Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: August 16th 2018

What is a Clarapist?

A Clarapist is a relationship advice expert.

Are relationship experts or Clarapists licensed therapists?

Clarapist are not board certified. However, Clarapist are required to have an advanced degree in the associated fields with advice giving as well as exceptional interpersonal relationship skills.

Are my sessions confidential?

Yes, they are. The only information we require are your name and email address. If you don’t feel comfortable providing your legal name, you can use a pseudonym. In fact, if the topic is very sensitive we encourage the use of a pseudonym.

How are Clarapy sessions conducted?

Clarapy sessions are conducted over the Internet using Skype.

How does the relationship advice giving process work?

First, there is an initial consultation where you have the opportunity to share with us your relationship concerns. During this time, the information you’ve provided is gathered and synthesized into 4 important key areas by your Clarapist. After the consultation is over, we will follow up with you via email and advise possible next steps.

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