Ways To Get Your Boyfriend Back

Ways To Get Your Boyfriend Back; Easy Does It

ways to get your boyfriend back
The best ways to get your boyfriend back

There are many ways to get your boyfriend back, some are more effective than others. One thing is clear, you know you want your boyfriend back; and for whatever reason you broke up you feel that it could still work out. Losing a relationship is tough, whatever the reason but it does not have to be the end. If things were meant to work out they will but having patience may be the key to solving your current relationship woes. The first of the ways to get your boyfriend back is going to be to look at if you really do want him back, or you’re just lonely for anyone. A former boyfriend can be a safe, secure, and comfortable haven that you have turned to many times in the past and wanting that secure feeling back is understandable, but is it really him you want or just that comfort. Was your relationship good enough that it really needs to be salvaged or are you looking at the good times without remembering how many fights and bad times there were?

Now that you have decided that you really do want them back it is time to look into actual ways to get your boyfriend back. Your boyfriend was obviously attracted to you at some point, so you have to remind him of this and make him remember why he wanted you in the first place. Think about how your behavior towards him has changed in the time your relationship lasted and try and go back to the beginning when you were still new and exciting. Be seductive. At the same time being new and exciting can also help jog his memory. Wearing new clothes, doing some things that are a little outside of your comfort zone, and generally making him think you are moving on will make him think about you as a person again and not necessarily as his ex.

Of all the ways to get your boyfriend back the one that is messed up the most if the initial contact after the break up. It might be too late for this, however it is also where many go wrong. If you start calling them the moment the words that “it’s over” are said they are unlikely to want to consider dating you again, in fact they may decide they never want to and run the other way. Even if he was the one who initiated the break up chances are he still has feelings for you. When you finally get to talk to each other it is important to remain calm and focused, asking general conversation questions may seem like avoiding the issue but as said before pushing will generally not get the desired results. Though it may seem frustrating one of the best ways to get your boyfriend back is simply to be patient.

boyfriend is back with me
My boyfriend is back with me

The third thing is finding out if he cares still before wasting any time and energy really going after them. If they still seem affectionate or interested it might be obvious, but if you are unsure just ask them how they feel about you. It is important that they don’t feel cornered so often putting this in an email or other written form will give them the space to respond when they are ready. The answer might initially be a no so be ready for that and as long as they are comfortable being friends consider going out for a friendly activity with no pressure. If they still say no you may need to back off and reevaluate if they are truly still interested. Take a little time to let things cool before trying again, and certainly don’t mention it every time you see each other.

If things just don’t seem to be going anywhere and he has made it clear that he has moved on then it may just not be your choice anymore. Sometimes relationships cannot be salvaged regardless of how many ways to get your boyfriend back that you try, but just remember to be patient.