will we get back together

Will We Get Back Together? A Quiz And 5 Fantastic Tips

Will We Get Back Together? The Age Old Question With A Quiz to Boot!

“Help! I’m a hapless husband/ boyfriend trying desperately to save my marriage/relationship.” The plaintive wail is almost unmistakable …

Dealing with a breakup is something that all happy and content men and women view with a sense of passive resignation. Imagine a life without love and romance, or an existence without your soul mate?

It takes more than just a healthy heart to survive a separation. It’s a roller-coaster ride that tests your strength and fortitude to the limits.

And if you still have even an iota of doubt, just ask couples that have coped admirably with different stages of a relationship.

There’s No Quick-Fix Answer

Unfortunately, getting over your ex is a long and arduous journey, filled with a combination of agony and angst …

You could be a devoted wife giving marital counseling a full-on shot in an earnest attempt to stop a bitter divorce or a jilted girlfriend that, on a rebound from a failed love affair, invests all her time in therapy, but the pain and suffering is unmitigated by any hope of an early relief.

Add to this, the flurry of will we get back together thoughts, and the picture dosen’t get any brighter. But in these singularly trying times, it is the Internet that seems to be your only succor.

Dripping with all sorts of advice on how to mend a broken heart, ably buttressed by quotable quotes and poems, these websites perform the repair work with amazing alacrity.

To Be Or Not To Be

Now that’s the question that will make you sound definitely Shakespearean.

After all, you are the veteran of many a will we get back together quiz, right? These quizzes are your best bet when you are trying to ascertain your get-my-ex-back quotient.

Not only do they provide that much-needed Bodhi-tree enlightenment on your chances, they also bombard you with a laundry list of things to do after getting back together. Sounds trite?

Well, it’s not for nothing that they enjoy that rockstar appeal. This is one of the secrets to answering will we get back together.

What Are Your Chances? Will we get back together?

Wondering if you should lend the olive branch? The chances of reconciliation will really depend on your answers to a plethora of interesting questions. Take a test yourself; just make sure you are as honest as possible:

  1. Do you hate your ex? Or are you totally mad at them?
  2. Have you changed your schedule so that you do not bump into him?
  3. Do you still show up at all gatherings at his place?
  4. Do you still talk to each other?
  5. Have you found somebody else as yet?
  6. Are you envious of their new boyfriend or girlfriend?
  7. Do you still have that itch to impress them?
  8. Was the break-up mutual or amicable?
  9. Were the channels of communication always open in the relationship?
  10. Do you believe that you can change for the better?

I guess one does not require great powers of imagination written into one’s DNA to have an in-depth understanding of the best possible answers to these questions.

Needless to add, the more positive the answers, brighter the chances of you reviving the relationship.

Face Rejection With Resilience

Dealing with a failed relationship is hard, but trying to make amends is much harder. It’s here that one needs to be aggressive, in a very restrained sort of way …

Confused? Well, here are five fantastic, almost priceless, little tips that will help you strike a chord with your ex with amazing precision:

  • No desperate measures: If you subscribe to the adage, ‘desperate times need desperate measures’, then your behavior is almost certain to put your ex completely off. So that means no begging or pleading, or no inundating with phone calls, text messages or even gifts. It’s important to stay calm, composed and supremely confident, and you will emerge victorious.
  • Give them the space: Strike while the iron is hot does not work in this scenario. It’s important that you give your ex the space and time to heal. Remember, they must miss your presence. It’s only this feeling of emptiness in their lives that will draw them closer to you.
  • No arguments, please: It’s important that you bury the hatchet, once in for all. No more squabbles and arguments about the past. You must learn to let bygones be bygones.
  • Get a life: Invest the time on your hands with family and friends. Work hard, party harder. Pamper yourself, may be with a brand new wardrobe or a spanking new car. Your ex is sure to get all weak-kneed by just watching your self-esteem soar.
  • Let’s talk: Once your ex does fall hook, line and sinker for your sincere efforts, it’s time to trash out all those niggling issues that seem to have plagued your relationship. Make sure you start afresh, without the ponderous baggage of the past.

Once you have made peace with your ex, make sure the happiness and tranquility lasts a lifetime.  If your situation is more complicated beyond the scope of this post, you can speak with a relationship therapist now for free by downloading our app Clarapy.