Sexual Satisfaction – Let’s Do It Right

When We Make Love

When we make love we tend to focus more on our own sexual satisfaction. This is wrong the wrong approach. We must consider our partner’s feelings when we make love. Mutual enjoyment is key. I said it before, love making is one of those special bonuses that crown a happy marriage. It is not for teenagers. It is not for single people either.

However, even married people need to exercise consideration and balance in love making. None of the parties involved should expect to have his/her way all the time.

Granted, different people have different levels of sexual activity. You may be more sexually active or more sexually inclined than your husband. Consequently, you may tend to want to make love more.

Your husband, on the other hand, may be less quickly aroused sexually. So he may not be in the mood a lot of the times when you are. Then there is conflict.

This is not a matter to be taken lightly. Some marriages actually end their lack-lustre run . . . caused by lack of active sexual attraction . . . with an unhappy breakup. This is sad.

Consenting to make love when one party is ready and the other is not quite in the mood is one thing. Actually getting fulfillment anticipated is another when we make love.

The reality is . . . you cannot always have your desire when you desire it.

With regard to when we make love . . . you cannot satisfy your sexual desires all the time because your mate may not always be in the mood. Therefore, it should be a give and take thing.

Couples should be considerate. Work hard to satisfy your partner.

You wives . . . let your husband have it his way sometimes.

You husbands . . . let your wife have it her way sometimes, most times if you can. She will love you for it.

And this applies not only to love making but also to what love making positions to adopt. Whatever the case, empathy and consideration should be the driving force.

Making love is an exciting way to explore each other. Enjoy the thrill. Give and take. But give more than you take.

When we make love, let’s do it right. Give yourselves complete fulfillment. Satisfy each other.


Free Sex – Is Sexual Intercourse Really Free?

Free Sex – Is Sexual Intercourse Really Free?

Free sex is widely advertised. Sex promoters invite you for all night parties where sexual intercourse is declared free. Even the internet promotes free sex. But is sex really free?

The answer is a bold NO.
Few things on earth come free. Sex is not one of them. Contrary to what sex promoters say, sexual relationship between a man and a woman comes at a price. There is a heavy responsibility associated with sexual intercourse.

For example, a man who engages in a sexual relationship with a woman is taking a risk. The risks include . . .

1. Possible pregnancy resulting from the union

2. Sexually transmitted diseases if the girl has slept with several partners

3. A close shave with AIDS

4. Risk of blackmail if you’re married. The girl involved in the illicit affair may threaten to tell your wife if you don’t accede to her demands

5. Risk of losing your job. Some men have sexual intercourse with their workers, secretaries and personal assistants being the most culprit.

Thereafter the worker will expect impossible favors from you. When you don’t give her what she wants, she will set you up and ruin your career.

6. Risk of going to jail. If the girl you had sexual intercourse with is under age, whether you knew it or not before the act, you could go to jail for child abuse.

The risks mentioned above are a few of the many you face when you have a sexual relationship with a woman who is not your wife. Is there such thing as free sex?

Definitely, no.

What about sex workers and free-for-all girls? Aren’t they free?

Simply put . . . No.

It is true that sex workers freely give of themselves for the money. It’s like a paid job. They offer a service. You pay for the service. You get the service. The contract is over and you both go your separate ways.

Both parties got what they wanted from the relationship, right? It’s over between both of you, right? No strings attached, right?

Well, wrong.

You’re dead wrong if you think it’s all over when you pay off a sex worker. The ease with which you got instant sexual gratification will compel you to do it again.

Soon it becomes a habit. Sooner or later you will run into one that will discover your true identity. Then you become a candidate for cheap blackmail.

When you pay her off with a lump sum to forestall the blackmail, she will disappear from your life but only for a while. When she is broke again she will remember you. She will come and blackmail you again. However, this time she will be asking for more.

When the threat becomes constant nuisance, you would wish she were dead and out of your life. But she isn’t going to die soon.

So, something sinister begins to form in your head.

