship happiness depends on the maintenance of google communication.

Do you practice any of these techniques? Have you ever been trained in communication skills for couples?

See how much you know by taking this little “Communication Skill For Couples Quiz.” When you’re done, see what the correct answers are on the bottom. But don’t peek ’till you’ve answered all the questions!


Answer TRUE or FALSE (T or F): 

T or F 1. Paraphrasing (a communication technique) is simply repeating the other person’s words back to them or putting them another way.
T or F 2. Effective paraphrasing comes from a desire to really know what the other person means.
T or F 3. When you’ve figured out what the other person is feeling, you should simply let them know by telling them without hesitation or tentativeness.
T or F 4. When describing the actions of others, it is important to keep your assumptions about their motives to yourself and just describe their behaviors.
T or F 5. When describing the actions of others it is important to be specific and not use general, vague labels.
T or F 6. The problem with only expressing our feelings non-verbally is that non-verbal expressions are not always clear.
T or F 7. There are two ways to describe our feelings: naming them (“I feel angry”) and the use of similes (“I feel like a tiny frog in a huge pond”).


“The Communication Skill Quiz”

(Don’t peek until you’ve done the test – CLICK HERE)

5. TRUE 6. TRUE 7. FALSE  
If you got more than 4 correct,

you’re well on your way to becoming an expert listener!

Are you interested in more self-assessment tests about to improve your relationship? If so, check out our quiz on anger management or on self-esteem and lastly on conflict resolution.


Will We Get Back Together? A Quiz And 5 Fantastic Tips

Will We Get Back Together? The Age Old Question With A Quiz to Boot!

“Help! I’m a hapless husband/ boyfriend trying desperately to save my marriage/relationship.” The plaintive wail is almost unmistakable …

Dealing with a breakup is something that all happy and content men and women view with a sense of passive resignation. Imagine a life without love and romance, or an existence without your soul mate?

It takes more than just a healthy heart to survive a separation. It’s a roller-coaster ride that tests your strength and fortitude to the limits.

And if you still have even an iota of doubt, just ask couples that have coped admirably with different stages of a relationship.

There’s No Quick-Fix Answer

Unfortunately, getting over your ex is a long and arduous journey, filled with a combination of agony and angst …

You could be a devoted wife giving marital counseling a full-on shot in an earnest attempt to stop a bitter divorce or a jilted girlfriend that, on a rebound from a failed love affair, invests all her time in therapy, but the pain and suffering is unmitigated by any hope of an early relief.

Add to this, the flurry of will we get back together thoughts, and the picture dosen’t get any brighter. But in these singularly trying times, it is the Internet that seems to be your only succor.

Dripping with all sorts of advice on how to mend a broken heart, ably buttressed by quotable quotes and poems, these websites perform the repair work with amazing alacrity.

To Be Or Not To Be

Now that’s the question that will make you sound definitely Shakespearean.

After all, you are the veteran of many a will we get back together quiz, right? These quizzes are your best bet when you are trying to ascertain your get-my-ex-back quotient.

Not only do they provide that much-needed Bodhi-tree enlightenment on your chances, they also bombard you with a laundry list of things to do after getting back together. Sounds trite?

Well, it’s not for nothing that they enjoy that rockstar appeal. This is one of the secrets to answering will we get back together.

What Are Your Chances? Will we get back together?

Wondering if you should lend the olive branch? The chances of reconciliation will really depend on your answers to a plethora of interesting questions. Take a test yourself; just make sure you are as honest as possible:

  1. Do you hate your ex? Or are you totally mad at them?
  2. Have you changed your schedule so that you do not bump into him?
  3. Do you still show up at all gatherings at his place?
  4. Do you still talk to each other?
  5. Have you found somebody else as yet?
  6. Are you envious of their new boyfriend or girlfriend?
  7. Do you still have that itch to impress them?
  8. Was the break-up mutual or amicable?
  9. Were the channels of communication always open in the relationship?
  10. Do you believe that you can change for the better?

