Seduction Plans And Seduction Instructions

Smart Seduction Instructions and Plans

Discover some smart seduction instructions to really turn on your lover. Most guys know that romance is very important to turning on a woman. You need to seduce her mind and her heart before she becomes interested in bed. Discover the following 5 smart seductions instructions. You will find that she will be much more interested and eager to explore.

1. Sexual Eye Contact

The first eye contact with a person sets up the energy and sexual vibe. If a man can not hold a woman’s eye contact for long, he is telling her that he is a wuss. Hold your woman’s eyes and send love out to her.

2. The Art of Kissing

Just about everyone loves a good kiss. Kiss just for the fun and connection with your lover. Make sure you mix it up by kissing on the neck, eyelids, nose and other hot zones. This will really hot her up. Tease her early in the day and she will be thinking of you for the next 8 hours. Grasp her when she does not expect it and just kiss her.

3. Be a Man

Take charge in bed. Most women want a masculine man that’s confident in his sexuality. This means that he does not ask what she wants. He just does it and checks to see how she reacts. Who starts sex in your partnership? What’s your approach? If you aren’t very confident or a bit shy about seducing your partner, it’s hard to make the first move, but this is what so many women crave! Most women want to be taken. This means they love to have their hair pulled, pushed against a wall and kissed, light spanking and even their hands tied up in sex.

Role playing is a lot of fun. Only confident men explore this aspect. Try discussing a fantasy and then act it out.

4. Sexy Communication

It’s hard, but start to communicate your sexual dreams, fantasies and desires. It is best to do.this out of bed. This is good advice when talking about sex. Ask her what is working and what is not working. Communicate about sex. Keep a sex diary.

5 Dirty Talking

Take up the sexual energy to a new level. Learn to talk dirty in bed. Wait till she is close to orgasm to introduce some dirty talking.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. It is a good idea that you start out by saying less sexy things and with tamer language and slowly moving on to the more 4 letter words in time. Remember every woman is unique and what might turn one on could be a turnoff for another.

Although we all refer to bed talk as dirty talking in sex, there are two levels to it: The soft and the explicit. Generally, you want to be dirty and use different words to describe your penis like the usual four-letter words.

I like to start romantic. You can do this with sex texting. After all, sex for most women starts 12 hours before the act. Just send a text about how you are thinking of her. When she replies you can ramp up the sexual content. A romantic example is ‘I just want to hold you in my arms and feel your heartbeat on my chest’.

Now you can say, ‘I just want to feel your breasts on my chest, their turn me on so much”.

Depending on her replies, you can get more and more dirty. Tell her what you want to do to her. You can tell her you want to tie her up and really ravish her.

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