Suppose she dies . . .

You will be a lot safer if she’s dead.

So, suppose she dies . . . now.

You’re on your way to committing murder.

The more you think about it, the more the thought appeals to you. Before you know it, you’re planning the perfect murder.

It all starts with the desire for a fling. Then it degenerates to something deadly.

This brings us back to the real issue.

Free sex is a joke on you. There is no such thing as free sex.

Sexual intercourse comes with responsibility. Those responsibilities are joyful to bear when the sexual relationship is between you and your wife.

Don’t be fooled by advocates of free sex. You will reap what you sow.

Sow righteousness and loyalty to your mate. And reap joy, fulfillment, and inner peace.

Simplify your life.

stick to your wife alone. That is the only way to have a successful relationship.

You will be happier . . . guaranteed.


Wife Swap – Is Wife Swapping Beneficial?

Is Wife Swapping Beneficial?

Wife swapping sounds like a smart idea. It gives discontent men a chance to cheat and not feel guilty. They seem to have fun. But at what cost?
First, why would anyone in his right senses want to wife swap?

The truth is . . . many married men have roving eyes. They can’t see a woman pass by and not take a second look. And they don’t stop there. They take the next step and ask for a relationship.

Many flirting men who eventually get married still yearn for the loose living they had as bachelors. In no time, many start flirting again even as married men.

A man who want a taste of other women but feel guilty about cheating on his wife resort to play the game with his wife in the form of wife swapping.

Swapping partners is a compromise position that allows the wayward couple to satisfy inordinate desires while still playing husband and wife.

In a way, the partner sharing couple have some fun. They get to satisfy their sexual appetite and with whomever they fancy. Sounds like freedom, doesn’t it?

The quest for such sexual freedom has fueled the wife swap game. Men usually lead this adventurous game. They just persuade the wife to play along. And if the wife is a wayward whore wife, she doesn’t require much persuading.

So the fun is on. Once a man sights a married woman he fancies, he simply arranges for wife swapping. The same goes for the wife. They seem to be enjoying themselves!

But wait.

How long will this fun last?

Not very long. And you can be absolutely sure of that.

Anything immoral and short of unalloyed commitment to one another between a man and his wife does not last.

The reason is not far-fetched. We were created with monogamy in our genes. This means that irrespective of what your fleshly desires conjure up to justify having more than one partner, you will still want your partner to be devoted to just you.

This is getting interesting.

To understand this real life unavoidable and indisputable end, consider what happens when a flirting man discovers that his wife is also flirting.

The man gets really wild. He’s so mad he could literally kill his wife.

But why? She was only imitating her husband’s ‘good’ example.

You get the point.

So even though a man may be cheating on his wife, he expects and demands perfect commitment and allegiance from his wife. She must not cheat like him!

The same thing eventually happens with wife swapping.

It is fun only for a short time. Soon the couple involved will loose any sense of culture and discipline they previously had and have relations with just anyone. No need to wait to arrange partner swap anymore especially since many of the people they will soon be running into will be single.

This thing is like a snowball rolling down the hill. There is no stopping the desire once you let it loose.

It starts with wife swapping. Then you can’t control the devil in you anymore. Every time you see a woman, married or unmarried, ugly or beautiful, the desire takes over and the rest is history.

The same goes for the wife.

Besides, it will get to a point when you may begin to feel your wife is having more partners than you. Why should she? Doesn’t she know she is your wife? So you want to outsmart her.

In summary, the wife swapping business crumbles life as you now know it.

Bottom line. Anything immoral eventually fails. The same goes with wife swap.

What is the cost of this venture?
It will cost you your dignity and your respect for your wife. It will destroy your mutual trust. Soon you will begin to see your wife as dirty and immoral.

Life will never be the same again between you and your wife. Your love for your wife . . . your partner in despoiling the marriage bed . . . will suddenly disappear.

Wife swap will destroy your marriage. The cost of this dastardly act far outweigh any benefits.


