The Things Men Do To Get Women

The Art of Seduction

The art of seduction is a game many men have perfected. They play it so well that they can get just about any girl to fall into their waiting arms.

Seduction is a term that carries a negative connotation. It often implies “tuning” a person, usually of the opposite sex, to accept you using trickery or pretense.

The art of seduction is really art because it takes skill, discernment, forethought, and a bit of ingenuity to anticipate the prey’s next move and counter it with a winning strategy.

Seduction is about strategy – it is the things men do to get women. I want to share the art of seduction, the things men do to get you, with you so you know when you’re being staged for seduction by a man.

The Things Men Do To Get You

Many men are just playboys. They want just one thing . . . to get you to bed.

These playboys will do anything and promise anything to be with you. They look genuine. But they’re either in for the money (if you’re rich) or in for the bed action.

It usually starts like this.

You meet for the first time and he says, “Hi. Your face looks kind of familiar”.

You look at him and can’t remember meeting him. So you say, “Really?”

And he says, “Yeah.” And proceeds to ask some questions to determine where you met before.

He says, “Were you at Harvard last session?”

You reply, “No”.

“Did you live anywhere around New York city?”

Again your answer is “No”.

He may ask several other questions and of course, your answer will be “No” because you have never really met before. The art of seduction master is simply at work.

Then he says, “I can’t quite place my finger on it. But I’m sure we’ve met before. In any case, it’s a pleasure meeting you. My name is Franklin. What is yours?”

I understand that the above approach is now old-school. The “sharp guys” have polished the system and now have a more piercing approach.

The result?

The art of seduction guys really get to you.

They get you smiling . . . and falling . . . before you realize it. Next thing, you’re exchanging phone numbers and addresses.

This is the art of seduction. You see it played out in movies quite often. But that’s exactly what happens in real life day in day out.

Right at this very moment . . . as you read this line . . . thousands of girls the world over are falling in love. The smart guys are capturing their heart and starting a love relationship with the art of seduction.

Let me outline the steps.

1. You meet and exchange addresses or phone numbers

2. He invites you to lunch

3. He invites you to a movie or a famous game

4. He visits you at home

5. He invites you to a party

6. He invites you to his home

7. He buys you a present

8. He starts with a hug and you hold hands longer than necessary

9. Next, he gives you a peck on your cheek

10. Next, you start kissing

11. Then he gives you an engagement ring so you get the feeling it’s going to be a permanent love relationship

12. He begins to pet you. His hands begin to touch your private places. (He’s testing your willingness to go further.)

13. If you display some resistance, he works further on convincing you of the genuineness of his love

14. He penetrates further into you, digging deep.

(The art of seduction is at work!)

15. You succumb fully in the belief that he’s in love with you and he’s 100 percent yours

16. Sooner or later he begins to play games with you.

    • He misses his appointment with you
    • He’s working late so he stands you up
    • He complains about your looks
    • He won’t pick your calls

17. He’s seeing someone else. He has found a new catch who needs all his attention. He has gone to bed with you several times. Now you don’t excite him anymore. There’s nothing more to see.

18. You’re broken hearted. The art of seduction playboy just broke your heart.

The fine gentleman who is a playboy is not ready to settle down yet. So when a love relationship begins to get serious, he steps back to start afresh with someone else.

He wants the excitement and thrill of a love relationship. But he does not want the responsibilities.

Men who are serious about settling down also follow the same steps outlined in the art of seduction menu above except that the disciplined and cultured ones won’t rush you to bed.

Obviously, you want a serious love relationship with a man who loves you and who will stick with you forever. (Not with some art of seduction playboy.)

So, how do you tell the difference between a player and a genuine guy when they all look alike?

Start by removing romance and sex from the equation. Those two are the primary objective of men who have perfected the art of seduction.

Second, always bring up practical issues . . . issues that married people talk about. Plan for the things married people deal with everyday.

  • How many kids are you going to have?
  • What home are you going to live?
  • Will you have to work?
  • When will you meet his parents?
  • When will you meet his siblings?
  • When will your wedding be?
  • Does he have morals? Believe in God? Does he love God?
  • Does he love children?
  • Does he love people? What has he done for someone lately?
  • Does he love you?
  • How has his plans for the future changed since he met you?
  • Where do you come into the picture?. . . and stuff like that.

Playboys who just want a fling will consider you old-fashioned and damn too serious. They just want a fling not something serious.Naturally, they will take their leave.

Don’t fall for a playboy. It will break your heart when he abandons you for another woman.

Use the tips above to determine if a man who have started a love relationship with is worth keeping.