I guess one does not require great powers of imagination written into one’s DNA to have an in-depth understanding of the best possible answers to these questions.

Needless to add, the more positive the answers, brighter the chances of you reviving the relationship.

Face Rejection With Resilience

Dealing with a failed relationship is hard, but trying to make amends is much harder. It’s here that one needs to be aggressive, in a very restrained sort of way …

Confused? Well, here are five fantastic, almost priceless, little tips that will help you strike a chord with your ex with amazing precision:

  • No desperate measures: If you subscribe to the adage, ‘desperate times need desperate measures’, then your behavior is almost certain to put your ex completely off. So that means no begging or pleading, or no inundating with phone calls, text messages or even gifts. It’s important to stay calm, composed and supremely confident, and you will emerge victorious.
  • Give them the space: Strike while the iron is hot does not work in this scenario. It’s important that you give your ex the space and time to heal. Remember, they must miss your presence. It’s only this feeling of emptiness in their lives that will draw them closer to you.
  • No arguments, please: It’s important that you bury the hatchet, once in for all. No more squabbles and arguments about the past. You must learn to let bygones be bygones.
  • Get a life: Invest the time on your hands with family and friends. Work hard, party harder. Pamper yourself, may be with a brand new wardrobe or a spanking new car. Your ex is sure to get all weak-kneed by just watching your self-esteem soar.
  • Let’s talk: Once your ex does fall hook, line and sinker for your sincere efforts, it’s time to trash out all those niggling issues that seem to have plagued your relationship. Make sure you start afresh, without the ponderous baggage of the past.

Once you have made peace with your ex, make sure the happiness and tranquility lasts a lifetime.  If your situation is more complicated beyond the scope of this post, you can speak with a relationship therapist now for free by downloading our app Clarapy.


Conflict Resolution For Your Relationship

Conflict Resolution

To much heat when trying to handle conflicts?

conflict resolution skills
conflict resolution skills

Effective conflict resolution is a primary part of successful relationships.  Techniques taught in various courses or programs about conflict resolution really boil down to one issue: respecting others.

Here’s a quick test to see how well you handle conflicts.

Print it out, take a pencil and place the a “1,2,3 or 4” in the boxes before each question.  Score it yourself.  (Hint:  Be honest, or it won’t be worth a hill of beans.)


How do you typically react to the situations below?  Use the scale below:

1=Never 2=Once in Awhile 3=More Often Than Not 4=Frequently

When I find myself in a disagreement, I…

  1. say it’s ok to discuss the problem, when I really don’t feel like getting into it.
  2. assume that the other person understands what’s so obvious to me.
  3. tell the other person my problem, and then let them come up with a solution.
  4. tell the other person that I know WHY they acted the way they did.
  5. try to help the other person see just how illogical or absurd their ideas are.
  6. share several other problems that I have had with them so that they can see just how much I’ve had to put up with.
  7. don’t feel that I should have to apologize (especially if I know I’m in the right).
  8. find it hard to compromise (especially if I know I’m in the right).

Now add-em up!

If your total score is between 8-12, chances are you’re pretty “dog-gone” good at resolving conflicts respectfully.

A score between 13-24 means that you have some problems in respectfully resolving conflicts.  Carefully look at which items were your highest.  These are the areas you need to be careful with.

If you have a score over 24, winning arguments is probably more important to you than solving problems. Respecting others who disagree with what you feel is right is very difficult for you to do.  May I RESPECTFULLY encourage you to consider checking out some material on conflict resolution or hop on over to your friendly (reputable) counseling professional.

Conflict Resolution & Humble POWER

Being able to resolve conflicts in the most respectful way possible helps to keep a person in what I call the “Humble Zone.”  Being in the Humble Zone consistently can bring about powerful interpersonal change not only in ourselves but in those around us.  May I humbly submit that you consider looking at our other self assessment tests to learn more about yourself.