Erectile Dysfunction – The Shame of Male Impotence

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or male impotence is inability to attain or sustain erection of the penis. The man is sexually aroused. His wife is burning with desire. It’s time for the husband to perform.

But as long as the penis cannot harden, as long as the man cannot have an erection, no meaningful sex can take place.

The inability to achieve or sustain an erection often inhibits sexual satisfaction and makes the man feel embarrassed or even ashamed.

He knows what he’s supposed to do. He wants to do it. He desires it. His wife desires it.

But his manhood fails him. Can you imagine the frustration?

The man with erectile dysfunction or male impotence is usually frustrated that he cannot perform his manly duties. He feels inadequate and less than a man.

His wife too is frustrated because she cannot enjoy the warmth and excitement of sexual intercourse. And she fears that this may be a burden she will live with all her life.

The silent frustration may turn into anger and self pity. If not properly handled, the relationship may suffer a major blow.

If you’re a man suffering from erectile dysfunction (male impotence), what can you do?

First, you must understand what the problem is.

The problem is not that you’re destined to sexual misfortune nor is it that you’re under some spiritual attack. It’s simply that something is not right. Your system is not functioning the way it should.

Let me explain.

During sexual intercourse the penis is thrust into the female sexual organ or vagina repeatedly by the back and forth motion of the man. This motion causes the penis to rub against the walls of the vagina again and again inspiring unique sensations in both parties.

The thought of those sensations linger long after the act, thereby fueling the desire for future copulation.

The penis is able to penetrate the vagina because blood flows to the penile vessels during arousal causing the penis to expand. That expansion results in the hardening of the penis. Consequently, it develops the toughness to penetrate the walls of the female organ.

A man suffering from erectile dysfunction basically has a penis that has lost the ability to expand. Blood does not flow to the appropriate areas during sexual excitement and so he cannot penetrate his wife.

In turn, if he cannot penetrate his wife, sexual intercourse is inhibited and frustration and anger sets in.

Bottom line.

You have a medical problem.

Second, understand that you’re not doomed to live without sexual enjoyment all your life. In simple English, this means there is a solution to your medical condition.

Third, be open with your wife and show some understanding. Sex is big deal for women. Some women actually flirt or seek divorce when they discover the husband cannot perform his sexual obligations. So, if she’s worried, she has a right to be.

Discuss the situation with her. Understand her fears. Comfort her.

Fourth, get medical help. Consult your doctor. Take appropriate medication.

Some medications have been found to restore ability to enjoy normal sexual intercourse. An example that readily comes to mind is Viagra and Cialis.

However, there is a problem.

Many many are too embarrassed to admit they have a sexual problem. They can talk to their wives about it. But approaching a doctor and opening up to him, is usually a big challenge.

Why is this so?

It’s a psychological thing. It has to do with fear of stigmatization. There is a sort of social stigma associated with a man not able to do the job of a man. In some circles, he is said to be “less than a man”.

Dear, friend:

Do not let fear of “social stigma” prevent you from discussing your erectile dysfunction case with your medical doctor. You need help. The doctor is there to help. So go for it.

Do the right thing. Satisfy your partner sexually.

Sex is a wonderful delight between a man and his wife. It is a crowning bonus to love and romance.

Enjoy satisfying sexual intercourse with your mate. Don’t let erectile dysfunction or male impotence stop you.


Sex Tips – Mutual Benefits of Sexual Intercourse

Let’s talk about sex tips!

Sex tips are everywhere. However, most tips for sexual intercourse tend to focus mainly on the man’s sexual fulfillment. Here’s a better way.

You heard right… a better way. So, what would you consider to be a “better way” when it comes to sexual intercourse?

Sex tips that is balanced must take into consideration both sexes. Come to think of it. It takes two people to have sex. Therefore, both parties must be taken into consideration when discussing anything relating to sexual intercourse.

Regrettably, many women do not get the satisfaction they desire because of this one-sided emphasis on men satisfying their sexual appetite without consideration for what their partners want.

The result?

