Setting Yourself Apart From Other Women – Part 1

Setting Yourself Apart From Other Women

If you want to develop a magnetic personality that draws men to you for all the right reasons, then you need to start processing a few important ideas in your mind that will ultimately connect you to the right emotions and emotional states.

Here’s how and why…
What kind of woman makes a man want to do romantic and adventurous things and stay connected and close with her? Good question. If I had to boil it down to one thing, it would be this… The single thing that attracts men for the long-term is a woman who’s in control of her own self in any situation. In other words, she’s self-aware and observes her own emotions, communication, and behavior. So the way I see it, the underpinnings of your personal success or failure with attracting men and creating great environments for long-term relationships rests on two related areas:

  1. Your Emotional State
    This includes your attitude, how you talk to yourself, your self-image, your confidence level, and your personality.)
  2. Your External Behavior & Communication
    This is everything you say and do with a man. And believe it or not, a lot of determines your emotional state.

What I’m getting at is that there’s a process of self-awareness and adjustment around the deeper stuff that includes your own psychology, beliefs, emotions, self-image, etc. that needs to take place before you can take your behavior and communication with men to where it has the effect you want with a man. For starters, you already now know how powerful and contagious your emotions can be and how they can affect other people. For example, when you’re excited, men close to you will also become more energetic and excited. And when you’re down, men are generally pulled down with you and begin to match and mirror your emotional tone—or they distance themselves and withdraw. Setting positive emotional tones is the easy and obvious way of creating a positive mood. You already know how these things work and see it everyday—so I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know about here.

But you probably want a whole lot more in your love life, right? Good. Here’s where to start then. Think for a minute about yourself and about how men in the past have become energized, attracted, and connected to you. What did you think and do to make this happen?

Stay tuned for part two of this article.