Why Men Leave, What Went Wrong?

Why Men Leave

Why men leave can be a mystery at times. Consequently, the woman is left behind wondering what happened or where she went wrong. The truth of the matter is that usually it’s a problem with him not her.

It’s called baggage. He brought it into the relationship with him sometimes the partner knows, but thinks she can change him or it could be he is good at hiding his feelings and she suspects nothing. Either way it ends with him leaving.

Women are always asking why men leave they just don’t get it. It’s unfortunate, but true. They can end up emotionally devastated by his quest for adventure. You see, many times men leave because they’re bored, it’s part of that baggage thing they got going on. They get bored because they’re immature and can’t cope with serious relationships.

Another part of the baggage package of why men leave is they want to go back to the past because they cannot face the reality of today. Typically, there is an old love that they idealize and think they can get back with and make it like it used to be.

Then there’s the men that aren’t really men at all, but are mama’s boys. NOBODY can live up to the way his mother is or was and he compares all women to her.  Okay that is not entirely true, but sometimes the show does fit. These guys many times go back home to live with mama so she can take care of him once again.

And yet another scenario of why men leave is the man who has been married for 30 plus years and suddenly takes off with any young woman who will give him the time of day. This guy is totally in fear of getting old and has what is known as a mid-life crisis and affair at the same time (see how to heal from an affair).

As you can see the reason why men leave isn’t due to anything the woman did, but because of this baggage he brought into the relationship. His fears, his fantasy, his dream, his adventure, it’s all about him, him, him!

When two people are married it can’t be this way it can’t be all about that one person the two have to become one. However men, or women, for that matter, with baggage, aren’t capable of this and shouldn’t be married until they have resolved past issues.