Sexual dissatisfaction on the part of many women. This dissatisfaction, in turn, builds a desire to explore other options.

Men tend to fool themselves into thinking women were created solely to satisfy their appetite. This is old-fashioned thinking. The truth is… women desire sex and sexual satisfaction just as much as men do.

You don’t agree?

Well, think.

Why do many married women fall to sexual advances by their male counterpart? Is it because they are stupid or just naive?

Of course, not. They desire sex. They yearn for it. So when an opportunity presents itself, they’re tempted. If their self-control is not strong enough, they fall flat.

That becomes adultery.

Single women too fall to sexual temptations. Teenagers are not left out.

You must understand that people, male and female, are bombarded with sexual stories and sexual scenes right from childhood. So, there is a high level of sexual awareness.

Young girls who have not had sexual intercourse wonder what their first sexual encounter would feel like.
Married women who have had countless sexual pleasuring from their husbands wonder if this is all there is to sexual intercourse. They’ve seen countless sexual scenes while growing up.

They saw the excitement in the women in movies as they made love. They’ve seen breathtaking romance on TV or read hair-raising romance in romance novels. They expected more.

They want more. Perhaps you want more too.

However, many men have been misled by sex tips that brainwashed them into thinking sexual intercourse should be all about them. So they neglect to ask their wives if they are really getting any measure of satisfaction from their sexual experience.

Men… don’t kid yourself. Sex is a big thing with your wives. Therefore, it’s time to start paying her some attention and seeking ways to give her the utmost satisfaction. Start by reviewing these sex tips.

Before going any further, understand this.

These sex tips revolve around getting mutual sexual satisfaction during sexual intercourse. This means that at the end of your sexual intercourse with your wife, you both should leave satisfied.

Get the gist?

Mutual benefit. Mutual enjoyment. Mutual satisfaction.

Hence, I call this… sex tips for mutual benefit sexual intercourse.

End of story.

Now here are some sex tips to give you and your wife the sexual satisfaction of a lifetime.

Sex tips for better sexual intercourse

1. Set the stage. What gives you enough stamina to deliver to your wife’s expectations? Do you need to eat heavily to get enough stamina? If your wife is a sexy woman who demands more than a few minutes of sexual pleasuring, you need to be up to the task.

2. Get your wife in the right mood. What turns your wife on? Romantic music? Romantic spots? Romantic dinner? By now you should know what really gets your wife heated up. Do just that to get her in the mood for sex.

3. Romance her. Do not jump straight to sex. Create the right level of anticipation through kisses and romance.

4. Be gentle. But be ready for strong moments when she demands them.

5. Ask her how she wants to be treated. Ask, ask, ask. Don’t assume you know what your wife wants. Ask her what she wants. You will be amazed when you hear what she has to say.

6. Sexual fantasy. We all have them. So, ask your wife what her sexual fantasies are. What has she always dreamed of doing sexually? Is it feasible? Give it a shot if it is.

7. Discuss your sexual needs. Extol her sexual prowess. A little praise here and there would engender the right feelings. You simply end up getting more from her.

8. Discuss any sexual limitations you may have. If you’re a man with erectile dysfunction, don’t be afraid or ashamed to get medical help.

Your wife’s satisfaction should always come first during sexual intercourse.

It’s a funny thing.

But the truth is… when you satisfy your wife’s sexual yearnings, you also satisfy yours.


Well, when you put her sexual interests first, you do what most men don’t do. Thereafter, you can ask her to follow your good example in showing consideration.

I hope these sex tips point you in the right direction.

However, do not be limited by any set of sex tips. Sex is meant to be enjoyed. So explore and enjoy. You’re not obliged to follow any rules.

Nevertheless, be considerate and take your partner’s feelings seriously.

Sex is big deal for men as well as women. Don’t kid yourself thinking it’s not.

Work at pleasing each other and get the most from your sexual relationship. Don’t look outside. Look inwards. Explore your mate.


Threesomes – Is it fair?


