how to save a relationship

The Truth About How to Save a Relationship

Relationships are a source of enjoyment and or a source of pain. Being involved in one requires a deep understanding of your partner and an even deeper understanding of yourself.  Whether you need advice for a new relationship, a long distance relationship or you just want to know how to save a relationship in general we will show how. We cannot just give effective advice about how to save a relationship without incorporating the nuances that give it special meaning to your situation. I mean, we aren’t just talking about any relationship, we are speaking about yours. Yours being different from all others with complexities beyond the telling of it. If you’re looking for 5 easy steps to save your relationship you will be sadden. However if you looking for the truth about how to save a relationship (yours included), you come to the right place.

There are two “I’s” in Relationship & It’s For A Reason

To better understand how to save a relationship you need to understand why you want to save your relationship. We all have enumerable reasons for wanting to preserve our relationship no matter how tumultuous it may be. Whether it’s because we feel as though we cannot live without our partner, or because of children, finances, etc., first and foremost we must strive for a clearer picture as to why we want to save it.  You (the “I“) have to be the first reason for saving your relationship. What do you want, what do you need?  This idea may strike you as selfish, but it’s not. No one selflessly pursues a relationship and therefore we cannot selflessly remain in one.

Thinking Caps Not Feeling Caps!

Now that you understand that you must consider yourself first in a your relationship, we need to ascertain if your relationship is worth saving. Only you can determine if it’s worth saving, but here is a technique that Clarapy experts suggest employing to help you. Write down the pro’s and cons of remaining in your relationship! It’s worth the effort, and is absolutely crucial for figuring out how to save a relationship. By writing it down, you engage the thinking cap and not the feeling cap. You may discover as you are writing things down, that there is nothing in your pro’s list or vice-versa. That’s okay and there is no reason to feel guilty about it.  There is an “I” in relationship and once again your are considering yourself (the “I” component) because you cannot remain selfless in a relationship no more than you can live without oxygen. If you have a thought, write it down no matter how crazy it might sound. We suggest that you take at least two days to muse over your thoughts and your list. Over the course of two days you will have the opportunity to think about it and to not think about under different conditions and mental states which will assure the precision of your pro’s and con’s.

There’s a “P” in relationship too

Once you have exhausted your list of pro’s and con’s you’re finished with the “I” in relationship. Now, it’s time to move onto the “P” in relationship or your “Partner“. By focusing on what your partner wants, needs, etc. you have to look once again at yourself. But in order to do this you need to have an objective third person to speak with. Clarapy provides that third person whom is qualified in giving relationship advice for this step. You can choose with whom you want to speak with and it’s free. By downloading our app for either Android or iOS Chatting with them can give you insight as to where your behaviors may be negatively affecting your partner and thus your relationship. Wait a minute! you’re probably asking why did you need to create a list of pro’s and con’s then?  If you created the list and are open to the “P” in your relationship, it’s worth saving. Feel free to discuss your list with a relationship expert for they will give you a better understand of what you want and how that can work with your partner. Now, that is how you save a relationship.