sexual dysfunction and its impact on relationships

Sexual Inhibitions That Cause Relationship Issues

Sexual Inhibitions Are A Huge Relationship Issue For Most People.

When it comes to increasing our sexual pleasure, our mind often gets in the way.
If we think that you might look silly or get laughed at, you don’t do it.

We have all heard that voice in your head, telling you that…

“Don’t make a fool of yourself”

“People might lose respect for you”

“Nice people don’t do THAT”

Actually these initiations are things we pick up from our parents, TV, and society.
Here’s the thing… we aren’t born with these restrictions.

This issue is even more a major problem for any woman.

Here are the 5 huge inhibitions which can literally
stop a female from acting out on her desires.

1) A Huge fear of losing respect

2) Her fear of looking like an idiot

3) Her shyness and lack of self love.

4) Her fear of embarrassment

5) Social conditioning. Only BAD girls do that!

The above are all learnt. We are conditioned to behaving in ways that limit our pleasure and desire in sex. Most women have sexual inhabitations that is a lot larger than men,

So, what can you do to get her get her to have wild
being done type of sex with you?

The average man has to get into a more male energy with his lover.

He also has to show that he loves his woman and respects her too. Never put your lover down in anyway. Your compliments from your heart work wonders. You need to create a good environment so she can ‘surrender’ without fear. Another key is clear communication. Honesty is the key.

Being in your male energy allows a woman to feel safe. After all, she wants a real man, not a boy.

Many guys these days are too nice to a woman. They ask her what she wants in bed. This is totally the incorrect thing to do.

A woman wants to be lead in bed. She does not want to get into her head in sex. Asking her about what she wants gets her out of her body and into her head.

Guys just do it and see how she reacts. Follow her energy and you will feel it when she goes deeper into her sexual energy.

Another key is to use dirty talking to overcome sexual inhabitations. This allows the man to get into a more masculine energy that woman love.

To start, tell her how much you love her and then talk about what you are going to do to her. When she responds, go more and more dirty and use 4 letter words.