Dear Clarapy,

Hi Clarapy,
Well, I know that my best friend is in a one sided swinging relationship. She can see all the women she wants (basically have all the threesomes) but he can’t have anyone else. He’s very heterosexual, so being bi doesn’t work for him. Well, about a year back he and I started flirting and built into an affair. Now, some of the old attractions I’ve had with my best friend are coming back and I’m starting to wonder about a three some. I brought up the subject to a very removed friend and he was worried that I might end up as a sex toy. But a couple concerns I have is that seeing her have sex with him would create a resentment from me since I like to see him as mine during my intimate time. Also, I’m kinda worried that she might realize that he and I have already been having sex if there was a threesome. so, I guess I have a series of questions…

1. Is it fair/ ok/ healthy/ likely to succeed if their relationship stays the way it is of her swinging and him monogamous?
2. Is it likely or possible that his motive is to make me into a sex toy?
3. Should I even be considering a threesome, given the circumstances above and that haven’t revealed my feelings to her?
4. Is what I’m doing malicious?
5. Are you considering a page for mistresses and affairs?

Dear Julia,

1.  Probably somewhere down the line he may resent her swinging.  If he is monogamous by his own choice that is ok but he may eventually be jealous.  It is best if both of them are swinging and not jealous.

2.  Maybe, but do you really care?  Just do what you want.

3.  Honesty is always the best policy.  Be open and talk with them.

4.  I am not here to judge anyone and as long as you are adults and don’t hurt anyone, it’s your business.

5.  As it states in our community chat room, I am here to give love and sex advice which would include mistresses and affairs.




Seduction Plans And Seduction Instructions

Smart Seduction Instructions and Plans

Discover some smart seduction instructions to really turn on your lover. Most guys know that romance is very important to turning on a woman. You need to seduce her mind and her heart before she becomes interested in bed. Discover the following 5 smart seductions instructions. You will find that she will be much more interested and eager to explore.

1. Sexual Eye Contact

The first eye contact with a person sets up the energy and sexual vibe. If a man can not hold a woman’s eye contact for long, he is telling her that he is a wuss. Hold your woman’s eyes and send love out to her.

2. The Art of Kissing

Just about everyone loves a good kiss. Kiss just for the fun and connection with your lover. Make sure you mix it up by kissing on the neck, eyelids, nose and other hot zones. This will really hot her up. Tease her early in the day and she will be thinking of you for the next 8 hours. Grasp her when she does not expect it and just kiss her.

3. Be a Man

Take charge in bed. Most women want a masculine man that’s confident in his sexuality. This means that he does not ask what she wants. He just does it and checks to see how she reacts. Who starts sex in your partnership? What’s your approach? If you aren’t very confident or a bit shy about seducing your partner, it’s hard to make the first move, but this is what so many women crave! Most women want to be taken. This means they love to have their hair pulled, pushed against a wall and kissed, light spanking and even their hands tied up in sex.

Role playing is a lot of fun. Only confident men explore this aspect. Try discussing a fantasy and then act it out.

4. Sexy Communication

It’s hard, but start to communicate your sexual dreams, fantasies and desires. It is best to do.this out of bed. This is good advice when talking about sex. Ask her what is working and what is not working. Communicate about sex. Keep a sex diary.

5 Dirty Talking

Take up the sexual energy to a new level. Learn to talk dirty in bed. Wait till she is close to orgasm to introduce some dirty talking.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. It is a good idea that you start out by saying less sexy things and with tamer language and slowly moving on to the more 4 letter words in time. Remember every woman is unique and what might turn one on could be a turnoff for another.

Although we all refer to bed talk as dirty talking in sex, there are two levels to it: The soft and the explicit. Generally, you want to be dirty and use different words to describe your penis like the usual four-letter words.

I like to start romantic. You can do this with sex texting. After all, sex for most women starts 12 hours before the act. Just send a text about how you are thinking of her. When she replies you can ramp up the sexual content. A romantic example is ‘I just want to hold you in my arms and feel your heartbeat on my chest’.