Anger Management Test For Your Relationship

Anger Management Test For your Relationship

Arrrrrgh! Don’t lose your cool just yet!

Take our simple and quick “Anger Expression Quiz”!

Print it out, take a pencil and place the a “1,2,3 or 4” in the boxes before each question. Score it yourself.


How often do you demonstrate the behaviors listed below? Use the following scale:

1=Never 2=Once in Awhile 3=More Often than Not 4=Frequently

When I get angry at someone, I…

  1. insult them or call them names.
  2. physically threaten them or throw things.
  3. slam doors, punch walls, or kick furniture.
  4. purposefully and conveniently “forget” to do what I promised to do.
  5. go smoke a cigarette, go get myself a drink (alcohol), or scarf down food.
  6. leave the other person alone and (since I’m still mad) pick a fight with someone else (yes, it also includes pets).
  7. think that I’m worthless and stupid so I don’t need to try anymore.
  8. hold it in until it builds up and explode at some later time.

Now add-em up!

If your total score is between 8-12, you have very few (if any) areas of concern.  However, make sure you look for ANY answer that’s higher than a “1.”  Even mild forms of inappropriate anger expression can lead to potentially dangerous situations.

If your score between 13-24, examine which areas are the highest.  These are behaviors that you should seriously focus on and try to change.  You could benefit from a good self help (perhaps even counseling) program on anger management.

Ok, if you have a score over 24, all is not lost, but you COULD be a serious threat to yourself or others. Remember that this quiz cannot give you the final word on whether you need more control in your life, but with a score that high, I would strongly suggest that you check it out and receive a face-to-face assessment by a professional…PLEASE!  You may be amazed at how much happier you’ll be!

Anger Management

Anger comes from thinking that we or someone we care about have been unjustly frustrated, used, hurt, or offended.  While people may sometimes deliberately try to bug us, often we react to others based on our own assumptions about how we feel things “should be.”  We sometimes attack others not because they deserve it, but because we don’t like what’s happening, and we think that using our anger in some way will get us what we want.  The source of all this nonsense is nothing more than pride and selfishness. Pride-based anger is one of the “Pride Poisons.”

If you are interested taking other self assessment tests, please do.


Self Esteem Test For Your Relationship

Building Self Esteem

How do you feel about yourself?  Pretty good?  If so, that’s great, but conscious recognition of our strengths is not the only measure of self esteem.  A person who has REAL self esteem not only talks the talk (has a positive view of themselves), but walks the walk (TREATS themselves accordingly).  The two do not necessarily occur together. Take our “Actualized Self Esteem Test” and see how much self esteem you really do have!  Print it out, take a pencil and place the a “1,2,3 or 4” in the boxes before each question.  Don’t fudge on the answers…tell the truth!  Score it yourself.  You’ll find it interesting!


How well does each statement below describe you?  Use the scale below:

1=Strongly Disagree 2=Disagree 3=Agree 4=Strongly Agree
  1. I take some time (at least once a week) to examine how I deal with others.
  2. I have a clear vision of my life’s mission.
  3. I make enough time to get plenty of exercise.
  4. I’m not afraid to take real risks to improve myself.
  5. I usually have the “guts” to accept the consequences of my mistakes.
  6. I try to be an example when I’m in a position of authority (ie. parent, leader of any kind of situation, work, social group).
  7. I rarely get defensive when others disagree with me.
  8. Having people “like” me is not something I worry much about.

Now add-em up!

If your total score is over 24, you demonstrate great self esteem…Keep It Up!

If your score is between 13-24, you have challenges treating yourself in a nurturing way.  You may think that you feel good about yourself, but you’re not treating yourself as if you feel good about yourself.

If your score is less than 13, then your self esteem needs some serious boosting.  I would recommend that you speak to someone on Clarapy!

If you are interested in learning more about yourself, please check out our other self assessment test.