Now you can say, ‘I just want to feel your breasts on my chest, their turn me on so much”.

Depending on her replies, you can get more and more dirty. Tell her what you want to do to her. You can tell her you want to tie her up and really ravish her.

Want more? Join our community chat room of people like you and learn more.


Bored With Sex & The Relationship?

Boredom in Relationships

I would like to talk about boredom in relationships why it is difficult for a lot of couples in a long term relationship to introduce new things into their lovemaking. Even if both partners love each other, most couples find that after a few years sex becomes routine. Boredom in the bedroom becomes the norm. Why is this so, when most couples love each other?

When most couples first fall in love, sex is amazing. The couple might even make love several times a day. This state of infatuation is similar to a drug high. Brainwave researchers have noticed similar hormonal changes to people on drugs. One is on a high, your lover is the best lover in the world and life has that sparkle.

It is lovely being so in love, but unfortunately, the body can’t support the chemistry to support this high state for over 6 months or so. One comes out of this infatuation state and finds that many things that one thought that you admired in your partner can now be irritating. In a normal sexual relationship, you decide what makes you uncomfortable and you put these activities are off-limits. Your partner does the same.

Both avoid anxiety in sex. You now do whatever is left and avoid any activity that makes you uncomfortable. You also map your partner’s feelings in sex and do not do anything that would turn off your partner. Most of us feel good about ourselves based on what others think of us.

If we get praise from our lover we feel good. If we get negative feedback we feel bad. The technical term for this a reflected sense of self. Since we depend on others to feel good about ourselves, we are easily controlled by our partner. Co dependent relationships have a high level of reflected sense of self.

Boredom in Relationships Tip One

One of the best ways of seeing this is that the low desire partner in sex is always in control, even if they desire this or not. As we grow, we depend less on what others think of us as we love who we are, both our strengths and also our weaknesses. We develop a firm sense of self less influenced by what others think of us. This reflects on our sex life.

We do not want to introduce new activities as our partner might react. This will make us feel bad. We play it safe and sex becomes more and more the same. The result is boredom in the bedroom. One could say that sex always consists of leftovers. The process of eliminating any activities in sex that causes anxiety and what is left is leftovers.

The partners explore all the acceptable sexual activities that you are comfortable doing and these become boring. You continue to have sex within your boundaries of your current sexual development. So we can see that it is inevitable that a normal sexual relationship will become boring. This is not because anything is wrong in the relationship. Boredom is guaranteed in all love term relationships. It is easier to just let things be boring.

Now the only way to get out of this situation is to step outside your comfort zone. One must face one’s fear and this leads to personal growth. One of the partners has to introduce new things even when their lover will be uncomfortable. You have to stand on your own 2 feet and tolerate some anxiety both inside yourself and from your lover.

Boredom in Relationships Tip Two

The ability to tolerate anxiety in sex rather than anxiety reduction lies in how relationships and sexually work. So there is a choice between boredom and sexual novelty.

This dynamic is very stressful for most couples. So what does one do in the above situation? I suggest that both couples read this email. Now one has to have a discussion about what things one could try in sex. Even talking about sex is too difficult for a lot of couples.

I suggest you do this discussion out of the bedroom when you are both in a good mood. If you get a bad reaction, do not react but introduce this topic in a week’s time. So the couple has to make a commitment to introduce some new activities into sex rather than the old bordom in relationships issue. I suggest to try easy things that are not too much a challenge at first. Write down a few things you would like to try and then ask your partner to do the same.

Now choose one of the easy things from your partners list and you do the same. Some of these changes are very simple. Having more eye contact in sex can totally change the vibe from a focus on oneself to more of a connecting melting experience. No more boredom in bed.

Boredom in Relationships Tip Three

Once you face your fears, usually you will find that things that you were fearful about are actually rather pleasurable. Feeling your fears and doing it anyway is my personal way of life. I suggest building up to the more challenging sexual activities. Making sounds in sex is so challenging for some. Role playing is so much fun in sex but the ability to do this depends on a lot of sexual maturity in the couple.

Dirty talking is one way to really increase the sexual vibe in any relationship and to overcome a sexually boredom. Learn how to overcome sexual dysfunction in your relationship.


Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Have Sex?

Girlfriend No Longer Wants Sex

Girlfriend Doesn't Want To Have Sex?
Girlfriend Doesn’t Want To Have Sex?

Differences in desire are one of the biggest issues in a relationship. Most relationships start off with infatuation. You have a LOT of sex and you can’t get your hands off each other. Sex is intense and often more than once a day. You are really in love.

Unfortunately, this state only lasts up to 6 months or so. Sooner or later, you come out of the high and see your partner for who they really are, not your fantasy. Infatuation is really like a drug high, nice while it lasts but the body can’t maintain the hormonal biochemistry for ever. (what a pity!)

Now you are in a relationship that is different and the rules change. Real communication is now much more important to sort out an issues. Talking about differences in sex desires is one of the more difficult areas to do but is essential if you have this issue.

Girlfriend No Longer Wants Sex Tip 1

If you woman does not want sex it could be that you lack good sex skills. Most women love foreplay but most men rush. Spend at least 30 minutes in foreplay and really enjoy it. Learn to lover touching your lovers body and really be in your hands when you touch, blow, kiss her all over.

Touch all parts of her body, not just the hot zones. The toes and fingers can be very erotic. Blowing over her body can be a real turn on.

Girlfriend No Longer Wants Sex Tip 2

Eye contact in sex leads to a deeper connection and most lovers hid from each other. Try breathing together for a few minutes. One of the keys if your girlfriend does not want sex is to feel each other more.

Take your time in intercourse and do not rush. Learn to control when you come so you can make love for hours. Most women do not like the porn style of sex as it lacks connection. I suggest to purchase Schnarches book called Intimacy and Desire to explore this topic in depth. This is a great book that will change your life.

Want to learn more about sex related topics?   Check out our section on sexual dysfunction in relationships.


Sexual Inhibitions That Cause Relationship Issues

Sexual Inhibitions Are A Huge Relationship Issue For Most People.

When it comes to increasing our sexual pleasure, our mind often gets in the way.
If we think that you might look silly or get laughed at, you don’t do it.

We have all heard that voice in your head, telling you that…

“Don’t make a fool of yourself”

“People might lose respect for you”

“Nice people don’t do THAT”

Actually these initiations are things we pick up from our parents, TV, and society.
Here’s the thing… we aren’t born with these restrictions.

This issue is even more a major problem for any woman.

Here are the 5 huge inhibitions which can literally
stop a female from acting out on her desires.

1) A Huge fear of losing respect

2) Her fear of looking like an idiot

3) Her shyness and lack of self love.

4) Her fear of embarrassment

5) Social conditioning. Only BAD girls do that!

The above are all learnt. We are conditioned to behaving in ways that limit our pleasure and desire in sex. Most women have sexual inhabitations that is a lot larger than men,

So, what can you do to get her get her to have wild
being done type of sex with you?

The average man has to get into a more male energy with his lover.

He also has to show that he loves his woman and respects her too. Never put your lover down in anyway. Your compliments from your heart work wonders. You need to create a good environment so she can ‘surrender’ without fear. Another key is clear communication. Honesty is the key.

Being in your male energy allows a woman to feel safe. After all, she wants a real man, not a boy.

Many guys these days are too nice to a woman. They ask her what she wants in bed. This is totally the incorrect thing to do.

A woman wants to be lead in bed. She does not want to get into her head in sex. Asking her about what she wants gets her out of her body and into her head.

Guys just do it and see how she reacts. Follow her energy and you will feel it when she goes deeper into her sexual energy.

Another key is to use dirty talking to overcome sexual inhabitations. This allows the man to get into a more masculine energy that woman love.

To start, tell her how much you love her and then talk about what you are going to do to her. When she responds, go more and more dirty and use 4 letter words.